68 Part 2

Princess Lanfua’s reproach seemed to calm Princess Mulan down.

“I’m sorry about this, Yulius. Mulan has been very energetic due to the recent job she got from you. After looking at Yulius and Mulan, I can see clearly what the women in this country are lacking.”


I giggled.

“I don’t think you need to worry, Princess Lanfua. If they see Princess Mulan, they will admire her and more young women will want to work as well! Because Princess Mulan is radiant. And since Laofan is known for its production of gems, people like everything radiant, right? It’s only natural that they want to be radiant as well.”


Princesses Lanfua and Mulan giggled upon hearing my argument.

“I was rejected by Prince Rudnick, but if it made the meeting with Yulius a possibility, I don’t mind.”

“Me, too! Meeting Miss Yulius is the best treasure of my life!”


This would be the first time I received praise overkill.

Princess Pao tilted her head with a very puzzled expression.


“Princess Pao, please have some sweets so you can relax a little.”

I put a cookie and a madeleine on the plate in front of her.


“I have no appetite.”

Princess Pao looked away from me.


“Pao, eat.”

Princess Lanfua asserted with an expressionless face, Princess Pao hurriedly picked up the cookie and put it in her mouth.


“Princess Lanfua, please don’t force her.”

Upon hearing my words, Princess Lanfua sulkily pouted.

To an extent, it was cute.


“Princess Pao, do you like them? Do they suit your taste?”


Princess Pao blinked when asked.

“Urgh, it’s mortifying but they are delicious!”


I was happy and gave her a gentle smile.

“I’m glad. They are my handmade sweets.”


Upon hearing my words, all the three princesses’ eyes widened in amazement.

During moments like these, I could feel their blood relation.


“Did you make it yourself, Yulius? Didn’t you ask the pâtissier to help make it for you?”

Princess Lanfua picked a cookie and took a bite after staring at it intently.

“It’s delicious! What does this mean?”


I wanted her to clarify whether she was praising me or not.

“I often get involved in product developments! If I made and taste-tested them myself, it would save me the process of explaining. Cookies and pound cakes contain dried figs. I heard that it’s one of the local specialties of Laofan country.”

While explaining, I cut the pound cake and served it on everyone’s plates.


“Miss Yulius, you’re multi-talented!”

Since Princess Mulan said it earnestly, I shook my head.


“I’m truly inexperienced about romance.”

To be honest, even though his Highness was near, I always felt he was out of reach.

I want someone to guide me on how to compromise.


“Yulius, what are you saying when Prince Rudnick loves you that much?”




“Don’t tell me that you’re not aware of that.”


His Highness loved me.

I understood that.


“Why would his Highness love someone like me?”

His Highness would ultimately forgive me even if I clicked my tongue at him or made him write a report for me.

“My attitude toward his Highness so far doesn’t deserve any praise. It wouldn’t be strange if he disliked me. Moreover, it’s only recently that my previous engagement was broken …. I feel scared.”


When I conveyed my feelings, Princesses Lanfua and Mulan grinned.

“Yulius, go tell Prince Rudnick everything that you have just said.”

“Just like what Big Sister said! Say ‘I don’t want to be thrown away by Prince Rudnick!’. It will be better to convey that to him!”


I gazed at both of them and responded.

“My engagement has been broken once. I’m defective, so to speak. If such a defective person selfishly said ‘I don’t want to be thrown away’, his Highness would probably think I’m troublesome.”


Everyone in the room, except myself, let out a deep sigh.

“Hey, you! Do you not believe in Prince Rudnick’s love?”

Princess Pao stared at me as if I was a hopeless little kid.


“My ex-fiancé said that he was awakened by ‘true love’ and fell in love with another woman. If his Highness’ ‘true love’ appears ….”


Princess Lanfua snickered after hearing my words.

“What is that about?! Please don’t compare Prince Rudnick with that guy! Prince Rudnick is an extremely good guy! What’s with this ‘true love’ anyway?! If you’re that worried, just be her! Be his ‘true love’.”


My blank expression marked how astounded I was by Princess Lanfua’s words, but I burst into laughter a moment later.


“What’s so funny?! You’re irritating!”


Seeing Princess Lanfua pouted in irritation made me laugh even harder.


“Yulius! You’re rude!”


“I apologize.”

I see. I should just be his true love!

I felt as if the murky cloud in my mind had been cleared up.

“Princess Lanfua, thank you very much.”


“What’s with you?! Even though you laughed!”


“I’ll try. I’ll will try to be his ‘true love’.”

After I declared that, not only Princess Lanfua, but also Princesses Mulan and Pao nodded in agreement.

“Thank you very much, everyone.”

As I expressed my gratitude, everyone burst out laughing.


After that, the three of them lectured me about various ladies’ techniques.

I thought it was really scary that there was such a technique to tilt your head or when to shed tears.

I heard that there was even a technique for an upward glance when looking up. I could not imagine what kind of endless effort the there of them had made so far. Needless to say, I felt something similar to respect for them.

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