72 Part 1

Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 3

072 After The Festival


We all felt relieved after the National Foundation Day ended without any incidents.

The peaceful daily life resumed after Prince Shuna and the other Beast men went back safely to their country.

However, there was no telling if the days would continue to be peaceful like this.

His Highness seemed to have asked my brother if he wanted anything for his outstanding preparation and management of the national event.

Without an ounce of hesitation, my brother responded,


“Then, would you let me hit you with all my might?”


My brother fell ill due to exhaustion.

The knights guarding the castle informed me that my older brother, who was chasing after his Highness while shouting, had a very pleasantly satisfied smile.

However, the knights seemed to pretend not to see the commotion.

I felt that my brother was at home as usual, but his stress seemed to have accumulated considerably.

When I went to see his Highness to request a week off for my brother, I found him tied to his chair with a pale face.


“Well, you’ve been calling Mr. Miger a weirdo, but I guess you are some sort of a weirdo yourself.”

“This is a misunderstanding! It’s not like I enjoy being tied like this! Roland did not want me to run away, that’s why he tied me to this chair.”

“Did your Highness try to escape?”

“… Well, that’s ….”


I slowly approached his Highness.


“I’d like to consult with your Highness.”

“What is it?”

“I want my brother to have a vacation.”


Crossing his arms, his Highness began to consider.


“In fact, Roland is overworked. However, cleaning up after the National Foundation Day even is also not an easy feat. How long a break are you requesting? I can’t afford him to take a long break, though.”

“A week!”


His Highness leaned back in his chair, exhaling deeply.

It was a very strange sight, as he was tied with a rope.


“That’s too long. I can give at most three days.”

“A week. I won’t yield.”


His Highness was troubled.


“I’ll help you, so please let him have a week break.”


His Highness sighed and said,

“I understand. In exchange, you really have to help me, all right?”


He had no choice but to grant my request. His helplessness was written all over his face.

I kissed him lightly on his cheek.

I waved my hand at his Highness surprised expression.


“Thank you! I’ll come and visit again when you have decided to take a day off from work.”


His Highness touched his cheek where I kissed him and smiled sheepishly.


“I’m sorry, would you please untie this rope?”


After considering for a moment, I approached his Highness.


“You won’t run away, will you?”

“I won’t. I’ll work properly.”


I had no choice but to untie the rope.

However, his Highness grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him.

Surprised by the sudden momentum, I lost my balance and fell sitting on his Highness’ lap.


“Your Highness!”


He laughed happily.


“If you want to kiss, do it on the lips next time.”


After saying it, his face inched closer to mine. I closed my eyes hurriedly.

But no matter how long I waited, I did not feel the kiss. So I opened my eyes.


“Prince Rudnick? What are you doing to my sister?”


My brother was standing by the door with his veins popping out.

W-we were found out!!

I was burning with embarrassment through and through.


“Um, no, Roland, listen to me.”

“Yes, I’m listening. Say, what were you trying to do to my sister?”


His Highness fumbled with his words trying to explain.


“Roland, you’re overworked! Why don’t you take a break? In the meantime, Yulius said she’ll help!”


My brother entered the room and approached us and slammed the documents he brought with him on his Highness’ desk.


“Are you trying to get rid of me so you can work while having my sister sit on your lap the whole time?!”

“I didn’t say that!”


My brother removed me from his Highness’ lap, and then made me stand behind him as if he was shielding me in one swift motion.


“Yulius, stay away from this beast!”

“U-um, but Brother, your vacation is ….”

“It’s better for me to keep working than put you in danger, Yulius!”


My brother insisted and refused to take time off from work.

I wanted my brother to recuperate and let himself heal properly. Anticipating his stubbornness would take over, I prepared a plan.


“That’s how it is, so I’d like to request your cooperation, Miss Manika.”


I visited Miss Manika’s house and requested her help earnestly.


“I’m not sure what I can do for Roland. But I’ll do anything for him!”


I have managed to make Miss Manika commit, so I smiled and said,

“Then, Miss Manika, I’ll have you stay over at my house for a week. As my best friend, you’ll be advising me on my love affair!”

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