Chapter 151


Su Yu’s first reaction to these remarks was, “did you run over there all alone? Did you know how dangerous it is?”


Ling Tian knew that Su Yu was caring him, so he just listened to Su Yu’s lecture without any facial expression, “I’ll be more careful next time.”


The reason why Ling Tian started the investigation was that when Su Yu came over, he just wanted to provide with more information that would interest Su Yu. After all, Ling Tian didn’t care about the life and death of these people at all.


Su Yu sighed lightly, then turned his head to look at Lina, who was already so scared that her face turned pale and her eyes were filled with panic. She also looked at Brooke worriedly and blamed them on why she’s so frightened.


Su Yu’s gaze turned around between the two and he said with a sneer, “what do you have to say regarding causing the death of your companion?”


After hearing this, the expressions of Lina and Brooke changed drastically at the same time, Lina looked at Su Yu in shock and fear, and after two seconds, she tried to cover up her emotions and lowered her head.


Brooke’s reaction was better than Lina, he tried to look at Su Yu as calmly as possible, “what do you mean by that?”


Even though Su Yu was willing to speak in English, Lina and Brooke didn’t feel excited about it, just like when they were asking for help from Su Yu before.


Obviously, there were the ones designing the plan and they were the active party, but Su Yu acted like he’d already observed everything. He only chose to be more lenient as he wanted to stop seeing these guys acting like clowns.


And it’s a horrible feeling. Also, since they had been feeling suppressed by panic, Brooke sounded resentful, “we all feel horrible after losing a partner, but even though we asked for help from you before, I think you should really mind your manners!”


Lina also understood the situation more. She frowned and said with tears, “I knew that this tragedy wouldn’t have occurred if we didn’t choose to ask for help from you, but none of us had predicted this. Do you think that we want our partner to die?”


These words sounded so affectionate and righteous, but Su Yu only showed a sarcastic smile afterwards, “really? Then why did you choose to let your partner act alone when you guys were discussing how to get food, while you were always in pair?”


As soon as they heard Su Yu asking that, Lina and Brooke tried to look somewhere else. They understood that York already took action and he pissed Su Yu off.

Then, what about York and the others? How come they hadn’t come over? Did anything happen?


Lina and Brooke had this doubt at the same time, but it’s obviously not the time to think about this question. They quickly looked at each other and withdrew their gaze.


The current situation looked unfavorable for them, but it was within their consideration. Lina instantly looked shocked, “what do you even mean by that? What do you mean by ‘getting food’? I don’t get it.”


Although Brooke didn’t speak, he frowned and looked at Su Yu with a puzzled look.


Although this kind of acting looked very clumsy, it’s still better than York. Su Yu raised his eyebrow and laughed, “you first discussed with your partner about how to snatch food away from me, then you tried to be clear of your responsibility on the surface. You think that you’re so smart but it’s in fact even more disgusting than what York did.”


After someone told what they were thinking so bluntly, Lina and Brooke looked a bit unnatural but they were still pretending.


Lina even flashed her eyes, showing a very surprised expression, “do you mean that York was trying to seize the opportunity to grab your food? He…how could he do such a thing? It’s such a shame!”

After that, Lina looked at Su Yu apologetically and said, “I’m really sorry that my partner would do such a thing to you, but I really had no idea about this. If I knew he would do this to you, never would I allow him to show up in front of you!”


Things have become so obvious, yet these two people were still acting. Su Yu didn’t know whether he should see them as “professional” or thick-skinned.


Su Yu rolled his eyes and said directly, “you think that the place of your discussion was so discreet and remote, yet I was listening to you not far away. Now, do you still have anything to say?”


When they heard so, Lina and Brooke shut their mouth in surprise. Although they thought it shouldn’t be such a coincidence, after listening to the firm tone of Su Yu and the unfriendly manner when he asked for help from Ling Tian, the two instantly thought that it might just be a coincidence after all.


They both thought that everything had been under their control and that they’d smartly calculated everything, yet it turned out that they were being manipulated. There were sophisticated changes on the two’s faces.


They thought immediately that after this incident, they might have really offended Su Yu completely, and it would be difficult for them to seek help from this person in the future.

Su Yu looked at the two people and said very ironically, “why don’t you continue acting? Didn’t you look like you had no idea at all of what’s going on? And now you’re acting all embarrassed?”


Brooke looked embarrassed and angry at the same time. His face turned greenish, “we did it because you were not generous at all! Obviously, you had so much food for yourself and you didn’t want to share one bit with us!”


“Oh? So you were thinking of grabbing my food but I turned out to be one to get blamed?” Su Yu raised his eyebrows and he looked like he’d heard the most ridiculous joke ever, “I just want to know why it is related to me. Why am I supposed to share my food with you and what legitimate reason do you have to oblige me?”


After hearing this question, Brooke was stunned. Although they all ended up on this deserted island, Su Yu indeed had no obligations in helping them.


It’s not their obligation to help at all. However, there’re always people who take things for granted and think that they are supposed to receive help from the others all the time.

Seeing that Brooke had nothing else to say, Su Yu added, “although your thoughts have no logic and your actions are very despicable, it is very inconsistent with your dog-like appearance and it looks really disgusting. However, I’m a tolerant person so I won’t be bothered. Just don’t expect me to help you in the future.”


Su Yu was thinking that he even planned to help these people if he’s in a good mood, he instantly reviewed this idea.


Well, fortunately he didn’t do so.


After hearing what he said, Ling Tian stretched out his hand and wrapped his arms around Su Yu’s shoulders, and told Lina and Brooke, who had no idea what expressions to show, “if you dare to bully him again, I don’t mind giving you some unforgettable lessons for the rest of your life.”


Since they had never seen Su Yu’s violent side, Ling Tian appeared to be more threatening to them and the two immediately shut up.


Su Yu smiled at Ling Tian, ​​then pulled him straight away.


After Su Yu left, Lina immediately felt weak and fell to the ground. She was frightened by Ling Tian’s last look at her. That look was so cold that it was like pouring ice directly on her head. It made people feel cold all over, and it was very difficult to even breathe.

And this time, Brooke didn’t walk over to help Lina, who’s terrified, to get up, because he had the illusion of being targeted by a poisonous snake and had no strength in his legs.


At this time, the two still didn’t know how devastating their actions would bring. They only felt cold all over and they had difficulty breathing.


Contrary to the situation, the atmosphere was relaxing between Su Yu and Ling Tian, as he was describing to Ling Tian how he knocked York over.


When Su Yu and Ling Tian were alone, they instantly regained their joyful mood and said with a smile, “York looks strong but he can’t compete against me. I can kick him down easily.”


Having said this, Su Yu walked mysteriously to Ling Tian and whispered in his ears in a low voice, “let me tell you a secret – I even told the Zhao brothers to take off that person’s clothes.”


Obviously, Su Yu wanted to divert Ling Tian’s attention and stopped him from feeling unhappy about what happened just now, but Ling Tian looked even more pissed off after hearing so.

Ling Tian also leaned into Su Yu’s ear and asked gently, “are you saying that they were naked when they left?”


“Yes.” Su Yu blinked innocently.


Ling Tian’s expression drastically changed, “then have you seen them?”


Su Yu was stunned for a while before he understood what it’s about. He wasn’t sure how to react, as he didn’t expect Ling Tian cared about that, he’s just too cute.


However, even though he’s so jealous, Ling Tian still had no facial expressions. This really made Su Yu’s heart feel soft and made him want to tease Ling Tian more.


Su Yu got near Ling Tian’s ear again and said with a smile, “try to guess.”


Ling Tian’s face darkened a bit and stared at Su Yu, “so you really saw them naked?”


Seeing that his lover was about to get furious, Su Yu took away his smile, “of course I didn’t. I just ordered the Zhao brothers to strip him off and they threw their clothes away directly.”


Ling Tian looked more at ease and still asked again to confirm, “really?”

“Of course it’s true,” Su Yu nodded again and again. He seemed to have thought about something and rolled his eyes. Then, he said naughtily in Ling Tian’s ears, “I am not interested in other people’s bodies, I’m only interested in yours. Really.”


Ling Tian’s ears turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his eyes also turned bright. It’s only that his facial expression remained the same.


He stared at Su Yu without blinking, and after a while, he replied in a serious manner, “I’ll show you all I have.”


“…” And it’s Su Yu’s turn to blush and have a fast heartbeat.


However, they were simply thinking too much at that point. The monster that they’d never seen had already killed four people, and even though they wanted to, they could never do that kind of thing in this dangerous situation.


When the two walked near the wooden house with a smile, they saw Zhao Shun and Zhao Li standing not far from the wooden house, looking around anxiously.


Zhao Shun yelled as he ran, “Su Yu, Ling Tian, you are finally back!”


Zhao Li said helplessly, “Su Yu, you were running too fast just now, we couldn’t catch up with you at all, and we had to return first when we thought of the stuff inside the wooden house.”


Su Yu felt a little ashamed when he heard so. Previously, he activated his all-speed mode as he was too worried about Ling Tian. He had completely forgotten that he’s now much faster than ordinary people after taking the Spine Washing Pill.


However, Su Yu thought of something else. He didn’t trust the two people completely before, that’s why he didn’t share the Spine Washing Pill with them. He thought that it’s about time to do so.


After making up his mind and after returning to the wooden house, Su Yu took out two pills and handed them to Zhao Shun, “if you believe in me, then take this pill.”


Neither Zhao Shun nor Zhao Li knew what it was, but they both believed that it’s something good since it’s from Su Yu.


Since they completed trusted Su Yu and took him as their leader, they took the pill without hesitation.

Then, for the time that followed, they kept running to the toilet. Having considered safety issues, Su Yu and Ling Tian stood at a distance from the two and they were chatting.


Although the environment seemed a bit weird, Su Yu’s mood was not affected by the two people who were squatting, as the distance was far enough.


Two hours later, the two stopped a certain behavior. Su Yu was shocked, as he and Ling Tian didn’t have such big reactions after taking the Spine Washing Pill.


Although the process was torturous, the result was brilliant. Both Zhao Li and Zhao Shun had much better physique and it was a huge difference when comparing to previous times.

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