71 Part 1

Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 3

071 National Foundation Day


National Foundation Day had finally arrived.

His Highness and I had not spent alone time together since that time.

That was how busy we were!

Since it was the biggest event in the country, we managed to finish the last-minute preparations together with my brother. We were as tired as zombies in the end.

Once this whole event is over, I was thinking of inviting Miss Manika, my brother’s lover, to travel. I would need to start the preparation soon.

My store had been progressing significantly; all thanks to the talents of my employees. I decided to give everyone a modest bonus.

After all, the competence of all my employees made it possible for me to support my brother in preparing for this national event.

The opening ceremony started in a solemn atmosphere.

Colorful flower petals floated around the city due to the festivities.

Our National Foundation Day was truly beautiful.

Amongst the guests, a rare sight of about ten Beast men dancing around showered with the floating flower petals. It was a jaw-dropping sight for everyone indeed.


“Prince Shuna, what do you think? What do you think of our proud national festival?”



I was so happy that I took Prince Shuna to see various places.

We went to a sweets shop that sold sweets only for this day.

Watching people dancing at the square, surrounded by flowers that only bloomed during this time of year.

I felt an extreme loneliness because his Highness was not here.

His Highness had a lot of work to do. Leading the security during this event was one of his responsibilities.


“Sister Yulius? Why do you look so lonely?”


Prince Shuna was really sensitive to changes in emotions.


“I haven’t seen Prince Rud since we returned to this country.”

“I have a secret to tell you!”

I was quite surprised when Prince Shuna suddenly said so.

“Brother Rud came by my room before bedtime and asked what I played today! Why do you think he asked?”

“I wonder why?”

“Don’t you understand what it means?”


What does it mean?


“Could it be because he likes you, Prince Shuna, so he was curious about what you were doing?”


Prince Shuna retorted with a disappointing expression,


“Of course not! He wanted to know what Sister Yulius was doing! He couldn’t meet you in person, so that’s why he was wondering what we were doing.”


I blinked a few times, disbelieving what I just heard. Prince Shuna grinned.


“And in the end, he said ‘Don’t hug Yulius so casually,’ before leaving! Brother Rud said that he hates it when I hug you, Sister Yulius!”

“Why would he hate it?”


Prince Shuna let out a sigh.


“I was curious as well, so I asked.”


While smirking, Prince Shuna said,


“He said, ‘I’ve only hugged Yulius a few times. Just because you’re a kid, you can hug her so freely. That’s unfair!’ And I thought Brother Rud is childish at heart.”


Still smirking, Prince Shuna continued,


“But I really feel sorry for him, so I’m trying hard not to hug you, Sister Yulius!”


Speaking of which, Prince Shuna had not been hugging me lately.

It might be a childish story, but it was good information that made my heart skip a beat.


“Be sure to hug Brother Rud when you see him next time!”


While giggling, I nodded and answered,


“Yes, I will.”

“You said it! Promise?”


I promised Prince Shuna that I would hug his Highness the next time we met.




That night, I brought Prince Shuna and the other Beast man guests to a special place.

My family, the Noggers, had prepared chairs, drinks, and light snacks in the courtyard that was encapsulated by glass.


“What’s this?”


I handed out the important items for each guest.


“They are earplugs made of cork.”



I told everyone that I would be distributing earplugs.


“In a moment, the special launch of fireworks to celebrate the National Foundation Day will commence! Fireworks are made from gunpowder that you don’t like.”


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