71 Part 2

The Beast men were starting to look worried.


“The glass around us will prevent the smell of gunpowder to reach us, while the earplugs are for everyone’s use to mitigate the loud noise. I’d like to share with everyone that even the things you don’t fancy could heal other people’s hearts when used correctly. Without further delay, please put on the earplugs. Please relax and enjoy!”


I left the glass building after providing instructions for everyone.

Almost at the same time, the fireworks went up with a bang.

From outside, I could see that even though the Beast men flinched as the first batch was launched, they were watching the firework with fascination.

When I saw Prince Shuna bouncing around in joy, I thought it was worth all the trouble in preparing this glass building.

I slowly left the place.

Although the fireworks were extremely beautiful, I wanted to watch them with his Highness.

I leisurely returned to my room.

Through the window of my room, I could see the fireworks.


“I want to see him.”


I felt even lonelier after softly muttering those words.

At that moment, someone hugged me from behind.

I missed my chance to scream those words.


“Who do you want to see?”


In spite of hearing his voice, I still wanted to scream those words.

It’s his Highness!

How much do I love this person that I could recognize him just by his voice?


“I would be happy if it was me.”

“… You’re trespassing!”

“I know. You can ask for compensation or whatever later.”


Normally, I would not forgive such an act. But that time, I felt quite happy because his Highness was by my side. I replied,


“I wanted to see you.”


His Highness kissed my head and muttered,


“I never thought we would be this busy that we haven’t had a chance to see each other until now.”

“I heard that you were jealous of Prince Shuna.”


His Highness clicked his tongue.

I had never heard him do that.


“Even though I told him to keep it a secret.”

“After I heard that from him, I wanted to see you more.”

“You’re not planning to make fun of me, are you?”


This person is really keen.


“I’ve mentioned it before. I love the pitiful part of you, your Highness.”

“Haven’t I mentioned it as well? I don’t want you to see the ugly part of me.”


Both of us kept quiet for a while, and then burst into laughter.


“The fireworks are beautiful.”

“It was worth asking the Queen to let us do a fireworks display.”


We hugged each other for a while, but I peeled myself away from his Highness’ arms.


“Did you dislike it?”

“I don’t like it.”


After saying that, I hugged his Highness from the front.


“This is better.”

“You’re too cute!”


His Highness hugged me tightly while muttering,


“Where did you learn this technique?”

“Is it a technique? I promised Prince Shuna that I will hug you the next time we see each other.”

“I’ll buy some crunchy cookies for Shuna later.”


His Highness and I giggled, and then we enjoyed the fireworks together.




When the fireworks were over, both of us went to meet Prince Shuna. He was cutely smiling from ear to ear.


“Sister Yulius, did you keep your promise?”


His Highness grinned and roughly patted Prince Shuna’s head.


“I’ll buy some crispy cookies for you, Shuna!”

“Huh? Your super good mood is kind of gross!”


While pointing at Prince Shuna, his Highness turned to me and asked,


“May I hit him once?”

“Of course, you may not!”


His Highness snorted with dissatisfaction.


“Sister Yulius, you look so happy! When you’re happy, I’m happy, too!”


Prince Shuna hugged me after saying that.


“Hey, Shuna! Didn’t I tell you not to do that?!”


Prince Shuna pouted in protest.


“Sister Yulius doesn’t get mad when I hug her! You’re stingy, Brother Rud!”

“Say whatever you like! Yulius is mine!”


I was tickled pink seeing his Highness being so childish.

His Highness gently smiled when he saw me laughing.

What a peaceful time!

I was starting to understand such happiness.


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