68 Part 3


“You! How did you manage to be Prince Rudnick’s fiancé without knowing any of this?!”

Among them, Princess Pao was the expert of popular gestures!

I got even more scared when discovering that all gestures were calculated, from the angle and position of the eyes to the timing for body touch.

“Don’t you want to be considered the cutest by the person you like? Even if you’re not eating because you’re on a diet, you may rebound and regain weight even more! Don’t whine.”

Moreover, she is quite a wicked sergeant.

While desperately taking notes, I replied ‘Yes! Yes!’.


Then I decided.

“Princess Pao, would you like to be a diet seminar lecturer?”


“Diet seminar?”


“There are many women in the world who are worried about their weight! You should give lectures to those women around the world as an evangelist that gives them guidance about beauty!”


I glanced at Princess Pao who was dazed, then continued.


“First, let’s publish a book! The title would be ‘Women’s Beauty Shouldn’t Be Just For A Day’, or ‘Saving Women With Diet’. What do you think? If you think of a good title, please don’t hesitate to use it.”

This could sell.

I felt like laughing loudly due to the excitement.


“I’m not a literary talent who can publish a book!”


To the nervous Princess Pao, I grinned and reassured her.

“Don’t worry. I will hire an essayist as a ghost-writer. Let’s itemize what we need! There are also the notes I took! It will sell! This will sell!!”

I could not help but laughed loudly because it was our secret that I managed to pull the three of them to contribute to my cause.



When I started talking about whether to start A Ladies’ Association, his Highness, Princes Jufua and Shuna appeared.

They seemed to have finished baking and were bringing the chiffon cake for us.


“Did Yulius cause any trouble?”

His Highness asked while placing the chiffon cake on the table. Princess Lanfua and her sisters were surprised by his inquiry.


“How could you say that?! What do you think of Yulius, Prince Rudnick?”

Princess Lanfua showed her dissatisfaction, and his Highness gave a puzzled look.


“It’s a tea party to invite Princess Pao, right? Doesn’t it smell like something profitable?”

It was amazing how his Highness could silence everyone in an instant.

“So? Is it going to be profitable?”


“Yes, it looks like Princess Pao and I will publish a book.”


“A book?  The number of writers you hire will increase again.”


“Not really. I’m planning to ask Ms. Banache to ghost-write for us.”


His Highness gave a surprised look, but it soon changed into a look of amusement.

“Aren’t you using your ex-fiancé’s fiancée too much?”


“Of course. If I don’t, my palimony will never be paid.”


His Highness sighed.

“Please, don’t overdo it.”


“Of course not. I’m kind to my employees.”


“She’s being used, though.”

His Highness and I uttered in unison after pausing momentarily.

His Highness was amazing indeed.

Because he could make me smile so easily with this kind of childish conversation.


“Big Sister Yulius!”

When we were laughing, Prince Shuna tried to hug me, but his Highness prevented him by grabbing the nape of his neck.


“How many times have I told you not to hug Yulius so casually?”


“Stingy! It’s fine for just a bit!”


“It’s not fine! You perverted kid.”


Prince Shuna pouted and said.

“Big Brother Rud who brought Big Sister Yulius into the bedroom and tried to kiss her was more perverted!”


“You fool!”

His Highness attempted to block Prince Shuna’s mouth hurriedly, but it was too late.


“Good lord, what are you saying?!”

His Highness shouted as my escort Bariga getting ready to swing his sword from behind but was stopped by Rucharu. I saw all that but pretended not to.

“Jufu, it’s a misunderstanding!”


With an expressionless face, Prince Jufua reached for his sword on his waist. Realizing this, his Highness tried to explain while inching away with Prince Shuna still in his grip.


“It was a coincidence, it was a failed attempt!”

Prince Jufua ignored his Highness desperate attempt to explain and pulled out his sword.


“Calm down, Jufu!”


“Are you trying to make me believe that such a person exists?”

His Highness glanced around him and cast a small spell, while still gripping Prince Shuna, and literally escaped by flying away.


“It’s Wind magic, isn’t it?”


While I was leisurely looking in the direction where his Highness flew away, Prince Jufua sheathed his sword and rushed toward me.

“Miss Yulius! Was it truly a failed attempt?”



Seeing my cheerful face, Prince Jufua let out a relieved sigh.


“Yulius! Why didn’t you mention about such an important thing!”

Princess Lanfua’s voice echoed throughout the room.

“Don’t tell me you had a chance to kiss Prince Rudnick, who has always dodged any other women’s advances no matter how appealing they are, but you let it slip!”


Upon hearing Princess Lanfua’s words, Prince Jufua’s face distorted with mixed feelings.


“Yulius! You’ll win if you just create an established fact without feeling anxious!”


“L-Lanfua? What are you saying?”


“Big Brother, keep quiet!”

Princess Lanfua made a villainous face whose plot was defeated.

“Yulius, listen. There will be many such opportunities in the future, if you keep hesitating and being bashful, what would you do it he had an affair out of boredom?”


Cheated because of boredom?

What a horrible story!


“That’s why you shouldn’t let your chance slip! Understood?”


I could do nothing except nod under Princess Lanfua’s pressure.


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