Chapter 91 – Honey that tastes like happiness


I asked lady Liren and lady Vanette to teach me how to make their honey-based candy, but they refused. It was a very delicious candy, but the bees used to make it are actually magical beasts.

They’re harmless if you don’t anger them, but his highness was extremely worried about the prospects of me raising ‘dangerous’ magical beasts, so I ended up giving up on convincing lady Liren and lady Vanette about it.

Still, it was a bit frustrating to not have access to some special honey that would make particularly delicious sweets… And in one day that I was thinking about this kind of thing, I received a letter from my ex-fiance, Lamore, saying that he wanted to meet up with me, so I decided to visit him together with my two usual escorts.

While we were on the way there, one of my escorts, Bariga, muttered, “Why does that disgusting man want to meet with lady Yulias…?”

I don’t know, but it’s probably either because of work, or because he wanted to brag about Banache.

“It better not be just to praise lady Yulias’ cuteness…” My other escort, Rucharu, replied.

“That’s impossible. Lamore loves Banache, after all.” I told them confidently.

My escorts didn’t seem to believe me though, but I suppose that’s fine.

After we arrived, Lamore immediately bowed down to greet me, “It’s been a long time, Yulias. Come on, over here.”

He then turned his back to me and started moving… He was more polite than what he used to be back when we were engaged.

Bariga for some reason touched his sword’s handle, but I decided to ignore it and chased after Lamore.

The first thing he did, was to show me the ranch where he was growing the sheep-like magical beasts.

“Successful breeding!” He exclaimed, “Also, some of the lambs have different colors. Do you want to see them?”

“I would love to!” I replied. I was quite surprised by those wonderful news.

And so, he showed me around for a bit. There was an impressive number of lambs in the property, and Lamore seemed to have an excellent relationship with them, which was pretty good for the long-term development of them.

“I think this golden sheep is particularly pretty, but you’d probably like those ones more.” He pointed towards two other sheep, “One of those has the same color as your hair, and another has the same as his highness’ eyes, so you could try using those.”

It was a bit embarrassing to hear him talk about how I’d like things made from the wool that would match me and his highness well, but… “If you make a blanket with those colors, do send it to me.”

“Thank you for your patronage.” Lamore said.

I smiled a bit while imagining the blanket, “So you could smile like that, huh?” Lamore commented while looking at my expression, “Well, my precious person is a hundred times cuter though!”

So in the end, he still decided to brag about Banache after all.

“I have something else to talk about though, so let me serve you some tea.” As Lamore said that, he guided us to a table… My escorts had an even grumpier expression than before, but I ignored it.

Then, Lamore not only made the tea himself, but also served it to me… I never thought that such a day would come. He always hated having tea with me after all.

“Thank you.” I told him.

Even though he is my former fiance, I feel like an older sister that saw her little brother grow up. It is quite the pleasant sensation.

“The tea is delicious.” I told him.

“I’m glad you liked it!” Lamore proudly stated, “I’m growing the leaves myself, so it has to have a wonderful taste!”

He hardly resembles the Lamore that I broke the engagement with, he is now quite the talented person.

“I’ll consider purchasing the tea leaves too.” I told him.

“Then I’ll expand the cultivation field!” He replied.

Truly, we are now able to talk about work properly… This is all thanks to Banache, she surely brought out the best in Lamore.

“By the way, the tea will be even better if you add honey to it.” Lamore said as he gave me a small jar of honey.

“This honey is quite beautiful and shiny, isn’t it?” I asked him.

“Oh, you noticed it?” Lamore replied.

“Is there something unusual about it?” I asked.

And then, Lamore proudly stated that, “This is a special honey that can only be obtained from very special bees!”

I’ve heard that before… “From Magical Beasts perchance?” I asked.

“How do you know that!?” Lamore asked in disbelief.

“I happened to know of it. Do you think you can mass-produce this honey?” I asked him.

“That would be tough… I might be able to supply a limited amount though.” Lamore replied. Not as good as I hoped, but this should still be a good money-making opportunity.

“Then I’ll buy as much as you can supply.” I told him.

“I never raised bees before, but if I can increase their numbers, I’ll notify you!” Lamore exclaimed.

“I’ll look forward to it.” I replied.

But then, Lamore’s expression changed to a glare and… “You know, I really don’t like you.” Lamore told me that.

I was scared of what would be the reaction of my escorts to those words, but I couldn’t look back right now… Though it was a bit hard to make a proper reply when he made this kind of statement out of nowhere.

“I figured as much.” Was all that I could say.

“However, Yulias is the best friend of my beloved, so I’ll be sure to get along well with you.” Lamore then told me.

Even if it was in this weird way, I was happy to hear that Banache considered me as her best friend.

That day with my ex-fiance was surprisingly fulfilling, but… On the way back home, Bariga suddenly asked me, “Lady Yulias, would you allow me to slash that guy?”

What a mess… “Which guy?” I asked him.

“You understand it, don’t you, lady Yulias? If Bariga doesn’t do it, I’ll go and kill him myself.” Rucharu commented.

They both had extreme reactions… “I understand that you were angry for me, but I was happy that I could have a peaceful tea time with Lamore.” I told them.

After all, even after all that we went through, we were still able to make proper deals like good business partners… Banache really did something amazing there. The power of true love is wonderful.

However… Some days later, his highness came to my family’s house while looking quite troubled. I took him to the reception room and waited for him to talk about it.

After a small while of silence, he eventually said, “I heard you met up with Lamore?”

“Yes, I did.” I replied.

His highness didn’t seem to be happy by my reply for some reason… “How was he like?” He asked me.

“Quite well, I suppose? He did more than I asked him to, and also seemed to be quite healthy.” I replied.

His highness seemed extremely troubled for some reason… “Uhn… If it’s not too much trouble to ask… What kind of man do you like?”

That’s a really strange question… And it’s too embarrassing to say that his highness is my type, so… “Someone that can work a lot when push comes to shove, I suppose?”

It was one of the many qualities of his highness, after all.

“What else?” He asked.

“Uhn… A very affectionate, even if sometimes pitiful, person?” It was a bit embarrassing to list on the things I loved about his highness…

After another small while of silence, his highness asked, “Are you describing Lamore, perchance?”

… Just how did he come to this conclusion? I never looked at Lamore in a romantic way.

And yet, the one I love is extremely worried that I somehow fell in love with my ex-fiance…? “Are you stupid?” I couldn’t help asking.

Seriously, what is this childish stupidity? How can he have this sort of misunderstanding? I’m happy that he loves me enough to overthink this much, but still…

“I know I’m being stupid, but… I heard from your escorts that you seemed to be quite entranced by him both on the time at Lamore’s home and on the carriage that brought you back to your home.” His highness explained… Was this the impression that they had?

“Do you mind showing me this report?” I asked him.

His highness complied and showed me the report… It was quite detailed, which made me wonder if Bariga and Rucharu wouldn’t be better suited for secretary duties instead of as knights.

Nonetheless, “They just misunderstood it.” I clearly told his highness.

“But-” His highness tried to object, but I cut him.

“Lamore was simply a lot kinder than he used to be. That’s all there is to it.” I told him.

His highness went silent… Really though, Lamore was so abusive back then, that I just had to learn how to smile no matter how bad things were… To be able to happily smile while on his presence was unthinkable for me in the past.

“Do you like him…?” His highness eventually asked me. His voice was so faint, that it was almost inaudible.

“I do.” And as soon as I said this, his highness went pale. Seems like he is misunderstanding again… “But I love you, your highness! You’re just so cute, and yet are having this crazy misunderstanding! I don’t know if I get happy about how much you care for me, or sad about how little confidence you have on my feelings!”

His highness had a dumbfounded expression for a small while, but eventually he muttered, “I’m sorry for not being happy about being called cute…”

After hearing that, I got up, took a seat right next to his highness, then held his hand, “I will tell you clearly. While I do have some fondness towards Lamore, it’s more like a feeling of an older sister that saw her younger brother grow up. It’s completely different from the love that I feel for you, your highness.”

His highness seemed to be a bit confused by my statement, “You view Lamore as a… Younger brother?” He asked.

“Something like that. A rebellious younger brother that has finally matured due to the wonderful influence of Banache.” I explained.

“I see…” His highness finally seemed to relax now… Which made me start giggling, “What are you laughing at?” He asked while pouting, “I was just worried, okay?”

He looked away from me as he said those last words… Way too cute, “I’m glad that your highness can get anxious and feel jealousy over me… And I’m happy that my love is the same as your highness’ love.” I told him.

In response to that, his highness pulled me closer, into a hug, “You’re way too cute, Yulias.”

I gently hugged his highness back, “And so are you.” I told him.

It truly is wonderful to be able to talk to my loved one like this… Me and his highness stared at each other’s eyes, and started moving towards a kiss…

However, the door to the reception room was suddenly knocked at, “Of course that had to happen.” His highness grumbled.

Sadly, I had to separate from his highness to open the door. Behind it, was our head butler, who was carrying some tea and sweets with him, “I brought you tea, young lady.” He told me.

“Thank you.” I replied.

Then, he gave me a kind smile and said, “The young master will be back soon, so remember to be reasonable.”

Ah… It’s a warning to make sure we don’t get Roland angry again… We truly have an excellent butler at home.

… Perhaps it might for the best if me and his highness avoid flirting in this house.

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