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I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess 48



Time went by surprisingly peacefully after Angie and Ekaterina’s duel.

Of course, I have not challenged anyone, and Angie has not challenged me.

It seemed that she was stalking His Highness now, constantly appearing when we are having tea together. And at these times, she looks at no one but His Highness.

If ever our eyes just happen to meet, she will glare at me, which makes it impossible to talk to each other.

Well, there are many other reasons that we cannot talk.

Us four were in the courtyard again today to look at the flowers, when Angie arrived.

“Prince Leonheart! It’s so nice to see you! I was so lonely as I haven’t seen your face in such a long time!”

“But, you just met yesterday.”

George butted in but was ignored.

His Highness chuckled awkwardly.

The students of the commoner special class were not allowed access to the noble class during school hours from morning to after school, and so Angie would always barge in right after school.

I ate some dango while sipping some tea.

“Angie, will you have some dango?”

“Prince Leonheart, what beautiful flowers. Spring is such a wonderful season! You look especially splendid with these flowers surrounding you!”

“Cosette, I will eat the dango.”

“I want some too.”

I felt bad about leaving anyone out, so I asked if she wanted any, but was ignored.

George and Remias were kind enough to take the rejected dango.

It is not good to waste food!

As she came by every day, I prepared enough for Angie as well. But the majority of the sweets that I bring end up in George and the others’ stomachs.

Ah, to be young again. They can eat this much without growing fat.

“George, I don’t think I can eat anymore…ugghh.”

“I can still gobble down a few more… Ugghh…why is there always so many…”

As they pondered this, I refilled their empty cups with tea.

And then a very familiar voice echoed.

“Ooo Ho Ho! Greetings! Your Highness! And everyone else!”

“Ooo Ho Ho! Greetings!”

“Remy. Hello. Would you like some dango?”

“No thank you! But you are very kind to ask. I am on a diet!”

Remy and the traffic signal trio nod at the same time.

Though, it did seem like Marietta’s gaze alone was fixed on the dangos.

Now that I think of it, Marietta had now completely escaped her former chubby state.

She was one of Signora’s best customers in the diet department. And continued her diet even now that she had lost weight.

I hear that she is eating bamboo shoots every day now.

Perhaps I will give her a good bamboo shoot recipe next time.

“Angie, I want to sit there. Can you move?”

Remy said in her usual tone.

Angie was sitting right next to His Highness.

Though, she wasn’t so much sitting right next to him as magnetically connected.

Angie replied to Remy without even turning around to face her.

“I refuse. I would ask you to not come every day when you aren’t even invited!”

Well, you aren’t invited either.

Still, Angie would usually not be this bold. I wonder what had happened?

The air suddenly became very tense.

Remy’s hands gripped the tablecloth.

I instinctively grabbed for my tea that was on top of the table.

George grabbed his cup and the plate of dangos, Remias grabbed the teapot and his cup, and His Highness also picked up his plate and teacup.

“How dare you!?”

Remy’s eyebrows jumped up into her forehead, then she upended the table before throwing her glove down toward Angie.

Whaat?! A duel?!

I stood the table back up for now and put the tea down.

As things were getting dangerous here, I had George help me move the table further away from Angie and the others.

And then I returned to sipping my tea and eating dangos.

“You insolent commoner! Fight me!”

“…Then I accept!”

“You have got some nerve! Here, Marietta will face you!”

“What? Whaat!? No, I, oh, okay.”

Before they knew it, it was Marietta who would fight.

“Huh? Is Remy not going to fight then? Munch-munch.”

“It seems so. I don’t quite understand, but it appears that the yellow girl is going to fight. Munch-munch-sip-sip.”

“Remy always talks about ‘the savior arriving late,’ after all. Munch-munch.”

“Hmmm. Poor Miss Marietta. Sip-sip.”

Originally, Marietta’s duel was supposed to happen much later. Was this a result of me not dueling?

If that was the case, then I feel very bad for her.

I wonder if I couldn’t change the path that demanded she be sent to a convent if she loses.

That was the only thing that troubled me about this.

Sisie had said that there was no place for her in this country if she could not get married.

Even in Japan, there were some people who would lose a place to stay if they stayed with their parents without getting married.

It gets rather uncomfortable if you are past thirty and your brother and his wife start living in the house too.

Still, no one was so pressed that they would end up leaving the country.

That was because a woman could work and find places to live away from home.

You could live on your own without getting married.

But in this world, it was incredibly rare for a noblewoman to go out and work.

It was normal for them to get married and take care of the house.

And so I thought about it.

In other words, we only needed a place that allowed noblewoman to work.

And if there was no such place, we could create one.

Yes! It was decided!

What woman would want her future to rely on something so uncertain as marriage!

I had a new goal.

As I thought hard on this matter, a sudden thunderous voice came from right next to me, and I nearly fell out of my chair.

“I have heard the news!!!! I hereby declare the second one-on-one fight is to be held! Angie versus Marietta! This is sure to be a most entertaining match!!! Details of this fight will be announced soon!!!”

It was Sandy. My ears were still ringing.

“Sandy, um, do you have to scream in my ears like that…”

“Commentator Cosette! What are your thoughts on this fight?!”

“Uh?! I am commentator again?!”

“Hahaha! Of course, you are!”

I hardly understood what was happening. Apparently, it was decided that Angie and Marietta should duel and I was to be in charge of commentating.




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