Chapter 87 – You cannot be slow and patient


“Michael, what’s wrong?” I asked him. He’s been in a really bad mood these days for some reason, but… He didn’t reply, again… This is getting tiring, “Tell me, or I can’t fix the problem!” I exclaimed.

Probably because I was more forceful than normal today, he decided to reply this time, “Then tell me, what is this!?” He then pointed towards a poster that advertised the new ‘Dragon Perfume’ product that my store was selling.

“It’s a nice advertisement?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s nice alright, but why is Grandma the model!?” He asked me back.

“Because she is good for our promotions!” I instantly answered.

“I get that much, but what if some annoying insects try pestering Grandma because it!?” Michael exclaimed.

To that, I tilted my head, “Will people even notice it is her?”

I mean, the poster was in black and white, we could only see her back, and her hair style was different than normal…

“Of course they will! A single glance at this beautiful back will be enough!” Michael replied, but I don’t think that’s the case at all.

“How did you even recognize lady Vanette is the one in this image…?” I asked him.

“Her body structure is clearly the same!

“Her change to this youthful appearance was already enough to start attracting annoying men to her drugstore, and now even more will come because of this poster!” Michael exclaimed.

“But you know… Lady Vanette decided to go back to her original humanized form because she wanted her precious person to become conscious of her.” When I told this to Michael, shivers seemed to run down his spine.

“D-does the young lady know who is Grandma’s special person!?” He asked me.

“Eh?” I mean… It’s the person right in front of me.

“Young lady, if you know, then tell me.” He asked again.

“Why do you want to know it?” I asked back.

The question seemed to put him in a bad mood, “Because he might rob me of Grandma!”

… Isn’t this desire of monopolizing her basically love?

“Even if someone takes her away… Why do you think you have the right to interfere with that?” As I said that, Michael gave me a surprised expression, “You aren’t her family nor her lover, so what makes you think you have the right to interfere with lady Vanette’s love!?”

Michael started holding his hand at this statement, “I’d need to be… Either family or lover to… Interfere?”

“But of course.” I replied.

“But I don’t think… I can become a lover.” He stated.

“Why not?” I asked him.

“Because Grandma will push me away…” He replied… So he really does like lady Vanette in a romantic way? “Now that I know that Grandma won’t die any time soon, I was hoping we could slowly grow closer to each other… Something like that?”

So all our worries of trying to change his view of her were for naught…? He already liked her romantically from the beginning…?

Michael, this is no time to be taking things slowly. Get moving, “Hoping to slowly grow closer to her, just so that she can be stolen by another man?” I asked him, who froze at those words, “Lady Vanette is very attractive and nice. Do you really think you have the time to wait until she slowly looks at you as something other than a grandson!?”

Well, she already saw him as a man though, but let’s not mind that.

“Would she even listen to the feelings of a grandson…?” He asked me.

“I think she’ll properly consider the feelings of someone that isn’t actually her grandson.” I slapped his back as I said this, “Come on, Michael! Time is money, there is no time to waste here!”

“B-but what about the store!?” He asked me.

“What!? You wanna wait until the man that lady Vanette loves confesses to her!? Do you want to spend the rest of your days giving a friendly smile to lady Vanette as she lovingly giggles while staring at another man’s eyes!? Get! Going!” I exclaimed.

For a second, Michael opened his eyes wide, but then he said, “Young lady, I don’t mind working for free for the entirety of the next week!”

And then, he ran out of the store.

“Seems like it’s always the young lady who must push his back.” Mathilda, who had just come down the stairs, commented.

“Well, Michael just needed a small encouragement.” I replied.

“Well, as his mother, I’m glad things are going in a good direction, but… I’m worried that lady Vanette might run away.” Mathilda answered.

“Eh…?” What does she mean?

Mathilda sighed, “I had a dream for the first time in quite a while and… Well, this boy is just like his father. Very affectionate, but can also be a real nuisance if you let him get too close.”

I see… “Did I… Do something bad?” I decided to ask.

“No, young lady, I was just stating what it felt like to go out with that kind of man…” Mathilda sighed once more as she said that.

I wondered what exactly the prime minister did for her, but… I figured it was better to not ask.

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