Chapter 100 – Rebuilding the hotel, and the desire to be together – part two


After looking around the town for a while, me and his highness returned to the hotel.

But now, for some reason, there was an underground pool next to the underground hot springs.

“Is there a use for a pool when we’re right next to the ocean?” I tilted my head and asked.

Lady Vanette happily nodded in response, “Since we’re using geothermal heat for the hot springs, I figured we could use the same for the pool. This way, people will be able to enter the water even during winter.

“This should be particularly useful for couples, so as to make them want to stay here regardless of the season.”

Michael, who was behind lady Vanette, also nodded.

I was happy that the two of them were also thinking about how to attract more people to the hotel, so I thanked them, “Thank you very much, lady Vanette, Michael.”

Michael smiled in response to my thanks, “Yeah, I really like this hotel, so I’d like it to be perfectly prepared for a date! Even if it’s raining, I should still be able to see grandma in her swimsuit if we have a pool in here!”

His highness seemed to be amazed at Michael’s words, but I was thinking about something else entirely.

“A pool that is available year-round… I’d be able to sell the usually-seasonal swimwear year-round too with this.

“If I build a branch of Ariad in this town, then…” I started laughing, “It will sell greatly!”

I decided to ignore his highness, who was sighing and putting his hand on his forehead, while I made my supposedly-villainess-like laugh.

“New owner, the meal is ready.” Hannah then came and told us about dinner.

We then went to the dining room, and Maurice quickly brought us the appetizers.

The menu had marinated fish as well as tomato and cheese salad. All of which were fresh and tasty.

“This was a delicious meal, Maurice.” I told him.

“Thank you very much for the praise.” Maurice happily smiled as he served us.

However, he had visible dark circles under his eyes, and he seemed to be quite tired.

“Maurice, are you sleeping properly?” I asked him, worriedly.

Maurice gave me a stiff smile in response… He is definitely not sleeping properly.

Since their parents passed away, Maurice and Hannah became the only employees here, so I suppose it can’t be helped that they’re overworked.

So, for now, the first thing I need to do, is to hire more employees.

And just as I started thinking of that, I heard the sound of something falling in the kitchen.

His highness, Michael, and my two escorts immediately left their seats to check what had happened.

As for Maurice, he was looking pale.

And before long, the two guards rushed out of the kitchen. They looked even paler than Maurice was.

And in Bariga’s hands, he was carrying Hannah in a princess carry.

“Lady Yulias… Things were floating… I…” Rucharu started explaining, but he seemed to be struggling with getting the words to come out.

I decided to ask Maurice about it then, as he seemed to be aware of what was happening, “Can you explain it, Maurice?”

He gasped at my words.

“You do seem to understand the circumstances.” I told him next.

Maurice stared at me for a second, then gave up on hiding it, and opened his mouth, “It was probably my mother… I mean, Hannah is quite careless, you know? She often trips and falls down.

“Back when my parents were alive, my mother always paid extra attention to Hannah, but… Now that she has passed away, she can no longer do so.

“But now, every time Hannah breaks something, things start being lifted up in the air, as if they were being controlled by a poltergeist.

“… It’s probably my mother’s way of scolding Hannah. I apologize for showing you such embarrassing side of my family.”

I wasn’t sure about how to react to this apology… “Your mother is a bit… Aggressive, isn’t she?” I tried choosing the least offensive word I could.

“I think she is just trying her best to convey her intentions after becoming a ghost.” Maurice replied.

Is this the right way of trying one’s best…?

“In any case, we have to calm your mother down.” I glanced at Michael as I said that.

Michael didn’t seem to care about the current circumstances at all though. He was just eating ice cream for his dessert, completely ignoring the conversation.

“Michael, could you communicate with her for me?” I asked him.

“But the ice cream will melt.” He replied.

I can understand the desire to eat ice cream before it melts, I suppose.

And this ice cream is truly delicious. The way the sweetness spreads through one’s mouth is nothing short of wonderful.

… I’m escaping reality here.

“Michael, just go ask her why this happened. You can do that while you eat.” His highness intervened, which was a relief.

“… I guess it can’t be helped.” Michael reluctantly left his seat and went to the kitchen, while still holding his ice cream on his hands.

In the meantime, I decided to see what Hannah had to say about it.

So, I gently stroke Hannah’s head, who was trembling as Bariga held her, then I told her, “You were scared… It’s alright now.”

Hannah’s eyes got tearful… At this moment, Maurice intervened, “She was probably trying to clean up too many plates at once, then accidentally dropped and broke them.”

“You saw it, brother…?” Hannah asked.

“I just tried imagined what would be bad enough to get our mother angry…” Maurice replied. He seemed to be a bit angry at her too.

As for me, I turned to Hannah with a wide smile on my face, “So, you were being scolded for a mistake that you did not have to do at all…?”

Hannah’s face went pale.

“I really dislike it when I start losing equipment, you know? If I lose too much of it in a short span of time, then I might consider tearing down the entire hotel and rebuilding it in a completely different shape that has no resemblance to the current one. A hotel that carries no memory for you whatsoever.” I told her.

Bariga started trembling too, but I decided to ignore him.

“You know that it only took me instants to build those hot springs, right? Destroying and rebuilding the hotel would also take me no time at all.

“Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of thing happening, please make sure to be more careful with the hotel’s equipment from now on, alright?” I told Hannah next.

Both Hannah, and Bariga too for some reason, nodded many times to my words.

Then, since the message seemed to have been properly understood, I moved my gaze to the kitchen, where I saw Michael peeking at us.

“Did you finish the sermon, young lady?” Michael asked.

He seemed to be quite frightened for some reason… How come?

“The young lady can be really scary when she starts scolding someone, so be careful!” Michael told Hannah.

… Isn’t it too rude to say this right in front of me?

“Yulias is scary when you break her equipment. I understand.” His highness agreed to Michael’s words too… How annoying.

At this moment, Michael told me what Riana told him, “Hannah’s mother said that she acted like a poltergeist because Hannah would not be able to understand her intentions otherwise.”

“Well, it was Hannah who broke the plates, not Riana, so I’m not angry at her.” I flickered Michael’s forehead, who was staring at me with a suspicious gaze.

“Thank you!” Michael exclaimed.

… Please don’t thank me after you have your forehead flickered. I wasn’t trying to please you.

Maurice seemed to be quite confused by this exchange, “Is there a reason to why he thanked you? Am I supposed to do the same if it happens to me…?”

“He’s just a weirdo. Please don’t imitate him and pretend you never saw that.” His highness instantly answered.

I can’t say I disagree with his highness’ advice…

“In any case, I don’t get angry at innocent people, so keep that in mind.” I told everyone.

With this, the conversation was over, so we headed to our respective rooms.

Originally, we were planning on renting two separate rooms for the men and women, but since we were the only people using the hotel rooms today, we decided to get one room for each person.

It was also a way of helping Maurice and Hannah practice their customer service, since they’d need to take care of more rooms.

That said… I started feeling a bit scared, now that I was alone.

I mean, I know that the ghosts of this hotel are Maurice and Hannah’s parents, so I don’t really need to be afraid, but… I’m scared anyways.

I understand that there is no need to fear them, as they’re not unknown entities anymore, but my fear of ghosts remained with me.

… I don’t want to sleep alone.

… Alright, it’s decided. I’ll ask lady Vanette to sleep with me.

I made up my mind, and was about to leave my room, but… I started hearing some noise coming from the corridor.

It was Michael’s voice…

“Grandma, open up! Let’s sleep together!” He shouted as he knocked on her room’s door.

“Don’t make a fuss! I want to sleep quietly! Alone!” Lady Vanette shouted from inside her room.

“Eh? In that case, why don’t we talk until morning comes?” Michael suggested.

“We’ll be too tired if we don’t sleep at all! Be quiet and go sleep!” Lady Vanette replied.

… She seemed to be having a hard time.

I gave up on the idea of sleeping with her, returned to my room, then went out to the balcony.

I looked down to the sea, which was reflecting the moonlight all the way from the beach to the front of the hotel. It was almost like a path of light had been formed on the sea’s surface.

“Beautiful…” I muttered.

“That it is.” His highness said.

I was so surprised by his voice, that I jumped in place.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you.” His highness told me.

When I looked to the side, I saw that his highness was standing at the balcony of his own room, less than a meter away from mine.

“Your highness…” I muttered.

“I can’t sleep with all that noise.” His highness said.

He didn’t seem to be particularly troubled, but I felt relieved when knowing I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep.

“This place is quite romantic, isn’t it?” I asked.

“That it is… Though if Michael is bothering you too much, I can shut him up for you.” His highness replied.

“You don’t need to do that… I’m not troubled by him, actually.

“I’m just… Scared of being alone. I was thinking about asking lady Vanette to sleep with me.” I told his highness honestly.

He opened his eyes wide in surprise, “You were acting like you were fine with it, but you were still troubled about the ghosts?”

“I was fine before, but… Now that I’m alone, I’m feeling quite anxious… I’m sorry.” I apologized without being sure of why.

I was feeling calm during the daytime, so I suppose it can’t be helped that his highness thought I wasn’t troubled by the ghosts anymore…

And then, his highness took a deep breath, put his hand on the balcony railing, climbed it, then jumped onto my balcony.

“T-that’s dangerous!” I exclaimed.

His highness didn’t seem to mind my worry though.

Instead, he just hugged me and said, “This little jump won’t hurt me… And you’re too cute today Yulias, so it can’t be helped.”

I’m pretty sure my heart pounding right now was due to his highness jumping over the balcony.

… It was definitely not because he hugged me… Definitely not.

“Ain’t I being embarrassing instead of cute…?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.” His highness replied as he stroked my head, “I feel happy that you’re relying on me when you’re scared. I can’t help feeling you’re really cute when you do that.”

His highness’ warmth gave me a sense of security….

To get more reassurance, I wrapped my arms around his highness’ back and clung to him.

“… You’re way too cute.” He muttered.

And so, I stared at the sea for a while, embracing his highness the whole time.

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