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I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess 62



As promised, Mrs. Zamas’ dress was finished the day before the ball.

The dress, which was the result of Mrs. Zamas’ earnest work, was quite innovative.


The fabric used is pale cream and has a fitted design that brings out the upper body’s lines.

With it, my back is completely bare, and my shoulders just want to scream “Hello!”

Its skirt looks as if it was made by pinching the middle of a square piece of fabric and then lifting it up. It has longer bits and shorter bits, which create complex frills.

These frills are set in gradation around the skirt’s hem, and when shaken, the small crystals that are sewn into them glitter.

And when dancing, the back of my legs say “Hi!” from behind the opening between the frills.


…Is this okay?

Weren’t my legs not supposed to show that much?

I take a quick glance at Sisie, who nods at me with a hard expression on her face, so I wonder if it’s safe to go like this?


“It’s a splendid piece, even if I say so myself. You have to wear those high heels to the ball. They were a collaboration made together with Ed, from Signora.”


Made with the same fabric used for the dress, the stilettos she gives me are engraved with Swarovski gems.

They are so beautiful that they certainly look like a piece of art, but they’re going to kill me if I dance wearing them.




“You’re the one who suggested high heels in the first place, so you have no problem wearing them, correct?”


A flash of light shines from Mrs. Zamas’ glasses.

I see that as a challenge from a fellow designer.

To show you due respect for having made such a wonderful dress, I accept your challenge!


“Well of course! I’ll show you I can wear them perfectly! … Sisie, make sure you have some compresses and bandages ready!

I give perfect instructions to Sisie as I turn the skirt’s hem around.


“Understood. I’ll pick up your bones, so don’t worry about a thing!”


The ball is tomorrow.

As part of my exercise for losing weight, I have already practiced dancing a lot, so I’m confident I can pull through.

Even though it’s just an academy event, it will be my first time going to a ball, so I’m feeling nervous about it.


Speaking of which, I wonder if either His Highness or Remias will be going with me?

I haven’t spoken much with either lately, so I don’t know if they’re planning to go to the ball. But I don’t necessarily have to go there with a partner.

It’s okay to go by myself since it’s strongly implied to be a mere friendly reunion. Remie also said that she’d be going without a partner.


I’d like to take this ball as a good opportunity to deepen my bonds beyond with others beyond my childhood friend.

For some reason, ever since I started going to the academy and until now, many people have been avoiding me no matter how much I approached them, so I couldn’t get along with anyone besides, well, my childhood friend.


With my chest full of both anticipation and tension, I went to bed early in preparation for tomorrow.



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