Chapter 90 – A Dragon’s Treasury


Today I was invited by her majesty to drink some tea at her room… I haven’t really met her since my quarrel with his highness, so she probably wants to hear about how our current relationship is like.

… Though I didn’t expect to arrive at her room and see his highness sitting on his knees, with lady Liren and her majesty looking down on him. Lord Haith and his majesty were silently standing on the room’s back without interfering.

“Oh, Yuli! You came!” Lady Liren happily exclaimed.

“Ah, I’m sorry for not saying it until now, but me and his highness already made up.” I quickly told them.

Both lady Liren and her majesty smiled as they heard me, “I heard that from Roo just now.” Lady Liren said, then turned towards his highness, “Though how could you possibly hurt your fiancee due to some stupid jealousy…?”

“I have no excuses. My jealousy made me do something horrible.” His highness honestly claimed.

“Yeah, you were really bad, Roo.” Lady Liren said.

I decided it was best if I intervened now, before things became worse, “Lady Liren, your majesty, I have something to say… I was actually happy to know that his highness was jealous over me.

“Everyone knows that I love making money, and it was not until I heard his highness words that I truly realize how much I cared for being seen as more than just a woman who loves money… And when I understood that his highness said it because of jealousy, I became happy to properly understand his feelings.

“And also… I found two wonderful mothers on her majesty and on lady Liren, who’d stay by my side even when I quarreled with his highness.

“My mother died when I was young, so I hardly remember her, but I’m sure that you two are the best mothers I could have possibly hope for. And I’m only connected to you because of his highness, so… Thank you very much, for staying by my side.”

Her majesty’s and lady Liren’s eyes were a bit wet by the end of my speech and… As soon as I finished talking, lady Liren hugged me, “You’re such a good girl! It’s a waste to give you away to Roo!” she exclaimed.

“You know, there are many men that are way better than Rudnick out there. We’d help you if you want to break your engagement and go after someone better.” Her majesty seemed to still be pretty angry about the whole ordeal.

“But I still want to be family with you, and I love his highness very much.” As I made this reply, they both gently stroke my head.

“Lady Liren, mother, I want to hug Yulias, so could you please give her back to me?” Those astounding words came from his highness.

“Oh, Roo is bold enough to say this kind of thing now?” Lady Liren giggled.

“I suppose that can’t be helped.” As her majesty said that, both of them let go of me.

… But when his highness tried to get up from his sitting positions, he fell down. His legs must be numb from sitting on top of them for a long time.

“My my, how disgraceful, Rudnick.” Her majesty giggled and poked his highness’ legs with her fan.

This sight was a bit pitiful… His majesty and lord Haith turned their eyes away from it.

Nobody seems to have any plans of helping… And lady Liren started poking his highness feet while she giggled.

At this moment, my eyes met with his highness’… I wanted to do something, but it might be best to wait until his legs are better for us to hug.

Making this decision, I opened my arms wide for a hug. Come whenever you’re ready, your highness.

“You’re way too cute…” His highness murmured in a very low voice, that I was almost unable to hear.

And right after that, he took a deep breath, and rushed my way and hugged me… He almost fell down again right after, but I was able to support him this time. I’m glad he did his best even with his still numbed legs.

“Oh, what a pity. I was hoping I could play more with Roo!” Lady Liren exclaimed.

Her majesty also seemed fine with not troubling his highness any further, so after a small while of wait until his highness’ legs properly recovered, we could sit down to drink some tea and eat a cake that I had baked.

Both lady Liren and her majesty seemed to be quite pleased by it and were happily chit-chatting as we ate… It was quite contrasting with their menacing atmosphere that they had as they looked down on his highness when I arrived at the room.

“By the way, did Vanette show you her treasury?” Lady Liren suddenly asked me.

Oh, right! I wanted to see a dragon’s treasury! I had completely forgotten!

Seeing my reaction, lady Liren continued, “Should I ask Vanette to show you?”

“Ah, there’s no need. I can ask her myself.” I replied. After all, me and lady Vanette are friends now, so I can ask her directly.

“Oh, and how is Vanette now?” Lady Liren asked me.

I tilted my head to that question… I mean, Michael told me that they’re having something similar to a tea party every few days, so… Shouldn’t lady Liren already be aware?

“That child doesn’t talk much about herself.” Lady Liren explained, as if reading my mind.

“Well, she seems pretty happy now that she is together with her special person.” I told her.

The room suddenly got tense once I said that though… “Her special person?” Lord Haith asked, “Does Vanette have a lover?” He was quite intimidating… “Who is it?”

I felt like Michael might die if I answer, so I couldn’t make a reply… However, “She’s dating Michael.” his highness cleanly stated that, “He is the most trustworthy man I know of.”

Both lord Haith and his highness stared at each other for a small while, until… Lord Haith started crying.

“There there, don’t be like that. She’s going to be a bride one of these days, so you should be happy for her.” Lady Liren comforted lord Haith.

“But the person she fell in love with will soon die…! I don’t want our child to go through this misery…” Lord Haith tearfully said.

“Don’t worry, Ma won’t die any time soon. He has some spirit blood inside him.” Lady Liren gently said as she wiped lord Haith’s tears.

“Spirit?” Lord Haith asked.

“She’s a green dragon, so it’s easy for spirits to like her after all.” Lady Liren commented.

“Isn’t he just like a bug then…?” Lord Haith seemed to be worry about something really weird, so I decided to intervene.

“Michael is a descendant of a Banshee.” I told him.

“Yes! That’s the one! That’s why he’ll live longer!” Lady Liren exclaimed… Did she forget what type of spirit was Michael’s ancestor?

Lord Haith stayed silent for a while, but eventually he clenched his fist and said, “I’ll accept him after he withstands one of my punches.”

His majesty hurriedly intervened, “A Banshee is not a fighting spirit! He’ll surely die from that!”

Lord Haith seemed to begrudgingly give up on the idea after his majesty said that… Are all fathers overprotective of their daughters? Lord Haith’s behavior certainly reminds me of both my father and my brother for one.

Well, let’s not mind that and enjoy the tea time with lady Liren, her majesty and his highness.

On the next day, I headed to lady Vanette’s house. She was in old lady form this time around.

After taking a seat in her living room, I said, “I have a request.”

“Well, you don’t visit without a request, so… Well, what is it? Were you able to convince them to let us model for underwear?” Lady Vanette asked.

“No, that was unfortunately impossible.” I replied as she served me some tea, “Rather than that… Could you show me your treasury?” Lady Vanette spit out her tea when hearing those words, “Please? I’m fine with just looking at it.”

“Well… It’s a bit embarrassing.” She’s fine with modeling on underwear, but showing her treasury is embarrassing? “But I’m indebted to the young lady due to all that you did to help me and Michael, so I’ll show you.”

After we finished drinking our tea, lady Vanette took me to the house’s basement. At first it felt like a normal basement, but… As we kept on moving, I started seeing more and more greenery covering the corridor.

Eventually, we reached a small door, and lady Vanette opened it as she said, “It’s here.”

Behind the door, there was a small garden. It had many flowers and insects all around us. It felt like a place that would be permanently in spring.

“This is my treasury.” I thought this place in itself would be the treasure, but… Lady Vanette was pointing towards a plump chicken and a bee that were roaming around.

“… Is this a chicken that lays golden eggs?” I asked her.

“No, it’s one of the chickens that lays the eggs that I use to make my cakes, and one of the bees that make the honey I use in my candies.

“I used to collect silver, gold and other precious stones back when I lived at the mine, but… After meeting Michael, that all felt kinda worthless.

“Those small animals that create the ingredients I use to make candies and cakes that bring smiles to children are much more valuable than any gold.” Lady Vanette explained.

It doesn’t quite match what I had imagined of a dragon treasury, but… “Lady Vanette’s treasure is truly wonderful.”

“Well, my parents treasury is filled with mostly silver and gold though. I can show you theirs if you want, I’m sure they won’t mind.” Lady Vanette commented.

“After the last mountain climbing, I think I’d rather refrain from trying doing something like this again…” I replied.

Lady Vanette laughed at my words, “I can fly you there!”

Of course, she is a dragon, so that wouldn’t be a problem for her, but… “If I were to be honest, I’m far more interested in knowing how it feels to fly in the skies, than on the treasury itself… I hope it’s not rude to say that.”

Lady Vanette gently patted my head after I said this, “Keep this childish taste forever, young lady.”

“Is this a compliment…?” I asked her, but lady Vanette just smiled at this last question.

And like this, we flew to the neighboring country to buy some things in a speed far above what I thought was possible. It was a wonderful experience, but his highness and Michael later complained to me because they wanted to go on dates with me and lady Vanette respectively, but couldn’t because I was out with her again.

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