68 Part 1

Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 3

68 Welcome To The Ladies’ Association


I requested Princess Mulan’s help to arrange and invite Princess Pao to another tea party.

Currently, Princess Pao was being mentally cornered.

This would probably be my only chance to get along with her.

Since she was a lady, I was certain that she would be interested in the dresses, jewelry, and miscellaneous goods handled by my family. So I arranged for almost all of them to be unloaded from the ship and brought to me.

Prince Shuna and the others did not seem to be interested in Princess Pao, so they asked his Highness and Prince Jufua to teach them how to make sweets.

It was quite surreal to witness the appearance of men making cute sweets.

Since Prince Jufua made delicious sweets, Prince Shuna would definitely be happy.

Since the morning, I have borrowed the kitchen as well for baking pound cake and madeleines garnished with Laofan’s local specialty fruits and nuts.

They were for the upcoming tea party.

If the princesses liked the cakes, it would not be a bad idea to open a patisserie in this country as well.

The reason I discovered that Earl Nogger family branding was well-known in this country, was because I came to Laofan country myself.

I think it would be better to have a lot of employees in this country as well.

That was the reason why I selected Princess Pao.

For that purpose, I did my best to prepare for the reception.



The tea party was held in the afternoon. And to put it bluntly, it started with an awkward atmosphere.

Princess Pao’s complexion did not look good.


The reason being, the only people attending the tea party were Princess Mulan and Princess Pao, as well as Princess Lanfua and myself.

It seemed that the meeting arrangement with the king of the Sounthern Island was a success. Princess Lanfua was smiling the whole time, frightening Princess Pao.

I heard that among all the princesses in this country, the eldest, Princess Lanfua, possessed the most power.

There was a rumor that Princess Lanfua would not acknowledge other princesses except for Princess Mulan.

Prince Jufua, Princess Lanfua and Princess Mulan were the only children of the Queen. So it was rumored that Princess Lanfua treated the children of other concubines as if they did not exist.

Perhaps due to this very reason, Princess Pao was immeasurably nervous.


“Princess Lanfua, were you able to meet with the king of the South Island without any problems?”

My icebreaker made Princess Lanfua’s face enthusiastically cheerful.


“Yes. It was a wonderful trip!”

Princess Lanfua truly looked beautiful while speaking and sipping tea.


“I’m glad I could be of help.”

As I smiled at Princess Lanfua, she muttered.

“So, I heard that you were pestered by Pao who’s sitting there, were you not?”


Princess Pao flinched when Princess Lanfua glanced at her.


“No. Princess Pao did no such thing. It was a misunderstanding!”


“I heard she insisted that you’re not befitting to be with Prince Rudnick?”

Under Princess Lanfua’s pressure, Princess Pao began to quiver with teary eyes.

Earlier, I thought she was like a Pomeranian, but now she looked more like a Chihuahua.


“I understand that I’m not befitting to be with Prince Rud. This is a fact.”


Princess Lanfua deeply sighed as she heard my response.

“Yulius, it’s not whether it’s befitting or not!What do you think about Prince Rudnick?”


“That’s right! That’s right!”

Princess Mulan became proactive after hearing Princess Lanfua’s remark.


I stared into the distance for a moment then responded.

“… I, I like him.”

Both Princesses Lanfua and Mulan seemed happy hearing my response.


“W-why? Why do Big Sisters Lanfua and Mulan side with that woman?”

Princess Pao retorted while on the verge of tears.


“Obviously because we can’t win!”

Princess Lanfua answered.

“Women’s world is a world of survival of the fittest more than people think! A weak woman won’t survive. And in that kind of world, I lost to Yulius.”


Princess Pao was dumbfounded when hearing Princess Lanfua’s response.


“You know very well what kind of treatment weak people get, don’t you?”


Princess Pao cast her eyes downward.


“Yulius reached out to such weak women. I would never want to see those people who have lost. I wouldn’t care about what kind of life they lead. But Yulius is different.”

Princess Lanfua explained while smiling kindly.

She overestimated me.

I wonder if Princess Lanfua was unaware of my true character.


“But, but she called Prince Rudnick a “gear” or something!”


Paying no regards to my desire to protect Princess Pao like a Chihuahua, Princess Mulan exclaimed impatiently.

“Pao, you don’t understand at all! A ‘gear’ is way more important than a ‘pawn’! Well, that’s what Duke Shaoran told me ….”

While banging the table, she continued.

“The sole purpose of a ‘pawn’ is to be moved around! But a ‘gear’ can only move in a certain place with a certain size!”




Princess Mulan cringed her brows and shouted even louder in response to Princess Pao’s inability to grasp what she was saying.

“In short! It will be troublesome if it breaks or disappears! It’s the same as saying that the existence is very important! Do you understand?”


I would like Princess Mulan to stop because hearing it again is too embarrassing.


“I want to be Miss Yulius ‘gear’, too!”


“Mulan, calm down. Yulius looks troubled.”

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