I Will Quit The Villainess Entourage

Chapter 81 – Sixty-Three



Translator’s Note: I just wanted to put a note here to clarify some confusion that might have arrived from the translations of the previous chapters.

Remy was the one guided Cosette to the carriage by telling Cosette that her brother might be on his last moments. She was also the one who was together with prince Leonhart when he entered the ball. Most mentions of Remias in that context were actually talking about Remy.

Remias was locked in his house the whole time and wasn’t mentioned much up until that point.

Once Remias was found, the mentions of each character seemed to have normalized.

Also, chapters tend to only have names if they’re side stories. Otherwise, they tend to just have a number to indicate them. I’m writing the number of the chapter out instead of putting a number (as in “sixty-three” instead of “63”) so as to avoid issues with the auto-sorting of the website.


It’s been three months since that incident. Spring ended, and we were now close to the end of Summer too.

Remias became absent from school again, as he now needs to manage his new territory and deal with some bureaucracy involved with his new title. We’re exchanging letters, but can’t meet up as often as we did before.

Lady Remy was sent to study abroad in a different kingdom. This was decided upon shortly after the incident was solved, and I only had a chance to meet her right before she departed.

She was about to enter the carriage when I called out to her, “Lady Remy!”

She turned towards me, and seemed to be in disbelief, as if she had seen a ghost… And then she cried. She cried as she said, “Cosette! I’m really sorry… I’m really sorry…”

Seeing her despairing face, I quickly moved closer and held her hands. Her eyes were opened wide at my sudden gesture.

And then, I told her my honest thoughts, “We all make mistakes, lady Remy. When I heard you were going abroad, I just had to meet you… I had to tell you, that I had faith that the strong lady Remy, who is able to shed tears in the open like this, would be able to live proudly no matter where she was.”

It seemed like she could hardly believe her ears, “Can you… Can you forgive me? I did something horrible to you…” She asked me.

“I’ve already forgiven you, lady Remy. Moreover, I wasn’t even angry to begin with.” I’ve replied.

Those too were my honest thoughts. I may have been angry at Alfred, but not at lady Remy. Maybe because she was just being used, maybe because I suffered no serious injuries, but most of all, “I still love lady Remy in the end. So please, even if you are going abroad, be well, and live happily.” I told her my heartfelt wishes.

As she heard my wishes, she bit her lips, then bowed her head, “This is my defeat… Be happy with his highness.” Then, she raised her head and was looking a bit better than before.

“I have no such intentions right now. Instead of that… May I write you letters?” I asked her.

She seemed to be surprised at my reply, but after hesitating for a moment, she said, “Of course! I’d be glad to… To receive letters… From you who is… My friend? May I call you a friend again?”

“But of course! Lady Remy-!” As I started replying to her, she cut me off.

“If we’re friends, then just Remy is fine.” She said. She was smiling now.

It was my turn to be surprised by her words, but I was also happy to hear them, “Yes! I’ll write you, Remy!”

We were both smiling now. This time, it feels like we have finally become proper friends.

Because before, we weren’t equals. She was Lady Remy, and I was one of the girls from her entourage… And then, since that day back when we were ten years old, we have spent less and less time together.

There was something in that hierarchy that drove us apart… But now, we were friends. Me and Remy were equals now.

On this day, I’ve quit the villainess’ entourage.

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