Chapter 148


If there is blood, it means that something bad must have happened to that person. Su Yu was not surprised by the result, as he’d had this speculation since the night before and it just proved that he’s right.


This pool of blood seemed to have come from a certain place, and it looked a little disgusting. Apart from the bloodstain, Su Yu couldn’t find anything else related to a human body.


So, does it mean that the person was eaten by something?


Although there was no such thing was left, there was a faint trail of vegetation left behind, as if it had been pressed by some reptile.


Su Yu first looked in the direction of the extension of the road, and saw that there was no movement around. He thought that there wasn’t any danger, so he dragged Ling Tian and slowly walked along this trail together.


Ling Tian judged a bit before saying, “it looks like a snake.”


Su Yu raised his eyes and glanced at Ling Tian, lowering his voice and said, “how do you know it’s a snake? Maybe it’s another animal, or a monster?”

Su Yu actually wanted to ask him whether he had recovered his memory, otherwise how could he make such a judgment?


Ling Tian shook his head in a daze and said, “I don’t know, it’s probably a kind of intuition.”


Su Yu didn’t ask any more questions. In fact, he could almost figure out the appearance of the mission world and he knew why his lover had no memories.


And although his lover already lost his memory, he has not lost his judgment ability, which did not surprise him much.


The two continued walking forward and the initial line was very obvious, but it gradually faded when there was less vegetation.


Su Yu carefully probed around the place where the traces disappeared, but he could not find any other clues. He could only walk straight forward for a while, then looked up and saw the blue sea and the sun rising slowly.


It all seemed very peaceful and serene, just like a beautiful painting, but it also made what happened the previous night more terrifying.


Although Su Yu wasn’t sure what exactly killed the person, he already had a rough judgment in his mind. He sighed and said, “where do you think this thing came from? In the sea? Underground? Or on this deserted island?”

Ling Tian thought for a while and once again answered intuitively, “in the sea.”


“I also think that it came out of the sea. Maybe it has something to do with the previous incident.” Su Yu’s tone gradually got lower. He had been waiting for the plot to come, but when the plot really unfolded, he started to realize the seriousness of the problem.


It might not be a survival story on a deserted island but a terrible film of disaster.


After the arrival of human beings, the giant beast buried somewhere was awakened. After being dormant for many years, it stared at this group of stupid humans who awakened it and began to slaughter frantically.

And according to the normal development of this kind of plot, no matter how many people there are in a team, only two people can survive in the end. That is, only the hero and heroine would survive, and the others would all sacrifice. He’s sure that there wouldn’t be any exceptions.


Su Yu thought about it carefully. According to the previous identity, action and relationship of this group of people, the hero and heroine among them should be Brook and Lina.


From the point of view of identity, Brooke was a mercenary of a certain mercenary regiment, with good skills, a resolute character and strong survival skills.

Lina, on the other hand, was a young and senior biologist, who’s rigorous and stubborn. By merely looking at the configuration of these two people, it was simply too much in line with the requirements of the hero and heroine of this kind of plot.


From a relationship point of view, the two of them used to be a close couple before, but they later had an argument and they became the “most familiar strangers”.


And considering what they’d done before, the two of them were the first to wake up from coma, apart from his lover. They also played a very good role in leading and reconciling this group of people. They could really be considered as their leader.


To sum up, they were very likely to be the hero and heroine, while the others were just there to sacrifice for various reasons, including himself and his lover.


However, all this was just the speculation of Su Yu. There’s no way for him to accept his lover and himself to sacrifice in this plot. He needed to seize the opportunity to change it.


After observing for a while, the two slowly walked back along the original path. When they approached the wooden house, they heard the five people talking about something.


Someone panicked and said, “there must be a monster on this desert island, it’s the monster who ate him!”


The other person’s voice was also trembling, “this is too terrible. I must think of a way to leave here or we’ll die here!”


York sneered and said sarcastically, “do you think that we don’t want to leave? It’s just that we can’t even find the wreckage of the ship, and we’re now on a deserted island! We don’t even have an idea how far we are from the nearest shore. How can we go back smoothly?”


Nina and Brooke, who looked pale, stared at each other with worries. What happened the previous night did scare them and they really didn’t know what to do anymore.


“Then what should we do now? Are we going to stay here and wait to die?” Someone asked loudly. They had just gone over to check the situation over there. After seeing the pool of blood, everyone’s facial expressions changed drastically.


Lina was also dazed and scared, but when she looked up, she saw Su Yu and Ling Tian approaching, and her eyes lit up.


He simply ignored the few people who were still arguing, walked quickly to Su Yu and said in a very soft tone, “hello, I know that what we’d done was really bad and it hurt you. We know that we’re the wrong ones and we hope that you could accept our apology.”

Although it’s not the best idea to come over and apologize after something happened, at least it showed that this person wasn’t too stupid.


Su Yu didn’t respond. He just looked at Lina blankly, who was a little flustered by him. She lowered her eyes slightly and continued earnestly, “I know, I’m coming to apologize to you now. The situation really looks bad, and I’m hoping that we can move on and unite for our survival. What do you think?”


Lina raised her head again and looked at Su Yu with strong hope. She seemed very sincere.


In the current situation, it seems that if there are a large number of people, the probability of survival will be higher, but the premise is that Su Yu is just an ordinary person, and there is no certainty of survival.


But the real situation now is that – Su Yu not only brought a bunch of food and daily necessities, but he also brought two very powerful mechas. As long as they had the mechas, he believed that he could get rid of all life-threatening monsters.

After all, the mechas were very advanced and diverse, and their attack power was extremely strong. Even if they wanted to kill a ferocious white shark, all it took was just some slight effort.


However, things like mechas shouldn’t exist in this world at all. If they were seen by others, they might cause unnecessary trouble.


Although Su Yu was always pretentious, he didn’t want unnecessary trouble. All in all, he had to survive without Ball in this world, and there were already so many unknown and horrifying factors in this world.


Under this consideration, Su Yu naturally didn’t want to put out the mecha unless he had to use a last resort.


So, the question is, if any of these people were still alive, Su Yu naturally didn’t want to take out the mecha.


And if it was the opposite, that means he had to wait for the remaining five people to die to take out the mecha.


In this case, not only did he have to protect himself from dying before these five people, but he also had to stop himself from saving them when the tragedy actually happened.


It’s true that Su Yu didn’t feel any pity to these people, and he might not even glance at them when they died. After all, he’s not a generous person and his level of kindness was limited.

So, it’s better to see what he should do at that particular moment. It’d be fine to help them a bit if they were nice, but if they weren’t, he didn’t mind sending them further to hell.


After making up his mind, Su Yu didn’t reject Lina directly. He just replied in Chinese, “okay.”


Lina was stunned for a moment, as it was just a brief answer with no particular meaning. Therefore, she somehow wasn’t sure what Su Yu meant.


Su Yu didn’t plan to say anything more. After all, he had no relations with these people, and even if he was going to help, it would all depend on his mood. It didn’t mean that he wanted to do something good, so he naturally didn’t have to promise anything either.


After saying so, he directly pulled Ling Tian back to the wooden house, followed by the Zhao brothers. They asked worriedly, “what exactly happened last night? Someone died?”


“Yes, it should be a kind of monster, but we are not sure what kind of monster that is.” Su Yu nodded with a heavy expression, “now it’s getting more and more dangerous on this deserted island. Don’t move around and especially don’t leave the wooden house at night.”

When the Zhao brothers heard so, they looked even more worried and they kept promising, “don’t worry. We will definitely not run around. Even if we need to go to toilet, we will report to you in advance.”


Seeing them behaving so obediently, Su Yu was even more speechless. However, what they said was indeed correct. The person did get himself killed as he went to the woods on his own.


After explaining the things that should be explained, Su Yu walked around the wooden house and made a few small traps with tools.


If he knew earlier that this kind of thing would happen in this world, he should have gotten some medicine to repel snakes and insects, at least it could disgust their enemy a bit.


Su Yu obviously didn’t expect that his traps could really hurt the unknown monster, but at least he could be reminded when it came.


He carefully observed the traces left by the monster. It was very obvious at the beginning, but in the end, there were no traces left. He started having a vague speculation which just couldn’t be proved yet.

At this time, the five people near the wooden house were also talking about Su Yu behind his back.


First, Lina sighed and said, “I told him just now, but he didn’t respond, or he just doesn’t want to help us?”


York heard so and laughed sarcastically, “I guess it’s him who needs protection. Do you think that he can protest us?”


Brooke glared at York and said displeased, “I know that you have a bad temper, but it’s now better to save your words. Don’t forget that he can understand our language.”


No matter what he was thinking, he shouldn’t be saying whatever he wanted at this moment and he would only make things worse.


York snorted coldly, still showing no restraint, “do you mean that I said it wrongly? You see, he can obviously understand us but he is ignoring us on purpose. Don’t you think that it’s a bit too much?”


Both Lina and Brooke were speechless towards York’s behavior. They just said to the other two, “it’s an urgent situation and we’d better not act alone. I will still try to convince him. If he wants to help us or even just give us a little food, it’ll be of great help already.”

The two people were in a state of panic and they could only nod hurriedly.

Although they all felt that there was basically no hope of escaping from this deserted island with their current situation, they started thinking of their next plan after thinking of the ferocious monster hidden in the dark


Although the chance was slim, it’s still better waiting there to die.


So the five of them discussed about it, and they started to chop some wood. However, they were not building a house this time, but to create something that could enable them to navigate in the sea.


Although there were no other tools available, no one raised this question at this time. They had all seen the blanket that Su Yu took out, so they all put their hopes of finding the tools on Su Yu.


During the day, apart from feeling exhausted and hungry, they all seemed fine, yet the atmosphere got tense when night fell again.

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