Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 3

67 Tea Time


Our trip to Laofan country, where many things happened, was about to end safely.

The kidnapped Beast men were soon released and returned to their country. I was relieved to confirm that they have safely returned.

The king of Laofan country was in quite a panic and courteously treated us as an apology.

I was able to experience the fashion of Laofan country as well.

It was great that Princess Mulan invited us to tea and guided us around the city day after day.

Today, Prince Shuna and Miss Miya went shopping in town, while his Highness and I decided to have a tea party with Princess Mulan and Prince Jufua.


“Miss Yulius, why won’t you get engaged with my brother? Every day would be fun if you stayed in our country.”

Princess Mulan expressed her dissatisfaction at the elegant afternoon tea time.


“I’m very happy to hear that, but I have a shop to run in my own country, so I have to return soon.”


“That’s too bad! I guess my brother isn’t worth it, so Miss Yulius is leaving!”

Princess Mulan suddenly brought up the subject.


Prince Jufua, who was sitting next to her, smiled bitterly in response.

“I don’t want to think about her returning as well.”


I quietly ate Prince Jufua’s handmade sweets.

Prince Jufua’s sweets were always of high quality.


“I said, Yulius is my fiancée.”

His Highness complained while eating Prince Jufua’s handmade dumplings.


“Rud doesn’t take good care of Miss Yulius, so why not break the engagement already?”


“I won’t.”


It was indescribable how elated I was upon hearing that his Highness would not break our engagement.


“If we don’t return soon, Roland would be suspicious, and we’d be killed.”


“Roland wouldn’t do something like that.”

It seemed that Princess Mulan was too dreamy about my brother.


“Mulan, you don’t know the true Roland. If you knew him, you’d be glad he rejected you for sure.”


His Highness stared into the distance while chewing on the dumplings.

He really liked dumplings.

I felt a little jealous of Prince Jufua who could make dumplings that could make his Highness so absorbed in savoring them.

The moment I felt jealous would only mean that I substantially like his Highness.

I took a sip of tea and then exhaled.


His Highness looked at me with a puzzled look.

“As expected, are you tired as well, Yulius?”


His Highness smiled gently, and I smiled back at him.

“No, I’m not tired. I think that I had a worthwhile time. But ….”


His Highness tilted his head inquiringly to my vague remark.

“But what?”


After hesitating for a moment, I let out a deep sigh and said.

“But would you mind if I greatly express my feelings?”



His Highness peered into my face even more.


I whispered gently in his Highness’ ear while covering it with both hands.

“Prince Rud … I like you.”


Once I moved away from his Highness, he was bright red all the way to his ears.

“T-that’s … sneaky to say it in front of all these people!”

Even if he called me sneaky, I had the urge to say it.


“Excuse me. I’d like another cup of tea, please.”

As if nothing happened, I demanded another cup of tea.


“Rud, what did she say?”


“… It’s a secret!”

His Highness responded with a red face.


Prince Jufua let out a sigh as if he was exasperated.

“But it was completely unexpected that Insuu would fall in love with Prince Schneider.”


Was Prince Jufua trying to help change the subject by making that remark?

“Prince Shuna is really cute, isn’t he?”


Princess Mulan giggled hearing me say it so earnestly.

“Brother Insuu is still bedridden because of the shock regarding Prince Schneider. It seems that Pao won’t come out of her room as well, because her name has become well known to be someone that bore her fangs at Earl Nogger family.”


I tilted my head a little.


“Even in this country, if you mention that you have Earl Nogger family accreditation, everyone will know that you have top quality items. If you picked a fight with Earl Nogger family, other nobles wouldn’t want to get mixed up in it, so they began to treat Pao gingerly.”


That would be too pitiful, wouldn’t it?

I took a sip of tea and commented.

“Then, I’d like to meet Princess Pao.”


Everyone around looked at me in disbelief.


“Miss Yulius, are you going forgive her attitude toward you?”

Princess Mulan creased her eyebrows.


“Of course, I will.”


Everyone fell completely silent, except who seemed to be amazed by my remark.

“Yulius, are you scheming something again?”


I purposely acted surprise.

“Oh, dear! Is your Highness suspecting me?”


“No, that’s not the case.”


I grinned from ear to ear.



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