Chapter 66 Part 2

Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

There was a rail-like contraption where the bookshelf used to be. We gathered it was most likely a mechanism to give access to the passage when the bookshelf was moved.

However, since it had been destroyed splendidly, there was no way to confirm the mechanism.

Miss Miya strutted down the stairs with no hesitation. We followed suit.

We came upon a locked room at the base of the stairs.

Well, Miss Miya smashed the door open with a kick.

The interior of the room looked very similar to Prince Insuu’s room upstairs.

Propped on top of the bookshelf that looked just like the one Miss Miya hurled earlier, was Prince Shuna snarling and directing his menace towards us while trembling.

“Prince Shuna!”


Prince Shuna jumped off the bookshelf and hugged Miss Miya.

“Are you all right, Prince Shuna?”

“Yeah. I’m hungry —.”

While everyone was deeply emotional with the reunion, I scanned the room and saw a sofa, a table, and a bed. There were a lot of sweets on the table. It appeared that Prince Insuu was attempting to feed Prince Shuna.

“What’s the meaning of this barging in here without permission?!”

Prince Insuu, who finally caught up with us, was madly yelling and frightened Prince Shuna.

“We only want to take Prince Shuna back,”

I said bluntly and wiped off the smile on my face.

“That red-haired tiger is mine!”

While yelling, Prince Insuu attempted to snatch Prince Shuna from Miss Miya but was sent flying with her kick.

“I caught that kid. She’s mine!” Prince Insuu muttered.

His appearance, while trying to stand up and staggering, was like a creepy sentient.

“Insuu, you’re mistaken. Beastmen aren’t pets.”

Prince Insuu laughed scornfully after hearing Prince Jufua’s attempt to explain.

“There’s nothing wrong in making her a pet. A Beastman is a beast! They will worth more if you tame them. When I become king, all Beastmen will be mine!”

While pointing at Prince Shuna and the others, Prince Insuu exploded in sinister laughter. Witnessing his behavior, I giggled and said, “Prince Insuu is so foolish.”

Everyone went silent upon hearing my comment, letting my giggle echoed clearly throughout the room.

“What did you say? You’re merely an earl’s daughter. How dare you say that?!”

Prince Insuu scowled at me for shrugging at his earlier rant.

“I said, ‘Prince Insuu is too foolish that it makes me giddy!’”

“She didn’t mean that.”

His Highness’ muttering was heard but was ignored.

“You bitch! Don’t think you’ll get away with saying that without consequences!”

I tried hard not to laugh at Prince Insuu’s crude way of speech that resembled a lowly thug.

“The one who’s not going to get away with consequences is you, Prince Insuu. Why do you think we came to Laofan this time?”

Prince Insuu made a dubious expression after hearing my words.

“We brought a letter from the King of Palacio,” I continued while smiling.

“There have been repeated occurrence of kidnapping in Beast country, a close ally of Palacio. Due to this matter, we are uniting all neighboring countries to urgently find the culprit and be ready for an all-out attack. Consequently, we would like Laofan to assist as well. That being said, the letter was even more radically written.”

I gently patted Prince Shuna’s head and said, “Once Prince Insuu becomes king, Laofan will disappear from the map overnight. Because, Palacio has the divine protection of the dragons, so they can use their power freely, and the neighboring countries will follow.”

Prince Insuu turned pale and crumbled to his knees.

“So, please return Prince Shuna.”

After hearing what I said, Prince Insuu turned towards Prince Shuna and said, “P-please don’t take that kid away. I don’t need anything else. I’m in love with her.”

We were taken aback by his confession and stood motionless. Miss Miya, who was hugging Prince Shuna scowled at Prince Insuu and warned, “What an impudent insect who begs for the love of our kingdom’s second prince, Prince Schneider. If you dare appear before Prince Schneider again, I will rip your throat and throw it in the muddy river.”

Hearing Miss Miya’s words, Prince Insuu gave a blank stare and stuttered, “P-prince?”

“That’s right.”

“I-isn’t that a dress she’s wearing?”

Prince Insuu shifted his gaze from Miss Miya to Prince Shuna. Prince Shuna tilted his head and asked, “It doesn’t suit me?”

“It suits you very well.”

“Soon I will grow into an adult, and it won’t suit me anymore. That’s why I asked big sister Yulius to help me put the dress on! Male Beastmen are cute as kids, but will become muscular once stepping into adulthood.”

It appeared that Prince Insuu couldn’t wrap his head around the whole conversation.

“Shall I flip his skirt … so you can confirm it?”

His Highness suddenly spoke to Prince Insuu and flipped Prince Shuna’s skirt. Shocked by the view, Prince Insuu fainted.

As one would expect, he was so pitiful. But could this be called divine punishment? Karma? I supposed it could be called that.


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