I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess 54

Still, I was not sure what I could actually do.
After leaving father’s study, I returned to my room and lay on the bed to think.

The first thing to do was to have a place for girls who have lost duels…a place where they could live and work.
This idea about having noble ladies work was very much up to whether or not they had the drive to do so. But in any case, it would be a place where they could be active. And I would be a prototype for that.
It would also be good to support them so they can eventually marry.
However, I myself was not married. That idea would have to wait.
When the time comes, I would put my meddling older woman talents to use. After all, mediation was my strongest skill.

Next, was the candidate for queen…
As for throwing my name into the mix, I was just not ready to make that kind of decision.
And so that idea would also have to wait.
As for Angie, father said that he would investigate her connection with Master Alfred, but I should probably also keep an eye on her actions inside of the academy.
If Angie really did have what it takes to become queen, then I would be happy with that arrangement. But I still had no idea what His Highness’s thoughts on the matter were, and so I could not support her wholeheartedly yet.

Lastly, with regards to Duke Dolanju’s crimes.
There was very little that I could do, but I might see if I can talk to Remias about it.
He is Remias’ father, but I’ve known Remias since we were small children, and I trusted his honesty.
This was something that I could not talk to Remy about, as she was passionately pursuing the position of queen.
Even with Remias, I had to be very careful about how I brought it up.

I had a general idea of how I would move.
I stretched out on the bed, and then called Sisie.

“My lady, did you call me?”

“Yes. It’s about Signora…”

It was something that I had been thinking about for a while. I wanted to separate the luxury shoe store from the diet department. The diet department would reopen as its own store.
The luxury shoe store would sell high heels like it always had, mainly haute couture items for royals and nobles.

The store with the diet department would have a café that specialized in healthy foods. A space to drink herb tea and eat dishes that made you beautiful and healthy.
Development of bath soaps and beauty packs made from rice bran were going well, but the dish that I was putting the most effort into now, was rice bran pickles.

There was no doubt that they were good for your health!
Though, the amount of salt was a little worrying.
But as a former Japanese person, I needed pickles in order to survive.
My hands were smooth and shiny because I mix the rice bran pickles every day.
Ignoring the fact that my hands stunk a little from it, I had the kind of hands that most people would praise.

I got a little distracted there, but I talked with Sisie about my plans for the store, before dozing off to sleep.

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