Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 3

70 Farewell Party


We joined the party after I touched up my makeup and lipstick. However, his Highness had been wrapping his arm around my waist the whole time and would not let go.


“Rud, I’d like to have a dance with Miss Yulius, so please let go.”

“No way.”

“Are you a child?”


His Highness smiled softly at me when I looked up at him.

I felt my body temperature rising because of his sweet atmosphere.


“Rud, you can see Miss Yulius when you return to your country, but I won’t be able to see her for a while. Isn’t it fine to have a dance with her?”

“I don’t want anyone to touch Yulius right now, especially those who hold interest.”

“You’d be hated for being that jealous.”


With a concerned expression, his Highness glanced at me after hearing Jufua’s remark.


“Will you hate me for that?”


I tilted my head cutely like Princess Pao. But realizing how embarrassing it was, I covered my face with both hands and meekly replied,


“I-I will not.”



His unreasonableness was so sweet.


“I think sugar is coming out of my mouth.”

“Sugar doesn’t come out of people’s mouths.”


What I wanted to convey was not communicated well.


“Your Highness is too sweet.”


Before I could continue, Prince Juhua interjected in amazement.


“Oh, my heart burns.”

“You’re envious, aren’t you?”


Prince Jufua groaned at his Highness’ smug face.


“A-anyway, please let me have a dance with Yulius.”

“Your Highness, I’ll be right back.”


His Highness showed a rather reluctant expression.

Given such an expression, my life flashed before my eyes because of the overwhelming happiness.

I somehow felt secure seeing his Highness so reluctantly let go of his arm from around my waist.

He pulled me in again and gave a light kiss on my head.

My face must have turned bright red realizing what just happened.


“Don’t fool around.”

“I-I won’t.”


His Highness smiled and entrusted me with Prince Jufua.


“When did he become such a jealous man?”

“I was wondering the same thing.”


Well. It happened just a moment ago.

I stared into the distance while backtracking my thoughts.

However, I was most surprised at how exhilarating it felt with his Highness obsession over me.


“Oh, Rud is surrounded by women as soon as you left, Miss Yulius.”


The first time I arrived in Laofan, I felt depressed whenever his Highness was being surrounded by women. But it was almost strange that I did not feel concerned at all at that moment.

I was calm, and enjoyed the dance with Prince Jufua while chatting without any social conscience.


“Will you come to Laofan again?”

“Yes. There are still many things in this country that are likely to sell.”


Jufua smiled in relief when hearing my answer.


“I like you. Is it all right to think that I might still have a chance with you?”


Seeing Prince Jufua’s serious expression, I wryly smiled.


“My answer remains unchanged. I don’t think there is a chance. Except for business.”

“Well, I hate to say this, but Rud is always surrounded by women just like now. Can you trust such a man?”


I giggled.


“Prince Jufua, it’s not whether I can or cannot ‘trust’ him. ‘I want to trust him’ is more accurate.”


Prince Jufua sighed upon hearing my response.


“I see. I’m really envious of Rud.”

“I’m sure Prince Jufua will one day find a wonderful partner as well.”

“But I wanted you to be my partner. How unfortunate.”


I now understood how his words were something to be grateful for.

To have the other person reciprocate your feelings was almost a miracle.

I thought it was amazing, since other people’s feelings could not be controlled by anyone.




After the dance, Prince Jufua escorted me back to where his Highness was.


“I wanted to dance with you forever.”


I wanted him to stop looking at me so passionately.


“Next, I would like to talk about business.”

“Hahaha. I see.”


Prince Jufua, please forgive me for not being able to reciprocate your feelings.


“Rud, I had a good time. Thank you.”


Prince Jufua pushed our way through the crowd of women and took me back to his Highness’ side.

His Highness gently smiled at me and reached out his hand.


“Welcome back, Yulius.”


I was truly embarrassed because his Highness was too sweet.


“I-I’m back.”


When I timidly approached him, he came closer and pulled my waist toward him.


“Y-your Highness.”

“What is it?”

“Wouldn’t it be fine for us to not stick this close together?”


With a puzzled look, his Highness replied,


“At last we understand each other’s feelings. I’d be trouble if people around us think that you’re still available because I’m holding back.”


What was he saying so calmly?


“Aren’t you underestimating my feelings?”


His Highness stared at me with a serious look.


“I’ve been in love with you since that time when you cried for me because I fell down the stairs …. No, it was even before then. It was since the first time I met you. And now I feel like it’s a miracle that my feelings have finally reached you.”


I was surprised at his words.

Because I never would have thought that he had been in love with me since that long ago ….


“Yulius, please just stay by my side already.”


His Highness’ gentle smile turned into a troubled expression after conveying his request.


“Plus, when we get back, I’m pretty sure Roland and Miger won’t let me touch you even a hair. So please let me be for now.”


I could not help but burst out laughing upon hearing his pitiful plead.


“Ah! Big Sister Yulius!”


Prince Shuna called out to me from behind.

I noticed Prince Insuu secretly watching Prince Shuna from a distance, but decided to pretend I saw nothing.


“This is delicious, Big Sister Yulius!”


Prince Shuna looked so cute holding a plate full of food and busy chewing.

He had sauce smeared all around his mouth.

I asked a waiter nearby for a napkin and wiped his mouth.


“Thank you, Big Sister Yulius …. So? Why is Big Brother Rud clinging to Big Sister Yulius?”



I was flustered. But his Highness responded to Prince Shuna with a serious look.


“Because we are a couple.”

“Well, it can’t be helped if that’s the case!”


His Highness’ ability to convince Prince Shuna in an instant was amazing.


“By the way, are you all right, Shuna? Have Prince Insuu been stalking you?”


Prince Shuna leaned toward his Highness and replied with a soft voice,


“It’s okay because he’s only observing from a distance.”


Miya who was standing by behind Prince Shuna responded with a smirk.


“If he tries to do anything to Prince Shuna again, … I’ll break him.”


Break him?

I was wondering if I should ask her to clarify what she meant. But when I glanced over to his Highness, his expression turned a little pale.

What happened?

If I looked closely, Prince Jufua’s face had also turned a little pale.

For the time being, I understood that it was a subject I should not delve into.


“I’ll tell Miss Yulius later, okay?”


Miya reassured me upon noticing my puzzled look.

I would be better off staying ignorant about many things in the world, since it would become something that needed to be thought about in the future. But that would be a different story.


“Prince Shuna, are you going to return to your home country after this?”

“No! I’m going to attend the commemorative ceremony of the founding of Palacio Kingdom!”



His Highness and I responded in unison.

We both seemed to have forgotten the National Foundation Day.


“Your Highness, how far along are we on the preparation?”

“A-about halfway done, maybe?”



I exclaimed in horror, while his Highness stared into the distance.


“We’ll be killed by Roland.”

“Let’s go home first thing tomorrow morning. I feel sorry for Captain Bahar, but this is an emergency. Let’s summon him. Don’t worry. My family’s Earl Nogger will definitely complete the preparation in time!”

“So reliable.”


His Highness responded. I grabbed Prince Shuna’s shoulder and said,


“Prince Shuna, we will be leaving tomorrow. But since you’re terrible at waking up in the morning, I’d like you to rest on the ship tonight.”


“Miss Miya, is Prince Shuna’s preparation for the departure ready?”


Miya swiftly replied,


“It’s already done.”


I smiled.


“Wonderful. Prince Shuna, did you have enough to eat?”


“That’s great! Miss Miya, please escort Prince Shuna to board the ship.”

“Y-yes. Prince Shuna, you understand there will be trouble if you go against her, don’t you? Let’s go.”


Escorted by Miya, Prince Shuna left the venue with a bitter smile.


“Prince Jufua. Thank you very much for such a truly fulfilling time. Due to various reasons, I would like to return home as soon as possible. I bid you farewell. Your hospitality is greatly appreciated.”


His Highness firmly shook Jufua’s hand.


“Please excuse us, since it’s an emergency. I’ll write you a letter later. Thank you.”


After his Highness was done saying farewell, we left the venue together.




We stayed up all night to prepare for our departure. After loading our baggage on board, we caught Captain Bahar who was having a great time playing around. We set sail just before sunrise.

His Highness and Captain Bahar (with a hangover) were desperately casting Wind Magic and managed to reach Palacio’s harbor at midnight of the same day. Both his Highness and I thought it was a miracle.

Of course, Palacio was whirling in busyness for the National Foundation Day preparation.

However, my brother was desperately following up on the work that had increased due to the absence of a certain prince.

Needless to say, both of us received a severe scolding.

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