Chapter 86 – Apology


I hurried to his highness’ office. I wanted to meet him and apologize for running… For I really don’t want him to ever hate me.

When I got near his office, I heard my brother’s voice, “I’ll go deliver this document.”

“Do it after untying this rope!” His highness exclaimed.

“If there are any issues with the document, I’ll need you to fix them, so please wait for a while.” As my brother said this, he left, leaving his highness alone in the office.

Then, as soon as my brother got out of sight, I entered his highness’ office. I usually ask for permission to come in, but I couldn’t waste time doing that this time.

And when I opened the door and got inside, his highness opened his eyes wide.

“Your highness… I…” I started trying to make an apology, but then I heard some strange sound.

It was… It was the sound of his highness cutting the ropes that were tying him up with his bare hands.

Scary… His highness got up from his chair and approached me… Will he tell me to leave? Will he tell me that he doesn’t need me anymore?

I closed my eyes… I didn’t want to see what would come next… I didn’t want to see his expression… It was too scary.

“I’m sorry.” His highness said… Huh?

I slowly opened my eyes and… His highness was kneeling in front of me… What’s happening?

“I made you cry due to my jealousy. No matter how many times I apologize, I’ll understand if you can’t forgive me, but still… Even if you don’t forgive me, can you at least not break off our engagement?” His highness asked me.

I tilted my head at those words though, “Don’t you hate me for being as troublesome as I am…?”

“There is no woman that I love more than Yulias.” His highness said… How?

“Didn’t you find me to be too stiff and annoying for getting angry from just a few words uttered by you?” I asked him.

“Stiff and annoying? You getting angry at my words was the natural reaction. I said something horrible to you just because I didn’t want to hear you talking about another man to me… I did something terrible, and I swear I won’t do it again.” His highness answered.

Ah… So this fight really troubled him just as much as it troubled me…

I crouched down in front of his highness, and said, “I know that your highness is a very busy person, and I’m sorry for spoiling your good mood.”

He seemed to be a bit confused at my words, “You spoiled it?”

“It’s just that there isn’t anybody else that I feel truly comfortable with. There is nobody else that I can freely consult with, or complain about things, no matter what the topic is… Did me behaving like that make you uncomfortable?” I asked him.

His highness seemed troubled by those words, “No, not at all… I was just a bit jealous.” He said.

I guess our emotions might have overflowed a bit because we didn’t have much time for one another recently… It’s strange how we can have this kind of fight even though we both share this wonderful love.

“Say… Your highness, you asked me when I started caring about things that didn’t make money, right?” As I asked that, he started panicking a bit, but… “That happened when I fell in love with your highness. You know, since the dragons are the ones who blessed the royal family, they’re basically family to you… I wanted to grow closer to your family and become friends with them… Because of that, I wanted to help them, even if it didn’t make me money… That was why I cared so much about lady Vanette’s troubles.”

His highness’ panicked face became an embarrassed one… And eventually, he started happily giggling.

I was glad. It was a relief to make up with him… I too, started smiling now.

Then, he grabbed my hand, stood up while pulling me up too, then hugged me tightly, “I’m sorry to have hurt you with my ugly jealousy.” he told me.

I shook my head, then put my forehead on his chest, “I’m sorry I got so emotional about it.”

I was a bit embarrassed and wanted to hide my face, but his highness gently held my chin and lifted my face up, “Can I kiss you?” He asked me.

But before I could answer, the door was suddenly opened, “What are you doing!?” My brother asked us.

“Roland, read the mood!” His highness exclaimed.

Ignoring his highness words though, my brother quickly pulled me and his highness apart, then got in-between us, “You don’t need to make up with this piece of garbage, Yulias!” My brother told me.

I understood that he was worried about me, but I wanted to make up with his highness properly…

“Ah, enough already! Just leave us alone!” His highness exclaimed.

My brother didn’t seem to care though, “And what are you going to do with my sister once you’re alone, huh!? No way, you dirty creep!”

“You’re the one who is thinking of dirty things, damn it!” His highness replied.

“I don’t wanna be told that by someone that instantly tried to touch Yulias on the small amount of time it took me to deliver some documents!” My brother exclaimed.

His highness took a deep breath and said, “Can’t you just give us some time, please?”

“No can do. I got new documents for you, so back to your chair you go.” My brother said.

His highness sighed, then dutifully returned to his seat.

“Brother, could you please brew me a bit of your tea?” I decided to ask him.

“… I guess it’s okay if we take a small break. You even brought us sweets, after all.” My brother replied, then gently stroke my head. After that, he went to the backroom of the office to brew the tea.

Once it was just me and his highness again, his highness said, “Your brother really pampers you, doesn’t he?”

However, he was already on work mood, and didn’t even look at me as he said that. Instead, he was fully focused on organizing his documents.

I took the opportunity to slowly approach his side, then whisper at his ear, “Lord Rud.”

He instantly turned towards me when hearing his nickname.

Then, I gently kissed his lips. It couldn’t be a long kiss because my brother would soon come back, but this much already felt like plenty… Then, I told his highness, “I Just needed this.”

He covered his face with both hands, and asked, “When did you become so cute…?”

“When I fell in love with your highness, of course.” I replied.

“… Too cute.” Was all that his highness said.

Then, my brother came back, saw his highness state and immediately asked, “What happened here?”

“I bullied his highness a bit.” I answered.

“Now we’re talking! You can do that as much as you want, sister!” My brother exclaimed.

Even though I didn’t tell him that I kissed his highness just now, my brother’s words were the best things I could have heard at this moment.

I gave my brother a gentle smile and nodded at his statement.

“Oh, wow… That’s wonderful.” His highness muttered in a tone that was low enough that I could hear it, but my brother couldn’t.

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