65 part 2

Happiness That Money Can’t Buy

My comment that was adding fuel to the flame had made everyone fall into dead silence.

That was my understanding of true love.


“How about you?! Would you still love Prince Rudnick if that were the case?”


That question took me by surprise, which was projected in my expression.


“See! You don’t love Prince Rudnick at all! Ultimately, you’re an ill-natured woman who’s only after Prince Rudnick’s status, honor, and wealth!”

“Hee hee hee. Do you honestly think that those three things are the only values Prince Rud has? Alas, I see him more valuable even if he lost those things.”


Princess Pao gulped upon hearing my words.


“Aren’t you mistaking Prince Rudnick for a possession? Prince Rudnick! You can see her true intention, can’t you?”


His Highness blinked a few times before responding.


“Time and again, Yulius had mentioned straightforwardly that I’m like a gear … I thought Yulius wouldn’t hesitate to break off our engagement supposing that I’m no longer a royalty.”

“Do you really think so? If your Highness lost your status and honor, I can hire you as my employee without reserve.”

“… You really are unshakeable.”


His Highness let out an exasperated sigh.

At that moment, Prince Insuu muttered.


“I’m having a hard time understanding how Prince Rudnick could have fallen victim to such a shoddy woman.”


His voice was loud enough for everyone to hear his monologue.

Upon hearing his comment, Princess Pao pointed her finger and triumphantly yelled at me.


“That’s right! You are so crass! In this world, there is happiness money can’t buy! Don’t you know that?”


I grinned at Princess Pao.


“Princess Pao is really cute.”


Princess Pao creased her eyebrows when hearing my remark.


“I shall tell the cute Princess Pao one thing.”


I continued while slowly approaching Princess Pao.


“Indeed, there is such a thing as happiness money can’t buy. For example, people’s hearts. However, most happiness comes from money.”


I felt the air around me turned heavier.


“Prince Rudnick. It would be best for you not to marry this woman. She doesn’t deserve your bringing her happiness.”


I chuckled at Prince Insuu’s complaint.


“What’s so funny?”


Without being subtle, Prince Insuu yelled with irritation.


“I apologize. Prince Insuu said something interesting, I couldn’t help but laugh. Well, wouldn’t you say so? You’re implying that a woman can’t be happy unless a man gives her happiness.”


I continued speaking while smiling.


“But a woman can be happy even without a man.”


In an attempt to belittle me, Prince Insuu snorted.


“You mentioned earlier that most happiness comes from money. A woman lives off of the earnings of a man, so a woman can’t be happy unless there’s a man.”


I sighed with irritation.


“Are you saying that a woman can’t earn money?”


“I run my own shop. If you look at the streets of Laofan, there are a lot of women working as well.”

“It’s ridiculous to compare commoners with nobles.”


Upon hearing that comment, my smile evaporated and was replaced by a deep sigh.

The conversation with Prince Insuu was far from being amusing.

He was too prejudiced, and I didn’t think he had it in him to comprehend what I meant to say.

Thereupon, Prince Jufua calmly responded.


“Miss Yulius is different from the royal ladies in this country; she’s always glistening with happiness. That’s one of the reasons why I think I want a wife like her, but I guess Insuu won’t understand that.”

“When I thought your misogyny has been cured; but turns out you just have bad taste, brother.”


I noticed his Highness was softly giggling upon hearing Prince Insuu’s sarcastic remark.


“I think Prince Insuu has good taste. I’m just glad we aren’t rivals. I think it’s enough for me to exclusively know Yulius’ good side. Otherwise, I would be troubled, since any decent human being would immediately be charmed by her.”


Your Highness, did you just nonchalantly imply that Prince Insuu wasn’t a decent human being?


“Since I see Yulius as a good woman, I guess I may have bad taste as well. Besides, if I’m no longer a royalty, she will provide for me.”


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