Chapter 147


“Ah!” Suddenly, Lina screamed miserably. She pointed to somewhere over the sea and trembled, “it’s red! Why is the sea water in red? How come…”


Everyone looked there. They thought of a possibility at the same time but no one dared to speak.


They retreated consciously and waited there for about half an hour, yet those two people didn’t return to the beach.


The area of the sea where they saw the bloody color had already changed back to its normal state, and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong.


At this point, everyone had a definite answer, and they really panicked about it.


Originally, there were eight of them and now there were only six. None of them dared to find food in the sea anymore, and that’s just the start of a disaster.


Su Yu had a feeling that the real plot would start very soon, but it clearly wasn’t a good thing.


In the evening, the four had dinner normally and they did some activities casually before getting ready to rest on their blankets.

Su Wei seemed to be asleep, but he was actually paying attention to the movement of the surrounding, and the location they choose to build a wooden house was in the center of the deserted island.


The eight people seemed to have some specific concerns, as they chose to rest not far away from the wooden house. Everyone gathered near there.


Without Ball around, Su Yu could only investigate the environment more by himself, so as not to miss any information of the plot.


Fortunately, he took the Spine Washing Pill before and his physical strength improved a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stay up all the time. Even then, his consciousness also became more vague after a few hours.


At this time, near the fire not far from the outside of the wooden house, none of the six people felt sleepy. They witnessed how two people in the group died in the sea and they were still panicking.


There was another thing that really worried them – if they couldn’t look for food in the sea, they might really starve to death soon.


Also, they couldn’t fall asleep as they were really too hungry.

Lina was holding her knees with her arms. From time to time, she was watching the wood house not far away, “we…we should beg them again. I am sure that they have lots of food, what if they can share some with us?”


“How is this possible? They are so bad and they won’t help us!” York was angry.


Brooke took a deep breath and said a little weakly, “our attitude might have been too bad at the beginning, perhaps things would be different if we agreed to give them some wild fruit when he asked.”


“I’m sure he did it on purpose at that time! They deliberately asked from food from us when they obviously had some!” York tightened his fist but he seemed weak as he hadn’t eaten for days.


Brooke frowned at him and complained, “even if he wanted to test us, he wouldn’t act so coldly if you didn’t act like that.”


“Are you accusing me now? Didn’t you all act the same and did you give him any fruits then? Why are you accusing me when you did exactly the same?” York was so furious that his eyes almost poked out.


After he said so, the others lowered their heads and didn’t speak further. Although they knew clearly what they had done before, they might just do the same if they were given another chance.

It’s human nature to be selfish. Therefore, when someone is punished because of his selfishness, he cannot blame the others either.


York continued after seeing that nobody was speaking, “the guy with black hair really crossed the line. Obviously, he understands our language but he ignores us on purpose!”


Lina hugged herself more tightly and said weakly, “it’s useless to say all this now, we have to think of our survival.”


York didn’t know what else to say then. There was no way for them to look for enough food on that deserted island and they dared not look for it in the sea. They could only ask the person not far away from the wooden house.


The six people all looked helpless after thinking of what the young guy had said the other day. Although that person understood their language, it’s not the same for them. Nonetheless, he even required them to use his language if they wanted to communicate with him.


It’s just deliberately making things more difficult. However, they had no ways to reject even knowing that they were being fooled on purpose.


In desperation, the six people could only briefly discuss it and wait for the next morning to take action. They were hoping that the guy could change his attitude.


And if it still didn’t work, they could only try to learn the difficult language.

However, there was no chance for them to show their favor. At about 2 or 3am, one of them got up for toilet in the woods.


It’s a very normal thing, but after about 7 minutes, the five people around the fire heard a miserable cry not far away.


“Ah, ah! Help! Ah ah!” It was a very sharp scream which sounded really creepy. They all looked towards the direction of the scream.


Lina was so frightened by the scream that her face turned pale, and she started to mutter, “what…what’s wrong? Has anything happened to him?”


The other two , who were almost falling asleep, were awakened by this scream, “no…I don’t know…is he just scaring us for fun?”


The other person had such a desperate look on his face, “right…right, we’ve been to this deserted island before and there was no danger apparently, so how could anything go wrong?”


However, the five people all thought of the bloody color they saw on the sea and they all had goosebumps right away.

None of them dared to get up and check the situation. They could only try asking towards the direction of the scream, “hey! What was it just now? Are you okay?”


However, after the scream just now, there was no longer any noise in the dark. It’s just like they all had an illusion.


And the more silent it was, the more scared they got. None of them could fall asleep anymore.


Su Yu and the others were also woken up by the scream. He was completely awake now even though he was almost falling asleep.


It’s just that he was wrapped by somebody before he had the time to figure out what’s going on. After turning his head, he saw Ling Tian lowering his head and looking at him, “don’t be scared. I’m going to protect you.”


Su Yu felt warm in his heart and grabbed Ling Tian’s hand, “I know, I am not scared when you’re with me.”


At this time, the Zhao brothers also woke up, rubbing their eyes in a daze, “what’s wrong? What was that noise just now?”

“Something must have happened over there. Do you want me to have a look?” Ling Tian looked at Su Yu.


Su Yu actually didn’t care about the wellbeing of those people, yet he really cared about the plot and he nodded, “I’m going with you.”


After speaking, he turned to Zhao Li and Zhao Shun and said, “you two just stay in the room. Don’t get out no matter what you hear.”


They had no objection to Su Yu’s words and they both nodded, “we got it.”


When Su Yu and Ling Tian went out, they only saw those few people staring at each other around the fire. After counting carefully, they realized that there seemed to be one person missing.


Those five people were all so scared that they dared not move a bit. At this time, when they saw someone coming out of the wooden house, they started stuttering, “help…help! One of us went to the woods and he never returned!”


Su Yu understood them but he didn’t reply. Instead, he turned his gaze to the dark woods, which was all silent at this moment. There was occasionally some noise of the wind.


Someone else pointed in that direction and said, “it’s there. He just went in that direction, and the sound came from there.”

Su Yu couldn’t find out anything without the help of Ball, but he also thought of the misery that happened in the sea. Could there be any links between these incidents?


Su Yu frowned and thought, but he didn’t dare to act rashly. After waiting for a while and seeing that there was still no movement except for the wind, he pulled Ling Tian directly back to the wooden house.


It’s too dangerous at night, and they should just wait for sunrise to take action.


Seeing that Su Yu had left, the five people around the fire felt a little broken. They had no other hopes now and they dared not irritate Su Yu any further. They could just surround the fire pitifully. None of them dared to fall asleep or leave the fire by himself.


When it was dawn the next morning, Su Yu finally came out of the wooden house, followed by Ling Tian and the Zhao brothers.

They came out only eating some hot breakfast, so when they saw the five people who looked extremely tired, the Zhao brothers actually felt a little sympathetic. However, they were not even eating their own food and the two naturally didn’t feel sympathetic about it. They just wanted Su Yu to give more food to those few people on a moral point of view.


Su Yu didn’t care about those people at all, but he just walked directly in the direction of the bushes. The first thing he saw were some plants that had been knocked to the ground.


After walking for a while, he looked forward but his gaze stopped there. His footsteps also stopped, as he saw a shocking pool of blood not far away.

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