Chapter 150


Ling Tian has lost other thinking abilities now, he only felt that his mind went blank, and he’d just obey to whatever his lover said.


Ling Tian was taken away by Lina and Brooke, while York and the other person stayed. When Su Yu was looking the two people standing in front of him, he had to admit that Lina and Brooke were quite smart.


Whether or not York and this man would succeed in getting food from themselves, both Lina and Brooke knew how to find reasons for themselves.

After all, they didn’t do anything to Su Yu, and no matter what the situation of Ling Tian would be, they could both affirmatively say that they’d indeed heard someone scream and it’s not counted as lying.


Also, if York really got the food he needed, Lina and Brooke could get their share as well. It sounded like a brilliant idea when they could get rid of their responsibilities while enjoying the benefits.

After Ling Tian followed them away, York immediately revealed his true colors. He looked at Su Yu with a fierce expression and ordered him bluntly, “where’s your food? Take it out now!”


Su Yu raised his eyebrows calmly, “food? What food? Didn’t you just want to save your companions by approaching me?”


“No more nonsense! Take out your food or I won’t be so polite anymore.” While saying this, York waved his fists in a threatening manner.


Both Zhao Shun and Zhao Li stayed in the wooden house. At this time, after seeing York say such words, they quickly pulled Su Yu behind him, glared at York and said, “how can you do this? You were just asking help from us just now and now you’re acting completely the opposite way. You even asked us for food while Ling Tian wasn’t there, you really crossed the line!”


York sneered and grabbed Zhao Shun’s collar directly. He saw that the three people’s clothes were all brand-new and clean, while his own clothes were tattered, making an unpleasant smell from time to time. York was even more annoyed, “not only do I want food, but I want your clothes as well! Take out your stuff or I’ll beat you to death!”

“Really?” Su Yu narrowed his eyes slightly, he was a little unhappy now, “if I refuse to give you anything, are you really going to beat me up?”


“Don’t talk nonsense to me!” York’s hand holding Zhao Shun’s collar tightened a little bit, making Zhao Shun gasp for breath.


However, Zhao Shun still kicked his legs and reluctantly said, “you guys… run away! Go… find Ling Tian!”


Zhao Li also protected Su Yu behind him and he got anxious, “Su Yu, hurry up and find Ling Tian, there are many of us, my brother and I can hold them back!”


As a result, the next moment, Zhao Li was pinched by York’s other hand, and he started the same kicking exercise as his brother.


“…” Su Yu suddenly felt that his anger was interrupted inexplicably, he couldn’t help but wipe his face, and finally decided to act.


Although York looked tall and majestic, he was definitely not the current Su Yu’s opponent. After all, Su Yu had taken the Spine Washing pill and Ling Tian was the only one that had comparable strength.

Therefore, Su Yu could use the same posture to hold York and his companion’s neck at the same time, but he didn’t want to have any direct physical contact with these two people, so Su Yu chose to use his feet.


After Su Yu wiped his face, he kicked him directly in the abdomen when York was completely unprepared.


Su Yu didn’t use all his strength, but it was at least 60 or 70%. York was kicked to the ground by accident and he also relaxed his hand subconsciously.


Su Yu seldom fought with his fists, as he often had more than a hundred other methods with which he could effectively punish his enemies.


However, sometimes it also feels good to do it directly, at least it could relieve the negative emotions that had been accumulating in his heart for many days.


Although Su Yu didn’t say it nor show it, it didn’t mean that he really accepted the situation in that world.


Ball disappeared inexplicably, his lover lost his memory inexplicably, then there’s suddenly a monster that hadn’t revealed his true face, making him super annoyed.

Su Yu was in a bad mood, and someone had to share his bad mood or it would get even worse.


After kicking once, Su Yu took another two steps forward to make up for a few more kicks, knocking York to the ground and wailing.


Then, he turned to look at the unidentified enemy who had been shocked by the sudden situation, and also walked over and kicked him a few times.


“So you want to ask me for food and clothes, huh? Do you really think your daydreams can come true?” Su Yu sneered as the two shivered in pain on the ground.


The two on the ground couldn’t respond anymore. Every inch of their bodies hurt. They could only wail and roll on the ground, looking extremely pitiful.


Even Zhao Shun and Zhao Li, who had just been rescued by Su Yu, were in a state of shock at this time. They didn’t expect that Su Yu, who looked thinner and weaker than them, could kick someone down at once. He even kicked them so badly.


Although it didn’t feel as shocking as seeing Su Yu preparing food, it was still miraculous. None of them expected Su Yu to carry such a versatile bag with him and have such strong power.


After Su Yu felt that he’d kicked them enough, he went back to the Zhao brothers and slightly raised his chin, “you both, take off their clothes for me.”


The Zhao brothers, who were still confused just a moment ago, suddenly looked odd when hearing so, “take…take off their clothes?”


Su Yu raised his brows slightly and replied with determination, “right. Weren’t they going to snatch our food and clothes? Of course we have to treat them in their own way. In terms of food, they have nothing to eat now and we have much better food than them anyway, so we’ll forget about that, but in terms of clothes, they do have one piece, a very broken one.”


When speaking of this, there’s a strong sense of disgust and irony on Su Yu’s face, “however, I can’t make their wish come true, so just take off their clothes and burn them.”

Although York felt so painful all over his body that he’s almost out of his mind, he still understood the meaning of Su Yu and he struggled to reply, “you…you can’t do that!”


Su Yu just pretended that he hadn’t heard anything and he kept pushing, “you two should take action fast and solve the problem, so that we can have our lunch too.”


Only then did Zhao Shun and Zhao Li get up from the ground. Seeing that Su Yu wasn’t joking, they walked forward hesitantly.


Neither of them had done this kind of thing before, so it was difficult to start. However, after considering that they hadn’t done anything to help Su Yu, they would become utterly useful if they still didn’t help.


About five minutes later, the Zhao brothers finally took off the clothes of the two people lying on the ground, including their underwear, as the Zhao brothers were sweating all over.

Su Yu didn’t want to see them naked, so he wasn’t looking at them at all. When all of their clothes were taken off, he waved and asked the Zhao brothers to push them out.


After solving these two people, Su Yu was getting prepared for food. At this time, there’s a high-pitched scream coming from afar.


Su Yu’s heart tightened, his eyebrows twitched, and he immediately called the Zhao brothers to leave the wooden house and ran towards the direction of the scream.


He was simply too careless just now and he wanted to punish the few guys that didn’t know what they were doing, but he in turn neglected the hidden danger on the deserted island.


At this time, Su Yu was running and praying secretly, hoping that Ling Tian wouldn’t be in trouble!

Since Su Yu was really fast, in less than five minutes, he could vaguely see a few figures. Although it was still a bit far, he immediately recognized Ling Tian, and he took a sigh of relief after seeing that Ling Tian was okay.


But even so, after getting close, Su Yu immediately pulled Ling Tian over to check him out carefully, “luckily you’re alright.”


Ling Tian let Su Yu touch him all over while his expression remained cold, yet he was touching Su Yu’s head gently, “I’m so glad that you’re fine.”


After confirming that his lover was all right, Su Yu could finally look at the surrounding environment and he was attracted by a pool of blood.


It was very similar to the previous situation. There were many bloodstains splattered around, and there was a particularly distinct pool of bloodstains on the ground, as well as a trace that looked like a large animal crawling.

The only difference was probably that Su Yu’s eyes fell on the center of the pool of blood, where there was a foot that had been separated from the body.


Another man unfortunately died, leaving only one foot.


At this time, the sky had not yet completely darkened, and the part connected to the sea was burned by the bright red sunset, revealing a gorgeous and desperate-looking poignant beauty.


“I have followed this trace just now. Like before, it finally disappeared not far from the sea, leaving nothing else.” Ling Tian said solemnly.

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