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Angie and Ekaterina entered from the entrance of the auditorium.


Angie in a red dress, Ekaterina wearing a blue dress.



On their feet are high heels.


The way of walking is …… roughly not quite satisfactory, it has come to look appropriate.



I had thought about it awhile ago, but Angie perhaps has knowledge from the previous life.


Although only came into contact in the Prologue Event, it is almost certain because she issued the word Game.



For that reason, there is a high probability that she is accustomed to high heels.


However, I wonder about when it comes to dancing. Because she was under a baron household custody, I guess she may have learned it as **cultural education^^refinement##, it may not be unattainable for Ekaterina who is a genuine young lady(reijou).


In comparison it could be inferred that Ekaterina’s experience with high heels is insufficient.


Signora fundamentally does not manufacture high heels for use by children, Ekaterina would not be accustomed to dancing assuming if she had worn high heels before.


By the way children’s high heels are not manufactured because in my opinion wearing high heels during growth is not good for the feet.




The two approached the the area where their expressions could be seen.


Angie has a bold expression Ekaterina with a slightly nervous expression.



“Well then, the gentlemen judges will be dancing in turns! Music, Come On!”


At Sandy-senpai’s signal the orchestra who were in preparation began playing dancing music.



It is a basic waltz familiar to me who is more or less a genuine young lady.


The steps are not that difficult.




The space is made circularly within the audience seating, Angie and his highness crown prince, Ekaterina and Alfred sensei faced each other.


Two pairs bowed and began the dance.



The beginning was favourable


Because the steps were simple, Angie and Ekaterina both finished the song smoothly.


The partners were replaced with Remias and George respectively for the second song, the Tempo becoming a little faster. The step is not much different from the first.


It seems both of them probably still has some leeway.



However when it became the third song, the step has become fairly complicated. Angie and Ekaterina’s partners was changed, Angie and George, Ekaterina dancing with Remias.


The pair’s footsteps began to get somewhat unsteady.


Angie may have shifted the timing of the steps, and Ekaterina’s footsteps seemed to waver visibly.



Fourth song…… Angie is partnered with Alfred-Sensei, Ekaterina with his highness crown prince. The partners his highness and Alfred-sensei, elegantly performing the final song with complicated steps speedily without difficulty, being perfect leads.


Voices of admiration leak from the audience seating as well.


However Angie and Ekaterina …… clearly are increasingly mistaking steps and wobbling.


The leads are skillful so they are still able to dance somehow, but it is fairly precarious just barely in line.






The assembly catch their breaths.


Ekaterina, has finally lost her balance grandly.


His highness promptly supported, but this……!


Ekaterina, with apologies. However quickly reorganize.


I was worried if she had sprained her legs, but it seems okay since she could go back to dancing.




And the song ended.


A sense of accomplishment from Angie dancing, a full faced smile.


On the other hand, Ekaterina is…… grimacing in disappointment, an expression that looked like she could burst into tears at any moment.



“With this we will end the dance judging! Both of you, were exceedingly magnificent! Everyone, for the two who displayed a wonderful dance, please give a big hand!”



The assembly hall praises the two’s valiant fight, unanimously applauding.


I also applauded for the two who preserved giving all their might.



“Well then, those of the jury please cast your vote!”



The judges run the pen on the paper nearby, and the monitor collects it.


“Well, it was a splendid fight, Cosette-san”



“Yes, yes. It was a truly splendid dance. To be able to dance so elegantly with the unaccustomed high heels, I suppose they made quite the effort. I was deeply moved……”



Feet in high heels were probably in pain as well, you’ve hung in there huh, the tears are overflowing.


I can not stop the tears as I recall my daughter in the previous life.



Sandy senpai is flustered about me who is openly crying, but it doesn’t stop.



“Co, Cosette-san…………………… (How pure and gentle……)” (TLN: We think Sandy whispered out loud the text between the parenthesis.)






“Ah, no, its nothing. Co, come, it seems the judging results had come out.



When I shifted my sight towards center stage, the monitor walked by not long ago.


“First vote, Angie-jou! Second vote, Angie-jou! Third vote, Angie-jou! Fourth vote, Ekaterina-jou! ………… Therefore this time’s one-on-one match, is decided to be Angie-jou’s victory!”



Ooーh! Cheer rises from the audience seating.


And then at the same time Sandy senpai ran to conduct an interview with his highness.



“Your highness crown prince, please give a general comment about the influence of the outcome!”



“Thats right…… The match this time, In pure dance ability Ekaterina-jou side is a few levels above. However, experience of high heels, and the point of enjoying the dance, it seems the referee fan points in favour of Angie-jou. However, both companions were lovely! I was able to have an enjoyable time. The both of you, thank you.”



In his highness’s words Angie frustration revealed itself a little despite turning a smile, Ekaterina is shedding tears while gazing at his highness.



Thus, tutorial first round, the match against Ekaterina ended with Angie’s victory.



However looking at this match, I have some doubts.


First, the personal combat with tutorial A Ekaterina, Angie was supposed to win more easily. Despite that, the result was 3 to 1 narrow victory.


And then, there is Signora and the high heels that shouldn’t exist in the game were adopted in the one-on-one fight.



Clearly these two points seem to be very different from the flow of the original game.


Due to me and Angie who have knowledge of the previous life, the course of events in the game may be changing.


Thinking while seeing off the two exiting participants, Angie turned to look back.


Overlooking the stage, I was glared at with gleaming eyes.





But Angie turned on her heels without a word, and left as it was.




Angie would have noticed that I am also a reincarnator too I suppose.


While thinking, It might be necessary to talk together on one occasion, I left the assembly hall as well.

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