Chapter 60 The day I was set free from the corsets

“Milady, you’ve gotten thinner once again! What an amazingly narrow waist!”


“Is that so? I’m glad! I’ve recently added twisting to my abs exercise.”


“Then, you should have no problems doing without a corset. How wonderful!”


“Well! I didn’t care much about the corset, but that’s the best praise!”

In my previous life, corrective underwear was essential, so I’ve grown used to being tightened around.

Don’t tell me that just as easy as it was to get used to it, the day I can say goodbye to it has come.

Girdle, waist nipper… oh, my dear love handles…

And goodbye, love handles!

If I think about it, our relationship was a long one.

You and I, the two of us were one.

But I’m sorry, it seems that our time to bid each other farewell has come.

Yes, I will fly away towards a new world…!


“Milady, milady!”


“What? I’m in the middle of a painful separation!”


I reluctantly lower the hand that I was holding up towards the sky as I turn to Sisi.


“Today, let’s make it a corset that is much thinner than the usual corset, now that we’ve come so far.”


“Ugh…! There’s still more… And I thought I was finally able to reach Madonna’s level.”


“Yes, please raise both hands… What’s a ‘Madonna’?”


“Madonna… that’s a woman who can wear a leotard in public even if she’s fifty years old.”




“A leotard is something like a foreign dancer’s yadda-yadda”


“That’s quite the strong person…! Even now I can’t think about wearing a leotard in public.”


Sisi shivered as she covered her mouth.


I still can’t reach Madonna’s level…




Sisi mercilessly tightened my belly, which was absorbed in strong feelings.

Sisi, won’t you use your feet? That’s foul play… Ugh.












That was a long, long time ago.

It was years after years ago that everyone forgot that one chubby girl was struggling to diet.


“Wow! Musette, what a thin waist! You look as if you could break in two!


“Oh, how embarrassing. Thank you.”


“Ohohoho! I have been doing training by adding twisting with my abs machine today! My waist is by far much thinner than Musette’s!”


The young lady that let out a loud laughter bends her muscles around the spine in order to boast her constricted waist. She was bending so much that her balance was at risk.

However, sure enough her tightly and well-trained dorsal muscles and abs were able to wonderfully keep that dangerous balance as expected


“I have also recently put a lot of effort in my training by doing leg raises and twisting abs.”


“Adding a twist is important, isn’t it?”


Young ladies never fail doing their training everyday.

Though the young girls’ unceasing efforts to perfectly arrange their style, the Kingdom of Altria has obtained a high reputation with neighboring countries for its young ladies not needing corsets.

Today as well, young ladies continue to encourage their muscle training through the training equipment made by Signora.


In this kingdom I was at first released from the corsets, and now I turn my eye to the Madonna Cosette abs…


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