Chapter 149


The five people by the fire were all a little restless, and it was difficult for them to settle down when they thought about what happened the previous night.


Although Lina was still arguing with Brooke in some ways, she couldn’t help but lean beside him and whisper, “what should we do now? Should we ask that person again?”


Brook looked elsewhere and held Lina’s shoulders, lowering his voice, “even if you look for him now, he won’t talk to you. Don’t be scared, I’m here.”


Brooke’s voice sounded weak, but he was actually a little jealous. Obviously, he’s much taller and stronger, so why did that woman like to ask help from that person instead?


Lina glanced at Brooke and she didn’t let go of his arm. She blushed a bit, “I also think that he won’t help us, but is he really not afraid of death? Or has he got any information that we don’t know?”


Brooke’s fingertips tapped on Lina’s shoulder and he sounded even more jealous, “who knows? Even if he does, he won’t tell us anyway.”

The few people outside dared not sleep, and Su Yu, who was in the wooden house at this time, was still wide awake. Although he had a weapon for cheating, it’s not the right moment to use it now. He still had to tackle with the situation carefully to avoid irreversible situations.


Ling Tian sat beside Su Yu and put a piece of clothes on him, “go to sleep. I’ll be watching here.”


Su Yu rested his head on Ling Tian’s shoulder and his lips curled, “no, I still want to talk to you a bit.”


“What do you want to tell me?” Ling Tian asked in a low voice.


Su Yu glanced at the Zhao brothers who had already lied down and closed their eyes, but apparently hadn’t really fallen asleep. He rolled his eyes, there was a sly light flashed in them. He whispered in Ling Tian’s ears, “I just want to chat with you.”


The tip of Ling Tian’s ears trembled a bit and it immediately red. It’s only that it didn’t look obvious on the surface. He whispered in Su Yu’s ears too, “alright.”


Su Yu’s ears felt hot and his eyes looked brighter. He said in Ling Tian’s ears again, “


Ling Tian’s ears were red and he said in Su Yu’s ears, “I think that it’s possible, as I find you familiar, also…”

Having said that, Ling Tian paused for a while before continuing in a low voice, “and I think that you smell nice.”


After speaking, Ling Tian turned his eyes away slightly and stared at Su Yu’s face, wanting to see how he would react.


He saw that Su Yu’s already shining eyes suddenly lit up even more, and there’s a more obvious smile on his clean and beautiful face. After he glanced at Ling Tian, he approached even more closely, “I also think you smell nice and it makes me want to be with you all the time.”


When Ling Tian heard this, not only did the tips of his ears turn even redder, but even his face and neck became red, but he still managed to maintain his aloof personality. With a stern face, he whispered in Su Yu’s ears and said in a low, hoarse voice, “I have no problem with that.”


Su Yu burst into laughter when he heard so. Seeing that Ling Tian was also going to laugh, he said again, “thank you.”


Ling Tian looked as if he was saying “you’re welcome”. He replied in a low voice again, “you’re welcome.”


At this time, there was only one thought left in Su Yu’s mind – how could his lover be so cute?

At this time, the Zhao brothers, who had to close their eyes and pretend to be asleep, were thinking secretly, “please just let them sleep!!!”


Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the night passed peacefully and nothing happened.


The five people who were guarding the fire outside the house didn’t sleep all night, yet they didn’t hear anything.


This made everyone feel relieved. Although they didn’t want anything to happen, they couldn’t help but wonder why nothing was happening that night.


Was it because they were together so it was successfully avoided?


Although such speculation was somewhat unreliable, it’s the only way they could comfort themselves.


For the next two days, nothing happened, as if someone’s tragic death three days ago was just a nightmare or an accident.


However, the calmer it seemed on the surface, the less Su Yu was able to relax. All in all, he didn’t know what kind of a monster there was, and he had no weapons other than the mecha.

While Su Yu thought so, some people didn’t share the same thought.


The sun just rose on the fourth day, and the five people outside started arguing again, but they quarreled more discreetly this time and deliberately chose somewhere farther away from the wooden house.


York said angrily, “since we’re no longer in danger, why are we not thinking about food? If this goes on, we’ll starve to death even if nothing attacks us!”


Brooke looked at York coldly and was furious as well, “so, are you planning to get into the sea again? I won’t reject you if you insist to die.”


“Of course I’m not talking about going to the sea to find food, you know what I mean.” York didn’t know what to say for a while and the veins on his forehead were serious, “in this situation, we can just starve to death if we don’t snatch somebody’s food, do you understand?”


Brooke snorted heavily and crossed his arms, “but if you really do so, I’m afraid that he’ll hit you to death before you die of hunger.”

“But there are five of us now!” York roared, “we’ll surely get food!”


Brooke made it realistic unapologetically, “when we were eight of us, didn’t they also push us away? What advantage do you think we have now?”


Lina also said, “and we might need his help later. It isn’t a good moment to discuss this now.”


York ignored Lina. He replied Brooke instead, “if they provoke us directly, I know that we won’t have any advantages, but why should we face them directly? We have enough wisdom to deal with this.”


When Brooke heard so, he looked stunned, and before he knew how to respond, York continued, “the only difficult one would be the tall guy. If we distract him, we can fight against the remaining three.”


They had been on the deserted island for so long, except for a few fish, shrimp, and crabs, they could only eat wild fruits at other times. They were starving so much that they were going to lose their mind soon.

Therefore, after hearing what York said, even Brooke didn’t refute for a while.


The other two people, who hadn’t spoken for a while, also looked at each other and said, “Brooke, I know that’s something you don’t want to do, but it’s such a peculiar situation, and if we don’t do so, we’ll really starve to death.”


Another person also persuaded in a low voice, “we’re actually not going to take away all his food. We’re just going to take part of it. When we leave this damn island, we’ll return it to him. It’s not so much a big deal at all.”


Lina and Brooke looked at each other and their mind seemed to be changing.


Human beings are excellent at finding excuses for themselves. They started thinking that it’s really not a big deal, and they’d only do since they were abandoned by Su Yu first.

And just like what their friends said, they didn’t plan to take away all his food and they would actually return it to him if they ever got out of the island. In this situation, it was actually not robbery but just borrowing since there’s no other way.


After a long while of silence, Brooke finally spoke, “do you have any methods to distract the tall one?”


York knew that Brooke had agreed to his proposal and his eyes were flashing, explaining what his plan was.


Brooke was silent for a long while again after listening to Brooke, and he nodded reluctantly, “then we’ll do as you said, but you really cannot hurt them. Remember, what we want is food only.”


“That’s for sure.” York responded while there’s a sense of harshness in his eyes.


The other two also breathed a sigh of relief. Although Lina still vaguely felt something was wrong, she didn’t say anything further.


In the evening of the same day, Su Yu and the others stretched themselves a bit. When they were about to have dinner after returning to the wooden house, they saw Lina and Brooke rushing in while panicking.

Lina said with a pale look, “help! Please help us! We heard one of us screaming and it came from the beachside!”


Brooke also said anxiously, “I know that what we did was wrong, but it’s a matter of life and death now, I beg you! Please save us!”


Both of them kept begging and both looked extremely anxious, as if something had really happened.


But Su Yu immediately grasped the point and asked back, “if it’s one of you, why didn’t you save him directly? Why run to us?”


“We…” Lina was embarrassed for a moment, she looked anxious and was at a loss of words, “we’re simply too scared so we’re thinking to ask for help, perhaps it’s safer if we go there together.”


As she said so, she glanced at Ling Tian with a look of expectation and despair.

Ling Tian was reluctant to even glance at her, but just looked down at Su Yu who was next to him.


Su Yu was cold-hearted and didn’t care much about the life and death of strangers, while Ling Tian didn’t care about anyone except Su Yu, which was on an even worse level.


Lina didn’t even look at Ling Tian, she obviously had no intention of helping. She was so anxious that her eyes turned red and she almost burst into tears, “I know that we asked for too much, but please…that’s our companion and we really don’t want to give him up!”


However, Ling Tian still didn’t respond at all, Su Yu’s eyes turned around the four of them and his gaze was fixed on York, “how come you don’t look desperate at all?”


York was stunned for a moment, then he managed to show some anxiety, “who said that I’m not in a hurry? I just didn’t show it.”

Lina was also scared that it would get exposed and she hurriedly pushed them, “I’m begging you or we’ll run out of time!”


Su Yu rolled his eyes and the corner of his mouth twitched, “since you need help so desperately, I’ll help you a bit then.”


This made Lina and Brooke overjoy and the two gratefully said, “then sir, please follow us this way.”


Ling Tian looked at Su Yu reluctantly, as he didn’t really want to leave Su Yu.


Su Yu winked at him, then leaned into his ear and said, “I want to teach some people a lesson, but I don’t want you to see my cruel side, so I can just ask you to go somewhere for a while.”


Afterwards, Su Yu’s soft lips rubbed lightly on Ling Tian’s earlobe.


Ling Tian’s ears turned extremely red and he nodded stiffly, “then let’s go.”

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