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Bob-jiisan and bamboo holiday



“Hiyah haーーーー! ! !”



This year Bob-jiisan’s hoe roars(groans?) again as well.



The bamboo forest of our house year by year has grown tremendously, one-third of the earl house’s venerable garden is now bamboo forest.


Along with that although Bob-jiisan and I made remarkable progress in bamboo shoot grove digging, no matter how much we dug we couldn’t see the end.



Especially after rain it was hopeless.


What are these bamboo shoots after the rain……! I was so surprised I felled to my knees.


This year Bob-jiisan’s friends will also be participating in the battle, it’s still hard to say the battle strength since the knack for digging bamboo shoots hasn’t been grasped.



Really, is it bamboo?


Its like mint with explosive fertility.


At first it was only a few, I only planted tree portions, but in a blink it was a bamboo forest.


Even now it seems like a tiger might come out.



Initially it was a bamboo forest to the extent that Bob-jiisan and I could handle alone…… Why did this happen.




“How! How! How! !”



I thought while wielding the hoe.



Clearly I am surrounded by bamboo shoots at a level that I don’t want to see bamboo shoots, though actually bamboo shoots are excellent food ingredient for beauty effect.


I had said bamboo shoot three time.


Bamboo shoot Gestalt**written in katakana an english word I think means something like gathered or seen collectively together as a whole. ^^(?)## collapse



Although an early stage bamboo shoot, it has plenty of dietary fiber and also skin beauty effect.


Utilizing those bamboo shoots that seem to spring up indefinitely, we released boiled bamboo shoots with Signora.



Although it was put in the diet corner once, a luxury shoe store that even sells food……


Somehow it doesn’t feel like I’m going in a direction different from my initial intentions, but a lot of bamboo shoots is wasted so it can’t be helped.




Incidentally it is selling quite a lot.


Somehow recently, I became lean dramatically and word of mouth spread, its seems that it is said to be signora if it is talk about diet.


Although somewhat embarrassing I don’t want to betray everyone’s expectations, so today I desperately wield the hoe.




“Kyah! It hur〜ts! It hur〜tsー!”



Turning around as I heard a scream like a maiden, Bob-jiisan was on his knees and hands the ground.


The scream was a maiden so i unintentionally looked around, other than Bob-jiisan there was no other maiden.



“Bob-jiisan? ! What’s wrong? !”



I ran in a hurry tossing the hoe.



“Wa, waist is, my waist is done in〜 its, its……………… losing strength.”



“Bob-jiisaーーーーn! ! !”






Complete recovery one week.


The strained waist was surprising.



“Ojou-sama…… for this busy occasion, I’m sorry……”



I tightly held Bob-jiisan’s hand who had been laid on the bed.



“Its okay. Please don’t mind it and take a good rest. Your strained waist is injured. Do not push yourself. An unpredictable pain that hits suddenly……!  Just shuddering at the very thought!”



To my excessive energy, Bob-jiisan face goes blue.



“Ojou-sama, with such youth a strained back……? !”



“When was that….. Suddenly, when I tried to pick up trash that fallen to the floor, the time of nightmare visited……”



Bob-jiisan gulped down his saliva.



“It wasn’t something heavy. It was just a small one. But, such a thing didn’t matter! …… The severe pain that rushed the moment when bending backward, as it was I  was unable to move for an hour! With fear that my waist would collapse when moving just a little……!”


そう。そのまま娘が学校から帰宅するまで一切動けなかったのだ。一時間が一日にも感じる悪夢のような出来事だった。That’s right. I couldn’t move at all until my daughter came home from school. Even though it was an hour that nightmarish event felt like a day.



“In addition, it will reoccur! It doesn’t hurt anymore〜 RUNRUN(sfx)♪ Suddenly as if aiming at that moment of distraction!



Bob-jiisan’s complexion passes from blue to white.



“Okay? The beginning is essential! According to how much healing now, in the future the encounter rate will change! Never do the impossible!”



Bob-jiisan nodded KOKUKOKU.


Understand the frightful nature of a strained waist.



“Well, I will return to the battlefield…… Bob-jiisan, slowly enjoy the bamboo shoot holiday!”






I winked wielding the hoe.


Bob-jiisan crying tears in eyes.


Since you aren’t young anymore, please don’t push yourself.









Outside the window, there was one person to that conversation.



“Cosette…… As I’ve thought, on the battlefield, so much hardship……”



I could only make halfway through, but who is that guy?


It seems like a fantasy according to the story, but it sounds terribly difficult.


However, I can not lose.

I can not  let Cosette feel such a thing ever again!

From tomorrow let’s double the amount of training.



And so George who came to visit the Earl residence returned as he so decided.








While I wasi n good condition digging bamboo shoots, Sisie who had gone to pick up lunch came back.



“Ojou-sama, I’ve kept you waiting. ……Ara? And George-sama is?



“Eh? George?  He hasn’t come yet.”



“Araー? Since he came so far to see Ojou-sama, I told him the location here…… Isn’t that strange.”



Sisie is tilted her neck.



“Maa, they will come soon won’t they? For now, let us have lunch.



Since I was digging bamboo shoots I am hungry.


The bamboo shoot that afternoon was very delicious.






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