Chapter 101 – Advertising the new date spot


Translator’s Note: I’m changing the name of the MC’s store from “Aliad” to “Arak”. The reason will become clear later on in this chapter.


When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t move my body.

No way. Is this sleep paralysis?

I tried my best to force my limbs to move, and at that moment, I noticed something moving besides me.

I was about to scream in fear, but then I heard a familiar voice, “Did you wake up?”

When I moved my gaze towards its direction, I saw his highness’ face directly above mine, and I almost had a heart attack from the surprise.

“For the record, I didn’t do anything.

“We were looking at the ocean from the balcony, and before I realized it, you fell asleep while clinging to me, so I had no choice but to lay on the bed with you.” His highness explained.

I took a deep breath, then muttered, “I’m sorry.”

I was really embarrassed, so even after taking a deep breath, my voice barely came out.

His highness just giggled though, “I’m happy that you’re relying on me.”

Then, he got out of the bed and went to the balcony.

I hurriedly chased him there, but by the time I arrived at the balcony, his highness had already gone back to his room’s balcony.

Does he really need to return from his balcony?

“Michael would surely annoy me if he saw that I spent the night with you.” His highness explained, then entered his room.

Well, he is right. Michael would surely complain about it.

So, I left the balcony and returned to my room, got dressed, then left the room from the door.

And at the same time, lady Vanette came out of Michael’s room… What a ridiculous timing for me to leave my room.

“Good morning, young lady.” Lady Vanette calmly greeted me.

“U-uhn… Did you just come out of Michael’s room?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah.” Lady Vanette carefreely replied.

I wanted to try asking her more about it, but I also felt like I shouldn’t pry.

And just as I was staring at lady Vanette, trying to figure out what I should do…

I saw Michael coming out of lady Vanette’s room.

… Now what does that mean?

“Huh? Grandma?” Michael seemed to be confused too.

“Oh, you woke up, Ma.” Lady Vanette stated.

“Grandma, you gave me a drink!” Michael exclaimed.

Lady Vanette gently smiled at those words, “And you slept well because of it.”

“At least sleep next to me!” Michael complained.

I don’t think he is complaining about the right thing…

“I wanted to sleep comfortably, so I went to your room, which was unoccupied.” Lady Vanette replied.

Lady Vanette’s ability to avoid Michael has been evolving…

“Such a noisy morning…” His highness commented as he left his room.

“Listen, brother! Grandma gave me a sleep drug!” Michael clung to his highness as he made this complaint.

In response, with a troubled face, his highness said, “Lady Vanette, if you have such a convenient medicine, could you please use it sooner next time? The noise last night was really annoying.”

“Rud, you traitor!” Michael exclaimed.

Lady Vanette and his highness just laughed at that though.


“So, what are we doing today?” Lady Vanette asked me while we walked towards the dining room to eat breakfast.

“We’re going to the sea!” I replied.

“Hooray! Let’s go swim!” Michael happily exclaimed.

His highness didn’t share Michael’s delight though. Instead, he tilted his head, seemingly pondering about something.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“It’s suspicious…” He muttered.

Could you please stop staring at me with such a suspicious gaze? “Why is it suspicious?” I asked.

His highness took a deep breath, then explained, “Yesterday you decided to renovate this hotel around the concept of it being haunted. You also made hot sprints and a pool, and made it so that even non-guests could use them at a low price.

“If you did all that just yesterday, then today you would definitely be wanting to try spending the day advertising the hotel.”

… His highness’ ability to read my intentions is too strong. How troublesome.

“I don’t get how you can read me this well, but… In that case, do you understand why I want to go swim?” I asked his highness.

He didn’t seem to have thought this far, so his highness crossed his arms and started pondering.

“Today we’ll be swimming at the nearby beach for publicity! We’ll be advertising that the hotel is temporarily closed for renovations and see if we can get people to make a reservation!” I told him.

His highness still had a stiff expression on him, while Michael and lady Vanette both replied with an, ‘Oh!’

“Wait, no, no good. That would mean an unspecified number of people will see you in your swimsuit.” His highness complained.

“I’ll use one with a modest design, so it will be fine!

“Besides, if I advertise it as a swimsuit that can only be bought if you stay at the hotel, then I should be able to catch some female customers.” I replied.

I think this is a pretty good strategy, and I couldn’t help grinning as I said it out loud.

“Catch them?” His highness asked.

I giggled, “Your highness, do you know why my store is called ‘Arak’?”

“Not really.” He replied.

I covered my mouth with one hand, “Its name comes from the mythological spider monster, Arachne. The idea is that the customer will be entangled within a spider’s thread and become unable to escape.”*

“That’s a horrifying reason. I wish I hadn’t asked.” His highness was visibly exasperated.

I smiled at that response though, “Therefore, please stay by my side, your highness.”

His highness sighed, “Michael, it’s your duty to protect lady Vanette, alright?”

“Of course!” Michael cheerfully smiled at lady Vanette.

“I’ll fly away if it gets dangerous, so it’s alright.” Lady Vanette replied.

“Let me, your lover, protect you!” Michael exclaimed.

“… I suppose it can’t be helped.” Lady Vanette stated.

I think it’s nice that lady Vanette is this sweet to Michael.

“By the way, lady Vanette’s swimsuit is a true work of art. It’s a moss-green bikini with white plant patterns.

“As for mine, it’s a black one-piece swimsuit.” I enthusiastically explained the designs to them.

And reluctantly, his highness agreed to us using those.


When we arrived at the beach, we went to a nearby changing room to put our swimsuits on.

While I was changing next to lady Vanette, I noticed some people gazing at me.

“Hey, your swimsuit is lovely.” A woman, who was changing clothes nearby, told me.

Both me and lady Vanette smiled as we heard that.

“It’s a brand-new product of Arak.” I told her.

“I know of Arak!

“But that store has no branches here, so I can’t buy their products…” The woman dejectedly said.

“Actually, a new branch of Arak will be opened at the haunted hotel! It’s located on the hill near this town!” I told her.

“Eh!?” The woman exclaimed.

Lady Vanette then kindly approached the woman, who seemed to be in disbelief, and told her, “This swimsuit of Arak can only be bought there, you know?” then proudly showed off her swimsuit.

“B-but it’s haunted…” The woman said.

I then put my mouth close to the woman’s ear, as if to tell her a secret, “Actually, the ghosts there are gentle and won’t surprise you if you don’t want them to.

“But, if you go there with a man that you love and tell him that you’re scared, then you can rely on him during your stay, and the two of you may become closer.”

She was visibly surprised by my words, “The ghosts there are gentle and won’t surprise you if you don’t want them to?”

“Yes, you see, the ghosts there are the parents of the current hotel employees. They stayed there because they were worried about their children being able to work well without them.” I explained.

The woman seemed to be a bit troubled after I confirmed that the place did indeed have ghosts.

But lady Vanette smiled and intervened, “The ghosts there are a married couple who stayed together even after death. When I saw them with my own eyes, I thought that they were truly a wonderful couple.”

Like this, I hope we can convey the message that those ghosts really aren’t scary.

And then, while we were talking about that, I saw someone, who seemed to be a friend of this woman, come inside the changing room and call for the woman.

Both me and lady Vanette looked at one another.

“Hey, hey, there are some really hot guys in front of the changing room.” The woman who just arrived said.

“It’s rude to stare, you know?” The woman we were talking to said.

But even though she said that, she gave us a quick bow and left the changing room together with her friend.

“That must be his highness.” I commented.

“And Michael too.” Lady Vanette added.

After staring at the distance for a while, the two of us slowly left the changing room.

And as expected, both his highness and Michael were being ogled by nearby women.

“They complain about our swimsuits, but they don’t mind being surrounded by girls while they’re shirtless, huh?” I clicked my tongue.

As we watched the commotion, his highness’ eye met up with mine.

Michael also seemed to have noticed us, for he immediately ran towards lady Vanette and hugged her, which made her wrinkle her eyebrows.

Didn’t his behavior change a bit too fast just now?

“You’re way too beautiful, grandma! I want to go back to the hotel and lock you in my room!” Michael exclaimed.

“You’re praising me, aren’t you? Please tell me you aren’t seriously thinking of locking me up.” Lady Vanette replied.

Michael just smiled and refused to answer… That alone was seriously scary.

“This is sexier than what I expected…” His highness complained as he wrapped his arm around mine.

“Doesn’t it look good on me?” I replied to this man who doesn’t understand a woman’s heart.

His highness looked me up and down with an open mouth.

“I really did choose the one that exposed me the least, alright?” I told him.

His highness stayed silent for a while longer, but eventually replied with a very small voice, “It suits you way too well…” then looked away from me bashfully.

I clung to his highness arm as I realized he had gone completely red, then told him, “You also look wonderful, lord Rud.”

After I said that, his highness took a deep breath, and said, “You’re my fiancee, right?”

“Yes? Yes I am, what about it?” I asked.

“It’s just that I wouldn’t allow this kind of close contact to anybody other than you.” As his highness said that, he finally met my gaze and smiled.

This innocent smile of his, that I can’t often see, made me feel warm.

“Hey, hey, brother! Your face is way too loose!” Michael said some weird words.

“I don’t want to hear that from you.” His highness replied.

Michael chuckled at that.

As for lady Vanette, she seemed to be a bit frightened by Michael, who was clinging heavily to her and seemed to have no intention of letting go.

“Alright. Then, Michael, please take care of lady Vanette.” His highness said.

“Of course! Let’s have lots of fun, Grandma!” Michael exclaimed.

“Ah, sure.” Lady Vanette replied.

Since we’re here for advertising the hotel, I’d like them to work towards it, but… Well, with how much those two stand out, it might be possible for them to do advertising just by playing around.

“Come on, let’s play!” Michael exclaimed, then easily princess carried lady Vanette and started running towards the sea.

“Seems like he has been really looking forward to this.” I muttered.

His highness giggled at that, “Shall we go play too?”

“Let’s.” I nodded.

Then, me and his highness started slowly walking towards the sea too.


Michael and lady Vanette were playing around by doing things that couldn’t be imitated, such as swimming at extremely high speeds or catching fishes with their bare hands.

Meanwhile, me and his highness were discussing how to best advertise the hotel while relaxing on the shore of the beach, letting our feet be gently touched by the waves.

“E-excuse me, a-are you his highness Rudnick?” A man suddenly said.

“Oh, Palette. It’s been a while.

“Yulias, this is the eldest son of marquis Camber. He knew Roland back when they were at school.” His highness explained.

The marquis son politely bowed his head to me and introduced himself, “My name is Palette. I’m the eldest son of marquis Camber.”

“I’m Yulias. Eldest daughter of earl Nogger.” I replied.

“Your brother and I used to run around the school looking for his highness, who often disappeared somewhere.” Lord Palette told me.

His highness awkwardly averted his gaze, then asked, “By the way, Palette, why are you here?”

“Your highness, are you serious? This is my family’s territory.” Lord Palette replied.

His highness seemed to be genuinely surprised.

“If you’re here, your highness, then why don’t you let me take care of your accommodations. Where are you currently staying?” Lord Palette asked.

His highness stayed silent for a small while, then pointed towards the hotel, “At Charlotte.”

Lord Palette widened his eyes at his highness’ words, “At Charlotte? The haunted hotel?”

It really seems like everyone knows about it, doesn’t it?

“You should stop using Charlotte! Please come to my family’s house!” Lord Palette hastily offered to prepare a room for us.

“No, there is no need. That hotel is wonderful.” His highness politely declined.

“It’s a haunted hotel!” Lord Palette shouted.

The people nearby started staring our way, as they heard lord Palette’s shout.

“The new owner of Charlotte is my fiancee, you know?” His highness stated.

I smiled without saying anything.

Then, his highness continued, “She’s well-known for her business skills, isn’t she?

“The hotel already had hot springs and a pool built by a dragon by now, with said dragon being someone who can basically be considered part of the royal family.

“It’s really rare to have the opportunity to stay at a hotel who received the protection of a dragon, you know?

“I actually went to the hot springs and the pool already, and I must tell you. That hotel has some great spots for dates.”

Lord Palette was stunned by his highness’ praise of the hotel, and silently started clenching his fists as he listened to it.

“Even then, hotel Charlotte is haunted. I couldn’t possibly let his highness stay at a place like that.” Lord Palette said.

He seemed to be thinking that it was too dangerous for this country’s prince to stay at a place filled with ghosts.

“Don’t you think your view is too narrow, Palette?” His highness asked.

“I think my view is broad enough.” Lord Palette replied.

His highness took a deep breath, “Do you think ghosts that appear in a place protected by a dragon are normal ghosts?”

“Eh? They aren’t normal ghosts?” Lord Palette seemed to be surprised.

Also, more people seemed to be approaching us, seemingly interested in the conversation.

“I believe they’re closer to being spirits that bring happiness, actually.

“In fact, I’ve seen ghosts several times since I started staying at that hotel, and each time I see them, I feel like my relationship with my fiancee has grown closer.” His highness pulled me closer to him as he said that.

I noticed lord Palette glancing at me, so I stated, “After staying at that hotel, I realized how dependable lord Rud is. It’s even a bit embarrassing.”

“Isn’t that just because you’re too easily scared?” His highness asked.

“It couldn’t be helped! I was just too scared! I wasn’t aware that there was a room where ghosts never appeared!” I exclaimed.

At this moment, lord Palette crossed his arms and groaned a bit, before saying, “Perhaps I should take my fiancee with me and visit the hotel once?”

It was then that I saw a wicked smile appear on his highness’ face.

I’ve been told before that I had an evil scheming face, but it was the first time that I’ve realized that his highness too could make this kind of smile.

“I can assure you that you’ll definitely grow closer during the trip.” His highness said, then glanced at me, who was clinging to his arm.

Coming to think of it, I have been clinging a lot to his highness since we arrived at hotel Charlotte.

Normally, it would be rare for us to even entwine our arms.

“Before I realized it, this position became the most calming one to me. Is this a problem?” I asked his highness.

In response, he smiled kindly at me, “I don’t think there is any man out there who dislikes being relied upon by the one he loves.”

I felt a bit embarrassed when he said he loved me in public, so I averted my gaze from his highness, so as to not let him see my blushing face.

In the process of doing that though, I inevitably ended up meeting eyes with lord Palette.

“I never knew that miss Yulias could be this cute.” Lord Palette commented.

I didn’t want to be stared at too much in this situation, so I hid behind his highness.

Lord Palette laughed at this motion though.

“Don’t make fun of Yulias. She might ask you for a consolation fee if you get too carried away.” His highness said.

“If the royal family asks for compensation, then I’m not confident I might be able to pay it.” Lord Palette laughed as he said that.


After enough time playing in the sea, I started feeling tired and exhausted, so I decided to return to the hotel.

The first thing I saw as soon as I arrived though, was Maurice, who was breathing raggedly, “New owner! Something incredible happened!” he then showed me a reservation book, “We got three reservations! They’re coming one week from now!”

His voice was trembling, and his eyes were filled with tears.

Seeing how happy Maurice was, his highness tapped him on the shoulder, “Things are going to get even busier from now on.”

“Y-yes!” Maurice quickly wiped his tears with his sleeve, then nodded many times.

For some reason, I felt a bit uncomfortable when seeing that Maurice and his highness seemed to have become good friends already.

“However, if the number of customers increase, then the two of you won’t be able to handle them alone, will you?” His highness seemed to be a bit worried about that.

Maurice smiled wryly at those words.

“Don’t worry! Helpers will arrive tomorrow.” I told them.

“Helpers?” Both Maurice and his highness tilted their heads in unison.

I chuckled a bit at that, then continued, “I sent Michael and lady Vanette on an errand to help me a bit with that.”

While talking to lord Palette at the beach, I realized that we would have a shortage of employees, so I asked lady Vanette and Michael, who were playing nearby, to bring helpers here.

Or rather, I only asked lady Vanette, but Michael insisted in accompanying her, so the two of them went out together.

As for the helpers, they’re the oldest children in the orphanage that the Nogger family supports. They have received extensive training in customer support, so they’ll be a strong force for this hotel.

“Are those helpers okay with working on a haunted hotel?” Maurice worriedly asked.

“They are. Those children know things that are scarier than ghosts, after all.” I replied.

His highness stared at me with an expression that made it look like he had just remembered something, “Oh, children! Angry Yulias must be surely terrifying for them.” and then he started giggling.

… Isn’t he being too rude?

“Children…?” Maurice seemed to still be worried.

His highness patted Maurice’s back, “Don’t worry. Those children should not be lumped together with normal kids.”

“The children in the orphanage that I manage have received the most advanced education that the Nogger family can deliver. We’re really proud of them, so you have no reason to worry, Maurice.” I explained.

Four children are going to come here.

They can work in this hotel, but we need to prepare a room for them, since they’ll be staying here.

“The children should arrive by tomorrow, so may I check out the employees’ rooms?” I asked Maurice.

Maurice seemed to be a bit confused by my words, “Uhn… Shouldn’t it take longer for someone to arrive here from the royal capital?”

Before I could reply, his highness smiled wryly and stated, “They are going to be brought here by a dragon, so they’ll definitely be back soon.

“I’m honestly more worried about whether or not the children will be afraid of riding on the back of a dragon.”

I felt like Maurice’s complexion started getting even worse as he heard that.

“Do not worry. Lady Vanette loves children, so she won’t scare them.

“Right now, what we need to worry about is to prepare a room to properly welcome those children. So as to let them work to the fullest of their capabilities!

“Now, please guide me to the employees’ rooms.” I told Maurice.

He seemed to still be in a bit of a daze, but he nodded and started taking me to the employees’ rooms.

The empty hotel was dimly lit, and the yellowed curtains made it look like a horror house, so I grabbed the hem of his highness’ clothes, who was coming with me.

“What happened?” His highness asked me with a curious gaze.

I told him that I wasn’t afraid of my employees, but ghosts still scared me, in fact.

I didn’t want Maurice to see me being scared of his parents though, so I let go of his highness, “No, it was nothing.”

I felt a bit of regret from trying to act tough here…

“This portion of the building certainly has an eerie mood.” His highness commented.

“Since the other employees quit, it has only been me and Hannah left in here, so we have only used two of rooms on the second floor, and the employees’ cafeteria.” Maurice explained. He seemed to be somewhat embarrassed.

His highness smiled in response, “Essentially, it’s hard to clean this whole section with only the two of you.”

Thanks to his highness acting cheerfully, I was able to relax a bit while I walked by his side.

“Then, show me inside.

“Also, Yulias.” His highness gave me a smile that definitely felt fake, “I’m afraid something might come out, so can I ask you to hold my hand?”

His highness didn’t seem to be afraid at all, but he grabbed my outstretched hand anyways.

In the meantime, Maurice, who was walking a bit ahead of us, blushed a bit and gave us a wry smile, “That’s quite the dazzling sigh.”

“Me and Yulias don’t have much time to flirt, so please pretend you didn’t see it.” His highness replied.

Maurice’s dry laugher echoed through the corridor.

He then showed us around the second floor, which had a total of six rooms that could be used by two people each.

We entered one of the rooms to see what it was like, and I saw that there were no beds here, so I’ll have to buy some.

But at the very least, this makes the rooms easier to clean.

“There used to be about ten people living in this floor.” Maurice told us as he checked if the lights of this room were still working, “Each room has a toilet, but there is no bath.”

His highness nodded, “Commoners tend to not have the habit of bathing daily.”

That’s not very hygienic though.

“Tomorrow, after lady Vanette returns. Let’s create a path linking this section of the hotel to the underground hot springs.

“If we tell people that they can freely use the hot springs daily if they work here, I think it will be more likely for people to want to become my employees.” I said.

A workplace where employees want to work at is very important, after all.

“We also need to organize shifts and let whoever is working at the hot springs stay there only at daytime.” I stated.

Meanwhile, his highness took a deep breath, then blew off a bit of dust away from the window frame.

“After all, if the hotel employees are managing everything at all times, then they’ll feel like they can never rest.

“Therefore, we’ll make the hot springs available to employees only during the evening, as this will let them relax more easily and will also make things easier to manage.” I said.

Maurice nodded in admiration as I spoke, but now that I was finished, he let out a deep sigh, “I can’t help losing confidence in my work when seeing that, in those past years, I couldn’t even do a hundredth of what you did in a single day, new owner.”

His melancholy got to me, so I tried to cheer him up, “Even I have a limit to what I can do in a single day. That’s why I’ll be bringing more reliable people that I can entrust this hotel to.

“So, Maurice, please rely on me more. We’re already friends after all, right?”

As I said that, I saw tears start flowing freely from Maurice’s eyes.

“Yulias, you made him cry.” His highness said in a completely monotonous voice.

I couldn’t help clicking my tongue at that comment.

“S-sorry, it’s just… I’ve been so desperate to protect this hotel until now and… I’m sorry.” Maurice kept on crying.

His highness then started gently stroking Maurice’s head, “Don’t cry. You’re a big brother, right?”

“Y-yes.” Maurice wiped his tears with his sleeve and smile.

At this time, I really felt like I should try reducing his hardships as much as I could, so I stated, “Alright. Let’s start cleaning this up.”

Maurice’s eyes widened at these words though, “N-no way… You aren’t going to be cleaning this up, new owner, right…?”

“Of course I will. And not just me, but his highness will help too.” I said.

His highness nodded and rolled up his sleeves.

At this moment, Maurice went pale and shook his head over and over, “T-there’s no way you can do that! Please go eat dinner and get some rest, you two! I’ll handle the cleaning myself!”

Me and his highness couldn’t hide our dissatisfaction when hearing his rejection, which made Maurice stare at us in a puzzled manner, “E-even if you look like that… J-just please go eat your dinner.”

Me and his highness stared at one another.

“Your highness, I’ve been thinking that Maurice overworks himself for a while now.” I said.

“I agree.” His highness nodded.

If lady Vanette was here, I could ask her to use a hypnosis spell and put Maurice to sleep, but she was out on an errand right now, so this was not possible.

I wonder if his highness’ magic can do anything about this?

“Hannah should be finished making dinner by now! Please go!” Maurice, seemingly noticing that we were thinking about something troublesome, hurriedly led us to the hotel’s dining room.


While eating the food that Hannah made for us, his highness seemed to be thinking about something.

“New owner, what do you think about the food I cooked?” Hannah asked.

“It is quite delicious.” I replied honestly.

Hannah nodded happily and seemed to try moving to the side of Maurice, who was standing by the wall, but she tripped on nothing and fell on the ground, letting out a small scream.

“I-I’m sorry…” She said as she hurriedly stood up.

It really was a bit strange for her to trip this often, isn’t it?

“Hannah, could it be that your glasses aren’t appropriate for your eyesight?” His highness asked her.

She seemed to be so surprised by his statement, that she jumped in place.

Then, without looking him in the eyes, she replied, “You see… If I don’t wear my glasses, I start seeing spirits other than just father and mother. Due to that, I force myself to always wear these glasses.”

Maurice seemed to be the one who was most surprised by Hannah’s words, “Is that really true, Hannah?”

She slowly nodded, and with her head lowered, she replied, “If I told you about it, you would probably have worried even more about me…”

“Tomorrow, four people will be arriving to help you two out, so why don’t we go get you some new glasses?” I suggested.

“But…” Hannah fidgeted for a bit, but seemed to be unable to properly articulate a reply.

I took a deep breath, then stated firmly, “I’ll give you glasses that suit you well.”

“You’re giving a gift, Yulias?” His highness stared at me with a curious gaze. Apparently, he was surprised that I’m giving something out for free.

I smiled in response, “It’s not a big expense if you think of how much more it will cost me to replace the equipment that Hannah regularly breaks when she trips and falls down, so it’s better to fix this problem now.

“Also, she’ll be the deputy manager of this hotel from now on, so she needs to set up a good example.”

“Deputy… I’ll be deputy manager?” Hannah tilted his head, seemingly in disbelief.

“Yes. Maurice will be the manager, and you will be the deputy manager.” I replied.

Hannah seemed to be delighted at these words.

“So, Hannah. You need to be a role model for the new workers, alright? You have to do it without destroying any more equipment, understood?” I told her.

“Yes! I’ll do it properly, new owner!” She exclaimed.

That was a good answer.

“By the way, I haven’t seen your escorts in a while…” Maurice suddenly brought up.

… Oh, he is right. I hadn’t realized it until now, but I haven’t seen my guards since last night.

“I’ve sent those two on an errand.” His highness replied while he cut the meat of the main dish.

“Is it alright if you’re here without any escorts? Even if you’re royalty?” Maurice asked.

“I’m stronger than those two, so you don’t need to worry about that.

“Besides, those are Yulias escorts. They don’t have anything to do while I’m next to her, so I sent them out to gather some information.” His highness replied while happily stuffing his mouth with a slice of meat.

He really looks cute while he eats like this.

“What did you ask them to look more into?” I asked his highness.

“About Earl Aino’s family, of course. I wanna know more about this house that tried taking advantage of you, Yulias.” His highness replied.

I certainly wonder what were their intentions when selling this hotel to me.

“I suppose it’s information that we might need eventually.” I said out loud while I pondered about it.

His highness drank a glass of water, then asked me, “Aren’t you mad at me for using your bodyguards without permission?”

“Weren’t you the one who assigned them to me in the first place?” I asked back.

“That much is true, but they complained about it anyways, so I thought it was strange for you to say nothing.” His highness replied.

Seems like my escorts have started to openly complain about issues to his highness, huh?

“Perhaps the escorts are learning some things from their master.” His highness commented.

I pouted at these words, but his highness just giggled at my reaction.


* Translator’s Note: For the record, in the raws the name listed is Ariadne, not Arachne, which is wrong. Ariadne is related to Theseus Myth, not to spiders. Arachne is the one who was cursed by Athena and became a spider… So yeah, that’s why I’m changing the translation of the store’s name, because the author messed up on which mythological character to reference.

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