I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess 50





The students in their work clothes did not…rush towards the bamboo grove.

They walked elegantly.


Some that were among the commoner special class began to jog lightly, but the nobles all moved slowly and chatted with one another.


And I too walked in that crowd of people, like a hero of old, and bravely entered the grove. My beloved, trusty hoe in hand…



His Highness and Remias were also searching through the grove with their feet with much familiarity.

The bamboo shoots were buried underground, and so they would kick through the dirt with their feet and search for anything hard in the ground.


George had dashed to the grove as soon as the start had been signaled, and now he was swinging his hoe with the ferocity of a god.

Even as he was digging out a bamboo shoot, his eyes would wander for the next one, and his feet would be searching the ground.


George had transformed into a bamboo shoot digging machine.

There was no one who could stop him now…!

And he was laughing on top of it all.


“Hahahaha! Do not think that you can hide from me! Damn bamboo shoots! Haa haahahaha!”



Recently, it has almost seemed as if George had been possessed by the spirit of a wild boar.


I too moved to a place that looked like a good spot for bamboo roots to grow and continued to dig.


“Hoist, hoist, hoissst!”


Yes, things were going well today.

And someone else was also doing well.


“Ohhhh Hohohoho! Hoho! Hoho!”


Remy laughed aloud as she dug up the bamboo shoots.

However, she was clearly not accustomed to it, and she was either almost scratching the bamboo shoots or had trouble pulling them out.


The other young ladies seemed much the same.

Digging up bamboo shoots took up a lot of energy, so it would be hard for them.

And there were times when the roots got in the way of the hoe.


Seeing this, I approached Remy and decided to give her some tips.

“Lady Remy, the bamboo shoot seems to be curving this way, so you should dig from the opposite side. And once you have dug a certain amount…”

She pushes the hoe in and pulls out the bamboo shoot by its roots.


“How wonderful! So that is how you do it!”


“Yes, yes exactly.”


Remy was quite athletic and learned the trick in no time.

The other traffic light girls began to copy her.


Marietta…hmm. Perhaps it was because of her exercising and diet, but her handling of the hoe was very impressive.

Just a slight adjustment and she would be able to do it much faster.


“Cosette, thank you. I will give you this bamboo shoot.”


“No, no. You must keep this one. It is not easy finding bamboo shoots when you lack experience.”




Remy’s eyes became full of tears.

There was really no reason to be so moved by it.

What an adorable little dear.



Angie was…

His Highness the Prince was teaching her.


“Ahh! Oh, it is so heavy! I cannot carry it!’


“But you cannot dig bamboo shoots without using the hoe. You must try.”


“But, but I am ever so weak…”


Yes. There was something annoying about watching that, so I decided to ignore them.

His Highness would do something about it.


I would just concentrate on digging up bamboo shoots.


As I ignored everything else, a certain voice called out to me.


“Cosette, you are quite good with the hoe. It would seem that you are accustomed to it.”


Of course, I was. I’ve been using this hoe every single day since I started to grow these bamboo shoots.

I would appreciate it, if you didn’t lump me in with these other amateurs.


“Ohoho. It is an honor to be bestowed with such praise.”


Having my pride as a digger of bamboo shoots tickled, I looked around proudly to see master Alfred.


He was carrying a tremendous amount of bamboo shoots on his shoulders.

And the servant behind him was also carrying a mountain of them.




This guy…was amazing!




“Ah…master Alfred, you have also dug up so many… Have you done this before?”


“Not at all, it is my first time. But it was easy once I learned how to do it.”


Master Alfred snorted and laughed in an insolent way.


It made my blood boil.

My fighting spirit had been ignited.


“Is that so…then you are a mere amateur. Don’t take the art of digging bamboo shoots too lightly, you will only regret it. …Sisie!”




Sisie appeared from behind some bamboo trees.

She had dug up so many bamboo shoots, that she needed a wheelbarrow to carry them.


I moved my arms exaggeratedly in front of the pile of bamboo shoots, then put one hand on my hip and the other to my lips.

And took in a deep breath.


“Ohh hohoho! How on earth can you be so self-important when that is all you have dug up! Did you think that you could beat me?! No! No indeed! No one will ever beat me! Ohh hohohoho!”


I laughed haughtily and as high as I could.


Master Alfred looked very angry at first, but then he suddenly laughed.


“Hmph… You girl, should not underestimate me either. You may be a little accustomed to this, but you are still just a rich girl. As someone who was once in the military, it is you who will live to regret the day that you made me go all out.”


I glared back at him as he said these words.

He was a small fry who hadn’t even lived half of all of my lives combined! The disrespect!


“Very well. I accept the challenge! Do your worst!”


“Hmph! Don’t come crying to me when you lose!”



We quickly turned away from each other. And then I began to dash towards the bamboo shoots…and stopped.

Kick kick kick.

There was no point in running. The bamboo shoots were right at my feet.



Kick kick kick…


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