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“George…… What are you doing?”



When I hear the voice from behind I turned around to face it. A blond young boy with hazel eyes was staring here with blank amazement.



“Isn’t it Remias! Just right! You have a go at this aodaーkefumi too! It feels really good! Its perfect for a gloomy unhealthy oldman(jijii) who secludes himself in their room like you!”


  Oーu, Shi・n・ra・tsu! (TLN:Help オーゥ、し・ん・ら・つ

I’ve no clue what it means. My best guess would be something like “Oooooh, harsh!” if put into english terms but I’m really not quite sure)


George-sama gave a refreshing smile that did not suit the intensity of that remark bluntly said to the boy.



This…… Ill will is nonexistent!



However, you can’t just excuse such reckless remarks just because there is no evil intent.


Considering the simple and cheerful nature of George-sama, I guess it seems the person himself just made a mistake in word choice. Still it isn’t good to hurt the other party’s feelings with non-malicious remarks.



Such a thing will lead to future bullying and in the end delinquency.


I put my hand on my waist and turn around towards George-sama.



“Hey! You mustn’t say such terrible things to your friends! Although certainly he does look a little pale and poor looking shadows under his eyes and  appears to be underweight(garigari- skin and bones) and it does feel like his hair is a bit parched!”



“O, oi, I haven’t said anything to that extent……”



“Don’t you talk back! Well? Your apology?”






“Your apology!?”



George-sama looked at me with a sullen expression, eventually resigning to opened his mouth.



“I’m sorry……”





When I turned to face the blond haired young boy, I bowed my head.



“I’m sorry okay? What our child said was cruel…… It would be pleasant if you could get along well after this.”



“No, Why is it our child……? I, I’m not your child…… You’re the same age…… Are you kaa-san(mom)?”



George-sama is grumbling complaints but I pay it no mind.

The boy had a face that looked stunned, though before long it changed into a smile.


“Aha ha ha ha! It, it’s okay, I don’t mind. It is George’s usual thoughtless words…… My being underweight is also true.”



That’s good. Such a fine young boy.


But George-sama, I absolutely must teach him the way to associate with friends.



I uh-huh with a nod and smiled at the boy graciously.



“My apologies for it being late but, I am the eldest child of Doranju Duke, named Remias・Doranju. Pleased to make your acquaintance from now on. You are…… Cosette・Edelweiss Earl young lady I suppose……”



I was relieved by Remias’ words. To be discourteously preoccupied while disciplining george-sama, such a thing!




To be beaten into by an oni-like governess, surpassing a cat’s covering(?)…… Oba-chan nature, how dreadful! (TLN: Need help with this whole sentence 鬼のような家庭教師によって叩き込まれ、被らされた猫の被り物を凌駕するとは I don’t understand any of it… fogging/covering up reason? Cat?)


I become confused a familiar blush mounting. (TLN: Same confusing words 私は慌てて被り慣れた猫を装着した。it might be covering up the mounting familiar blush.)



“Remias-sama. I’m sorry for the delayed greetings. As you’ve said, it is Cosette・Edelweiss. Please excuse the discourtesy.”



Automatically feigning innocence a long time, it came to the point we decided to put into operation an elegant lady’s etiquette.



“No, it’s fine. An interesting thing was seen. Something like an apology from that hardheaded George, only you can do.”






“Chi, noisy. I mean Cosette, somehow the woman seems unpleasant.”



“I’m a woman. Is a lady. Ahー Layー Deeー!”



Pinching George-sama’s bottom.



“uhiiitetetete! Stop iiit! I understand, you’re a woman! But I, like the usual you than those weird(suspicious) guys who act prudish!”



“Ara…… George-sama then.”



Were you pleased?


I didn’t realize it until now, but I understand why George-sama came to visit(play) almost everyday.


I thought it was because he awakened to the health goods.



“After that, stop with the ‘sama’ already. George is fine. Friends right?”


George-sama…… George, said turning away bashfully(awkwardly).


Whats with this child. Adorable(Kawaii).


I smiled a friendly grin and turned to George.



“Hai. George”



George delightfully heheh and smiled.



“Please call me Remias. George’s friend, is also my friend. I’ve heard various stories from my sister Remy, I thought that we would certainly become friends.”


“Maa, because of Remy-sama! Its an honour!”



Thats right, if you think about it properly Remias is Remy-sama’s Onii-sama huh.


To bare health of growth period in full swing! Since the impression did not resemble Remy-sama very much, I didn’t realize it.



Remias is fairly slender, skin is also dry.


Given that the scraps of nourishment is insufficient…… it is worrying indeed.



I felt my Oba-chan’s meddling nature bubble and well up.



“Remias-sama…… No, Remias. Because it is a rare occasion, why don’t we all chat inside the shop? There is also a new tea.”



When I tried attaching sama, Remias however made a face so I corrected myself.



“Sounds good! Certainly, please pardon the intrusion.”



“Yayー! Cosette’s sweets are good and delicious!”



I led the pair into the shop’s interior parlour.


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