Chapter 66 Part 1

The Whereabouts of Prince Shuna


I had regrets.

Sitting in the waiting room prepared by Laofan country, I was fully aware of my foolishness.

For an abduction to take place in such a public place was beyond my expectation.

“If only I held Prince Shuna’s hand.”

“Yulius, don’t blame yourself. This isn’t your fault.”

Even though his Highness said so, I was standing the closest to Prince Shuna.

“If something were to happen to Prince Shuna … it would be my fault.”

“Even if he doesn’t look it, Shuna is a man, so he will be fine. It’s also possible that he felt bored and went off to play by himself, isn’t it?”

I glared at his Highness.


“… No, that’s not possible.”


With a sigh, his Highness hugged me since I was on the verge of tears after hearing his remark.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely find him.”

While hugging me, his Highness caressed my head. I felt like all my strength was drained out of my body.

“Prince Shuna is a Beastman, I didn’t make him wear perfume. Instead, I put handmade potpourri in his dress pocket.”

“Do dresses have pockets? I didn’t know that.”

The pockets were meant to be subtle.

“There are no pockets in the dress I’m currently wearing, but I can make them with the same material for making fluffy skirts. But what I want you to notice is my original potpourri blend, not the pockets.”

His Highness seemed to finally understand.

“Miya would be the one who can follow scents.”

I nodded quietly.



We joined with Miss Miya and had Prince Jufua accompany us as well to avoid looking suspicious searching around the castle.

“It has the same scent as this, right?”


Miss Miya started to walk slowly after sniffing the spare potpourri I had with me.

“Miss Miya, do you think you can track it down?”

“There are various scents from perfume and incense in this castle, so this gentle scent is very unique. The other scents are so intense that causes dizziness. I better find this scent before it’s overwhelmed by the other scents.”

Please quickly be found.

Next to me, his Highness rested his hands on his forehead as if he was praying.

“If you found Shuna, I’ll let you date Miger.”

Miss Miya threw both hands in the air and squealed in excitement after hearing his Highness’ words.

“Really?!I’ll do my best!!”

Following the scent, Miss Miya plunged her way forward into the royal residence area.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

Prince Jufua nodded in agreement to his Highness’ comment.

We might have to assume the worst situation.

While I was busy thinking about the possible worst-case scenario, Miss Miya stopped in front of a room in the inner part of the area and stood motionless.

“What is this place?”

His Highness inquired as he turned towards Prince Jufua.

Prince Jufua answered bitterly, “… Insuu’s room.”

Prince Jufua knocked at the door after preparing his mind.

After a moment, the door slightly cracked open, and Prince Insuu appeared.

“I’m sorry to bother you this late.”

“What is it, brother?”

“I’m looking for a guest from Beast country. Have you seen him?”

“No, I haven’t.”

Disregarding Prince Insuu closing the door, Miss Miya jabbed her fingers in between the cracks on the door and forcefully pried it open.

The unimaginable power displayed by Miss Miya, a beautiful white feline, had rendered me speechless.

“I can smell Shuna-sama’s scent!”

Huh?! The door was splintering!

Ah! Her fingers were stuck on the door!

The door eventually came apart and was chucked along with Prince Insuu. They landed in the hallway with an obnoxiously loud crack.

“Am I wrong to particularly think of Miger, who could suppress that kind of power, to be amazing?”

I snapped back into reality upon hearing his Highness’ sudden comment on the matter.

“… Among my employees, Mr. Olga, the store manager, is particularly proud of his physical ability. He was the one who gave Mr. Miger special training.”

His Highness gazed at me distantly and muttered, “A bird told me that your shop manager used to be a legendary assassin.”

“Oh, that’s an old story.”

For some reason, his Highness let out a deep sigh.

During our conversation, Miss Miya had already intruded into Prince Insuu’s room, so we followed after her.

There was no one in the room.

While we were puzzled with the empty room, Prince Insuu stood at the door and said, “I told you there’s no one here! Give me a break! Now get out of my room!”

Miss Miya glanced at the furious Prince Insuu with suspicion, and then touched the bookshelf at the corner of the room.

Similar to the door, the bookshelf started to splinter and creak. She picked up and hurled the bookshelf. It landed in the center of the room with an unfamiliar loud noise.

“It would be wise not to provoke Miya.”

I let out a strained laugh at his Highness’ remark.

A secret passage with a staircase extending down was revealed.

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