I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess 55


43.5 My Lady – Sisie’s Perspective



My lady has been acting strangely.

Well, she is almost always acting strangely, but lately, I have been hearing her hum cheerily late at night.

That in itself is not so bad. But what worries me…is that there is a sharp smell coming from her room.


At first, I thought that something must be rotting, but when I searched her room, I could find nothing.



As for where I have not searched…



The cupboard that my lady secretly uses.

Any time that I enter her room while she is happily humming, she always hides something frantically.

And it is these times where that sharp smell is the strongest.


How suspicious…

I glance over to the cupboard.

My lady is not here, as she is at the academy.


It would be wrong of me to take a peek at her secret.

But that smell…


Recently, that smell has even started to come from her hands.

My lady’s hands are smooth and shiny. And even while I praise ‘the beauty of those hands,’ that smell is present.



It makes me wonder.

And so I decided to try and open the cupboard.

Forgive me, my lady…



What I found inside was a pot.

Just a normal pot with a lid on it.



I slowly open the lid and take a look inside.


“What a stench!”


The pot was full of some substance that was muddy and brown. The harsh red of cayenne pepper peeked out from different spots.

It was like a cursed pot…



A curse by my lady! My sweet lady!

Why…my lady, has someone done something so horrible to you that you had to curse them…!


Thinking about what she may have gone through, my eyes well up with tears.

That cheerful and bubbly girl had been pushed to the point that she had to curse someone. Oh, the tears would not stop.



When my lady returned from the academy, she noted that my eyes were red, and I could hold myself back any longer.


“Sisie, what happened? It must be very bad to have made you cry like that. If you wish to tell me, I will do what I can.”


“My, my lady…!”


Tears streamed down my face as I admitted to seeing the contents of the pot.


“Oh, so you saw it then…”


“I, I am sorry, my lady… But I was worried about the smell. Will the curse no longer work? But still, it is not good to curse people!”


“I wanted you to taste it after it was finished… Uh, what? Curse?”


“Huh? Taste it?”



My lady allowed me to taste some of her nukazuke pickles.

I was surprised by how salty it was at first, but there was something very rich about the flavor as well. It was similar to normal pickles but different as well, and very good.


My lady grumbled about how it was not yet ready, and the taste was too thin, but at least I knew that it wasn’t a curse after all.

Apparently, she was humming happily at night while she mixed the nukazuke.


Really, she was always so unpredictable.

But I am just so relieved to know that it wasn’t a curse!




“Hmmm-hmmm-hmmm♪ Come out well, nukazuke pickles♪”


Her happy humming echoed tonight as well.


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