65 Part 3

His Highness said that while smiling at me. I returned the smile.


“Of course, I will provide for you. In exchange, I’ll have you work as hard as a horse, are you okay with that?”

“To think that it sounds like fun, I may have been influenced by you, right?”


His Highness and I burst in laughter.

I thought it was amazing that his Highness could simplify the atmosphere as such.


“Ah! Miss Yulius!!”


I turned to the sudden voice calling me. Standing there was Princess Mulan, Prince Jufua’s sister.


“Princess Mulan. Please no need to address me so formally!”

“Please don’t say that! I respect Miss Yulius after all!”


Princess Mulan had become my current business partner.

After her return to this country, following her broken heart inflicted by my brother, I wrote her a letter.

I wrote to her asking if she would be compelled to start a business together with me.

To my surprise, Princess Mulan gave an immediate reply indicating her agreement.

I then requested Duke Shaoran, who had been helping me with distribution in Laofan, to write my referral letter.

Both Princess Mulan and Duke Shaoran had earlier helped in selling Earl Nogger family warrantied accessories, made with small stones that were given by the ship’s captain as a souvenir.

The sales were explosively popular.

Even though the sales were meant for commoners, they were favorable among the noble ladies as well.

The decided engagement between Princess Mulan and Duke Shaoran certainly helped in boosting the sales.

At the young age of 30, Duke Shaoran possessed the highest status after the royalties. He was famous for not flirting around with women, even though he was considerably good-looking.

He was known as the handsome nobleman who was unconquerable by any woman. Since Princess Mulan was the only one able to move his heart, everyone bought the accessories to share her good luck.


“My engagement could happen thanks to you, Miss Yulius! Let me adore you!”

“Please don’t.”

“Why not?”


Princess Mulan’s expression turned softer as she pouted cutely with dissatisfaction.

She then smiled benevolently.


“I want to be sisters with Miss Yulius! You know, there’s still time. Please break up with Prince Rudnick, and marry my brother instead.”


I smiled awkwardly.


“I’m sorry. I can’t do that.”


I seemed to be more reluctant than I anticipated letting go of his Highness.

Princess Pao, who had been silent that whole while, timidly started speaking to Princess Mulan.


“Big sister Mulan, um, why are you speaking so humbly with a mere Earl’s daughter?”


Princess Mulan was surprised as she had just realized that Princess Pao was there all along.


“Pao. You’re here?”

“… Y-yes.”


Witnessing the dynamics, it was obvious that Princess Mulan held more power.


“And? Did you say something?”

“Y-yes. Why are you speaking so humbly with the daughter of an Earl?”


Princess Mulan creased her eyebrows after hearing Princess Pao’s inquiry.


“Because I respect her. She has been a tremendous help so I could find happiness. She’s so humble in helping, and always worries about me, who’s just a stranger to her. I have never known anyone like her. Moreover, I don’t know anyone who’s from a foreign country that has such deep connections.”



Princess Mulan smiled affectionately at me, and then gave Princess Pao a gentle reply.


“Remember the big sister you have always respected, Princess Ranfa? Her marriage to the king of the Southern country had been decided, right? The one who introduced them was no other than Miss Yulius! Furthermore, by just mentioning ‘Warranty of the Earl Nogger family’, all merchants will change their attitudes and listen to you. More trustworthy than the princess of this kingdom! Conversely, if you opposed Earl Nogger family, there’s a good possibility that all the merchants won’t sell you anything!”


Princess Mulan’s exaggeration had turned Princess Pao’s face pale.


“Well, Miss Yulius is a goddess among merchants, so it’s only natural! Even my fiancé gives his full compliments to Miss Yulius.”


As though she just remembered, Princess Mulan excused herself for a second and brought back a man with her.

He was Duke Shaoran, Princess Mulan’s fiancé.

Duke Shaoran walked across to where I was standing and said, “I was told there’s a beautiful goddess here, so I came to witness her myself. It turns out to be Miss Yulius.”

“I’m a goddess, am I not?”


Duke Shaoran chuckled.


“To me, Mulan is the number one goddess, but I guess Miss Yulius is also a goddess, too.”


Princess Mulan seemed to be satisfied with his comment and was grinning.


“I’m no match to Princess Mulan. She is the true goddess.”


Hearing me said that, both of them exhaled.


“I have to learn to be more compassionate and humble like her.”

“You’re right. Think of Miss Yulius as a natural goddess and Mulan as a striving goddess. With Miss Yulius as a role model, Mulan can learn to be a magnificent goddess.”


It was embarrassing, so please make it stop.

When I was thinking along that line, I scanned around the room and realized something.


“Your Highness, where is Prince Shuna?”


It seemed that Prince Shuna had disappeared.


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