I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess

Chapter 59 Bob AND Rikki

Afterwards at the Signora shop, they decided to arrange a diet and health goods demonstration at fixed intervals.

It seems that the muscle-training guys will help out with the demonstration with George acting as the head.

They requested to lend them the newest tools as payment for the part-time work.


George’s muscle-building friends, who he introduced to me, were a diverse group of people, having guys from thin, well-defined muscles to elder brother-type, macho guys.

Or rather, what is this ‘muscle-building friends’?

I can still understand the members of the knights’ squad.

But how did he get to know the fish dealer guy or the carpenter boss?

He’s a noble for what it matters but, his relations are full of mystery.

I also had gramps Bob get into that group.



“Ou, Mr. Bob! I am Rikki, the carpenter! Glad to meet ya!”


“Yes! I am Bob! Nice to meet you.”


“Nice to meet you! Hahaha, you’re an interesting person, Mr. Bob!” (TL note: Bob’s accent is different so Rikki is mimicking that with ‘nice to meet you’)


Mr. Rikki is a super heavyweight class carpenter.

He is probably two meters tall with a thick, puffed chest.

His dark-brown skin and white tank-top was dazzling.


I plan on having these two demonstrate the training tube today.

The tube I prepared was very thick.


“This is the training tube. You just have to do some exercises using this tube! It’s easy and simple! No need for a different location either!”


“Mmm… This is quite…”


“Hahah! This stuff is eaa-sy~ hahah!”




You should not make light of him. Gramps Bob has quite the superhuman strength as his body is trained every day when he does gardening.


“This stuff is easy when compared to smashing bamboos, easy~”


Smashing bamboos……?

What is gramps Bob doing normally?

Why does he need to smash bamboos?


“Mmmm!? Mmm! Miss, do you not have a stronger tube?!”


“Eh? Ah, here.”


“Fuhhahaha! Stuff like this–it’s easy when compared to smashing bricks!”




“Miss~ do you have a thicker one?”






Their gazes clashed and sparks went off.


“Mmmmmmmm!!!! Mmm! Mm! Mmm!”




Their sweat clashed! Such passion!

Underneath the light of the morning sun, their manly, middle-aged bodies throbbed….!!


And around these two men, in a trance with muscle-training, a crowd of other middle-aged men formed.


That’s not how you use a training tube, though……


“Everyone, you can use more than one training tubes together to change the load. And by doing that…”


“Mmmm! I will use 3 together!”


“Hahah! I will use 4!”










…………And that’s how I ran out of training tube stock.







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