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この世界を舞台にした乙女ゲーは、エンジェリック!恋の令嬢勝ち抜き戦!という題名の、前世では一世を風靡した作品であったようだ。The world setting of the otome game is Angelique! Young women knockout competition of love! That title, in the previous life, seemed to have taken the world by storm.

当時オバちゃんだった私はプレイしていないが、娘が徹夜してまでゲームに没頭していたのを何度叱り飛ばしたことか。At that time, this Oba-chan did not play, however my daughter, despite multiple scoldings, continued to pull many sleepless nights while immersing herself into the game.

その度に娘は、私にこのゲームやその攻略対象者たちがどれだけ素晴らしいかを熱く語ったものだ。Each time, my daughter would passionately tell me about how wonderful the game or the target characters are.

それはもう、こちらがドン引きするほどに…… It is so extreme that it is enough to cause one to draw away…… (TLN: I imagine Oba-chan backing away from her daughter who is breathing heavily while showing her game scenes.)


娘によると、このゲームの主人公は先ほど会ったアンジェという少女だ。According to my daughter, the main character of this game is called Angie, whom I had met earlier.


ゲームはアンジェが十六歳になって学園に入学したときに開始する。この国では貴族の子息たちは十六歳になると国が指定する学園に通わなければならない。The game begins when Angie is 16 years old and enrolls into the academy. In this country, when the sons of nobility become 16 years old, they must commute to the school designated by the country.

三年間の学園生活で、令息、令嬢たちは貴族としての教育をうけ、社交界に出てからの交友関係も築いていく。In the span of 3 years at school, sons and daughters of nobility will receive an education and also build relationships and friends for after they enter high society.


通常はそれだけなのだが、王太子殿下の在学中だけは事情がことなってくるのだ。Normally it is just that, but for His Highness the crown prince, the circumstance is different.

王太子殿下の在学中は、殿下の婚約者を決める令嬢選抜試験が行われるのだ。His Highness the crown prince inside school, the screening tests to determine the prince’s fiancee are performed.


令嬢達にはそれぞれ家柄、容姿、成績などによって基本持ち点が設定されており、全員にランキングがつけられている。この基本持ち点は学園、つまり国によって定められており、詳しい内訳は開示されていない。Each of the young girls based on pedigree, appearance, grades, and so forth,  will be assigned a basic amount of points determined by the school and receive a ranking. The basic points assigned in school, can be said to have been established by the county, and a detailed breakdown is not disclosed.


また、一年に一度、全校生徒および教職員による人気投票が行われ、得票数がランキングに加点される。Also, once a year, a popular vote is carried out by the whole school, student body and faculty, the number of votes is then added into the rankings.

投票の持ち点も開示されていないが、王太子殿下本人および教職員や有力子息達は高い持ち点をもつと噂されている。The points from the vote are not disclosed. It is also rumoured that his highness the crown prince, school personnel, and prominent noblemen also possess points. (TLN: 王太子殿下本人および教職員や有力子息達は高い持ち点をもつと噂されている I have no clue what this means and am guessing it means they have points they can use/give to affect the rankings… either that or those people get ranked too and possess a high score…)


そして三年の卒業時に最もランキングの高い令嬢が、殿下の婚約者候補になれるのである。After graduating in three years, the highest ranking young women can be a candidate to become his highness’ fiancee.

この候補達は殿下の上下二学年までで各学年一人ずつ選抜され、候補内からの最終決定は殿下によってなされる。These candidates were selected one by one in each grade, up to two grades away below and above the grade of His Highness. The final decision will be made by His Highness from within the candidates.


つまり、学園内での人心掌握力、政治力を試され、その点数の高いものが殿下の婚約者になれるという仕組みである。In other words, the nature of school is actually a trial to grasp the ability and political power of talented individuals with the highest scoring competitor possibly becoming his highness’ fiancee.

候補達の中から、王太子が国王になられた時の側室が選ばれることも過去多くあり、令嬢達は少しでもいい点数を収めようと必死になる。In the past, many of the candidates have become concubines when the crown prince became king. Even if it is just by a little bit, many young daughters will desperately try to keep a good score.


主人公は学園の民間特別クラスに入学した特待生。貴族以外からも優れた人材を確保しようとする取り組みだ。The heroine enters the academy as a scholarship student enrolled in the special civilians class. The system was made to ensure the securing of excellent talents from outside aristocracy.


当然、ランキングにも参加するが、家柄の基本持ち点が少ない、もしくは無いためか、過去民間から王妃がたった例は無い。Naturally, I will also be participating in the ranking, points gained from family parentage are few, but not nonexistent. There is also no example in the past where the queen came from normal civilians. (TLN:家柄の基本持ち点が少ない、もしくは無いためか、過去民間から王妃がたった例は無い。 I need help with this. It is very confusing to me)


しかしそこはもちろん乙女ゲー。主人公が王妃になれるルートが当然存在する。But of course, this is an otome game. Naturally, the route where the heroine becomes the queen exists.


ある一定の条件を満たすと、有力令嬢達との一騎打ちイベントが発生するのだ。If certain conditions are met, an one on one contest event with prominent ladies will occur.


イベントは相手令嬢と自分への人気投票である。The event is voting in a popularity contest against the opposing young lady.

この場合は全校生徒ではなく、有力子息達によるものだが。Not with the whole student body in this case, but by influential sons.

そのメンツは、宰相子息、騎士団団長の子息、学園の教師でもある若き侯爵……つまりは攻略対象者たちである。 Those people are: the prime minister’s son, son of the leader of the chivalric order, and a young marquis who is also a teacher of the school…… In other words, the capture targets.


このイベントに勝利すると、彼らのもつ持ち点が基本持ち点に加点され、この点を積み上げることによって、庶民である主人公にも王妃への道が拓かれるのだ。When winning an event, the points they possess will be added to the basic points, and by accumulating those points, the route for the commoner heroine to become queen is also opened.


ちなみに、有力令嬢……一騎打ちの相手は、公爵令嬢レミーエ様および赤黄青の3色令嬢……と私だ。Incidentally, the influential young lady…… the partner for one on one combat, Remy-sama, the three colour ladies of red yellow and blue…… as well as myself.


当然ながらレミーエ様はラスボス。公爵令嬢という家格と他を圧倒する美貌、少々傲慢ながら洗練された所作で貴族たちからの圧倒的な支持をあつめ、ダークホース的存在の主人公を除けば常にランキングトップに輝いているのだ。Of course Remy-sama is the last boss. Family status of Duke’s daughter and overwhelming beauty, Gathering overwhelming support from aristocrats with refined and somewhat arrogant gestures, always shining at the top of the rankings with the exception of the dark horse heroine.

3色令嬢ももちろんランキング上位者。それぞれ4位までを固めている。The three colour ladies are also ranked high on the rankings with each respectively consolidating at 4th place.


そして私……伯爵令嬢コゼットは、一騎打ちイベントの練習ラウンド。チュートリアルである……。And I…… Earl’s daughter Cosette, am the one on one contest event practice round. As in tutorial……


コゼットは伯爵令嬢というわりと高めの基本点はあるものの、少々……いやかなり太めの体型で、容姿の点数はゼロに等しい。Cosette as an Earl’s daughter had a rather high basic points, despite being a little…… No, rather considerably plump physique, The score for physical appearance is equal to zero.

それに加えてドンくさく、ボーッとしているため貴族からの人気もほぼない。In addition to that, she has almost no popularity with aristocracy as a result of blankly being in a daze.


つまりほとんど何もしなくても勝てる、チュートリアル令嬢なのである。だからか、ゲーム中に名前も出てこない。In other words, she a tutorial girl who can be beaten without having to do much of anything. That is also why her name does not appear during the game.

ゲーム中の表記は、伯爵令嬢Bだ。ちなみにAもいる。Aはガリガリ眼鏡だ。 Her notation in the game is Earl’s daughter B. Incidentally, A also exists. A is underweight glasses. (TLN: garigari megane or skin and bones glasses. I prefers underweight or skinny glasses though. it sounds more pleasant for a young lady)


そして、バッドエンド……私たち令嬢に対するバッドエンドは、一騎打ちに負けた場合のその後である。And the bad end…… The bad ending for us young ladies happens after losing in the single contest competition.

家格によるリーチがあるにも関わらず一般庶民に敗北した令嬢は、貴族たちから総スカンをくらう。 Ladies of noble lineage who lose to ordinary commoners despite being educated by their family, in the aristocratic society will be treated as scum and hated by everyone.

つまり嫁の貰い手がないのだ。 To put it simply, there is no one who would receive them as a bride.

そうなれば行き遅れとなり、女子修道院に一直線コース待ったなしである。 Going down the unmarriageable route, what awaits is a straight line course to becoming a monastery woman.


無理!無理よ!せっかく貴族に産まれてぬくぬく暮らしているのに、自給自足で質素倹約最低限の生活なんて無理よ!! Unreasonable! Its unreasonable! Luckily being born into a noble household, living comfortably, living a minimal frugal life of self sufficiency is impossible! !

しかもあの修道院には鬼姑と名高い修道女たちがワンサカいるのだ。 Furthermore, the monastery is famous for many nuns being ogre aunties.

私の脳裏に、姑にいびられまくった前世の記憶がフラッシュバックする。 In my mind, the memories of my mother in law in the previous life flashback.


なんとか、一騎打ちを回避するか、勝利しなければ……。 Somehow, I should avoid single competition, if not win……


私は自分のお肉たっぷりプックプクの手をじっと見つめた。Gazing intently at my own hands, pukkupuku, I have plenty of meat. (TLN: i have no clue what プックプク is… my best guess is sfx for jiggly fat. If anyone knows anything, please let me know)




TL: Soooo… this chapter has very many things I can’t understand clearly or I have worded weirdly. If you have any suggestion for changes feel free to edit my google document and I’ll check through them to edit. Though for the most part, I do believe the differences is negligible.

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