I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess 51






“Tah! Tah! Tah!”


“Haahahaha! Hahaha!”


The cries of the diggers echoed throughout the bamboo grove.

I was so focused on digging the bamboo shoots that I couldn’t hear the sounds of others around me. All of my five senses had been honed to a degree where it was as if I could detect the presence of the bamboo shoots…! Not exactly, but before I knew it, there was a mountain of bamboo shoots in the wheelbarrow.


Hmph. There was no bamboo shoots that I couldn’t dig up!


However, I couldn’t sense anyone around me. It seemed that I had gone off quite a bit in my pursuit of more bamboo shoots.

The sound of the trumpet sounded far away.

It was the signal for everyone to gather together.


I took Sisie with me and we quickly returned to where everyone else was.





Most of the other students had already gathered together.

And there were so many bamboo shoots.


Speaking of which, what happened to the match?

I looked towards Angie and Marietta and my eyes widened with surprise.


Both of them had amassed a large mountain of bamboo shoots…but Angie’s mountain was easily twice as big.


Oh…even I would not have been able to collect so many.

It had looked like they were just playing, who would have known that she had it in her to collect so many…I was very impressed.

She must have been a bamboo shoot farmer in her past life.


As for my rival, master Alfred…


He did not have any.

Master Alfred’s eyes met mine and he laughed. Then he thrust his chin towards Angie’s mountain of bamboo shoots.

Could it be…

He gave me a triumphant smile when I realized it.


So that’s what had happened…

Alfred had given all of his bamboo shoots to Angie.

But then why did he try to compete with me?

Also, even if Alfred had given all of his bamboo shoots to her, it still shouldn’t amount to that big a pile.

Where did all of those bamboo shoots come from…?


I look around me and catch sight of George.

But George wasn’t holding any bamboo shoots either.

How could that be?


As I stared at him for a while, George came walking up to me with an apologetic expression.


“I’m sorry. I was thinking about giving all of my bamboo shoots to you, but you were nowhere to be found. Angie asked me, so I gave them to her.”

“Oh, is that right…I do not mind that, but I am surprised that you George, were rooting for Angie.”


It was very surprising.

I had no idea that George liked Angie at all.

If anything, I thought he was closer with Marietta, as they often played jump rope together.


I asked him about this, and he looked confused.


“Root for? What do you mean?”


“Yes. Today is the fight between Angie and Lady Marietta. And you decided to side with Angie?”






George looked stunned.

Don’t tell me…

My head was starting to hurt.


“George. Did you not hear the instructions this morning from Sandy?”


George’s eyes were shifting uneasily.


“Today was a competition for them to see who could dig up more bamboo shoots.”


Now George was sweating profusely.


“It is fine if you gave them to Angie, if you were supporting her, but to give them away without thinking at all…”


“I, I’m sorry…”


George’s face went pale.


I sighed deeply.

“There is no point in apologizing to me. There is nothing to do now, anyway. But! If there is ever another match like this, I hope that you will think long and hard about which side you will be supporting as one of the judges.”


His shoulders slumped.



However, I now had a vague idea of just why master Alfred had challenged me.

It was probably so that George could not give me any of his bamboo shoots.

I don’t know if me going so far off was within his calculations, but as I was very serious about this challenge, I would have likely refused to accept them anyway.



“Sorry to keep you waiting! We will now announce the final count! The winner of this match! It is Angie!!!”


“Thank youuuu!”


Sandy’s voice boomed, and Angie began hopping around happily.

Marietta’s face was contorted with anger.



I really didn’t care about the winner, but master Alfred must have wanted Angie to win.

But again, I didn’t care.

Though, it also meant that master Alfred had already been captured by Angie, but what was surprising was that she even had time to go and do that.

After all, it did seem like she never left His Highness’ side.


But I also felt bad for poor Marietta.

And it was mostly George’s fault.

Indeed, it was more important than ever for me to create a place for ladies who have lost a match.


With this new resolve, I picked up my bamboo shoots.

Huh? Why? You ask?

Of course, it was to cook them with rice.

Though, I would need to remove the harshness first!

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