Raws: 45/178


Encounter: Angie perspective



I was looking forward to enrollment to the school.


It was because since I’ve met his highness crown prince Leonheart at the Prologue Event and entrusted to the baron household, Leonheart never came to see me.



I made use of the game’s information several times to meet in the royal palace, but was brought back with a bewildered expression.


Eventually, before I knew it the labyrinth entryway of the royal palace was blocked, I couldn’t go to see him.


At the same time the baron residence’s security became too strict so it became too difficult to sneak away.





I was born in the royal capital the area where the poor houses were lined.


My birth mother was said to have died shortly after I was born. Given I’ve never met them, honestly I do not feel very deep emotions.



But, I heard she had the same characteristic pink hair as me.


However the hair is too conspicuous. Since it is rare in the slums where I live the hair stands out too much and is a good target appearance for kidnapping, the so called hair was dyed a simple earthy brown.



The one who raised me was my mother’s wet nurse. Her name is Nannie. Nannie has a daughter two years older than me, Minnie, and she grew up with me like a sister.


To me Nannie is my mother, Minnie was my sister.



I remembered my previous life’s memory, it was the very same day as my 10th birthday.


I died at the age of 13 in my previous life…… I think.


I do not remember the reason I died because I don’t know it.


It was only after middle school when my friends taught me to understand something called a girl game for the first time, I was horribly addicted.



I liked very much the crown prince Leonheart in particular, I saw dreams about Leonheart.


Able to reincarnate into the game…… Leonheart is a reality!


This for sure, I strongly believe that it was a present bestowed by kami-sama who considered I who died an untimely death was pitiful.


I will absolutely capture Leonheart, GET I will do it!


I swore to my heart.


After all, I for sure really love Leonheart!

ああ、早く会いたい!Ahhh, I want to see you soon!



By remembering the knowledge of the game, I also realized that my birth mother was the concubine of the former king, that I am a missing offspring of the royal family.


And so I thought, I have to go to the Prologue Event. However, I didn’t know where that Prologue Event was held.



Although the Prologue Event was a concern, everyday passed without being able to do anything.


While I was impatient it became the anniversary of my birth mother’s death, I decided to go pick flowers instead of Nannie kaa-san who is prone to lying down these days her health had been bad.


When I asked Minnie if there was a nice flower garden, she told me that there was a good place. Minnie is working for a house somewhere, she seemed to have found it nearby.



For some reason Minnie, said to restore the colour of my hair before going to the flower garden. Why would that be? But, I obeyed because it’s what my close sister Minnie said.


So far things Minnie says had never been wrong.


When my hair colour was restored Nannie unreasonably stayed up and put a strange perfume on my head. A perfume use by my birth mother. I’m simply going to pick flowers but it’s strange.



When I go to the flower garden where I was told…… I noticed some familiarity.


It was different from this place, but the atmosphere closely resembles the flower garden of that Prologue Event.


From the other side of the nearby trees you can hear a lot of voices.


Without knowing why if I don’t go there, I thought breaking into a run.




Over there was a noble’s tea party being held.


I soon realized that this was the location of the Prologue Event, I looked for Leonheart’s figure.



!….. **ita – which could also mean Oww^^Its there##! !



Leonheart whom I’ve seen even in dreams. Like in the game, beautiful silver hair, eyes of emerald.


No, its much more fantastic than the game!


I became captivated by Leonheart with a glance.



But, in front of me there is an ugly fatty girl.


Remember. In the game it was the personal combat practice chubby character right?



I couldn’t come up with a name, but its the amazingly round silhouette in the game!


Wearing a dress that isn’t suitable its weird wearing it!



Also,  Remy who was the obstructive character in the game.


The vertical winding roll is also realistically reproduced. It isn’t sprayed so I wonder how’d you do it?


Looking at the real thing there was too much Volume it was to a Level of respect.


There must be cord among other things employed to bind the hair.



When I made a suitable partner(helper?), Leonheart came to pick me up.


Ahh, we finally meet! My prince-sama.


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