Chapter 152


Zhao Shun raised his arm vigorously and he was very excited, “I feel that I am full of strength now, it’s as if I could push down a tree!”


Zhao Li’s eyes also looked bright, “I can feel myself very light, it’s like I can fly up just by jumping up a bit!”


They now finally realized how Su Yu easily kicked those two people so badly before, and they finally understood why they couldn’t keep up with his footsteps.

However, both of them were very tacit and did not ask what they were taking. It was already a blessing that Su Yu was willing to give them such a good thing, it would be inappropriate for them to continue asking.


Su Yu looked at how light the two looked and couldn’t help but laugh, “that’s good. From now on, you’ll take up the responsibility in protecting our food.”


Every time Su Yu was about to eat, he took out the food for that meal, and Zhao Shun and Zhao Li didn’t know where the food came from, so they knew very well that Su Yu was just joking.

However, the two still responded very cooperatively, “yes, boss!”


Compared with the harmonious atmosphere on Su Yu’s side, the atmosphere on the other side was not as ideal. The four of them were surrounding the fire with their own thoughts, with strong dissatisfaction in their mind.


York, who was covered in bruises, sat on the ground with a large leaf tied to his body, and he looked very gloomy, “I feel so pissed off! They really crossed the line and I’m gonna kill him!”


Lina and Brooke were sitting on the other side with an annoyed expression. They were actually blaming York in their mind. If he hadn’t come up with such a bad idea, or if he could have worked harder, they would have grabbed some food already. As a result, not only did they fail to grab any food, but they also utterly offended Su Yu, which was super annoying.


But now the result had already decided, York and the others had suffered too much. They looked incredibly miserable. The most important thing was that there were only four of them left and the two didn’t want to continue complaining any further.


Therefore, after looking at each other, Lina asked in concern, “do you two still feel any pain? There’s no medicine here and I’m afraid you’ll have to endure for a while.”

York was feeling pain all over his body. He could feel every of his organ aching.


“Of course it hurts! It hurts me to death!” York waved his fist but he stretched his wound even more. He gritted his teeth and he was in so much pain.


Brooke was also annoyed at York, but he had to express his concern. After all, it’s not the best time to have a conflict, “you guys take a good rest these two days and I’m going to guard here with Lina at night.”


York naturally had no opinion, and at night, he lay directly beside the fire and slept soundly.


Brooke and Lina felt bad looking at him, but they didn’t wake him up, they just sat by the fire and whispered.


“Do you think that monster will appear tonight?” Lina’s gaze swept back and forth in the pitch-black night. When she thought of the pool of blood she saw during the day and the thing left by the blood, she couldn’t help but shiver.


Brooke said that he’s not afraid, but that’s actually a lie. He still had to take care of his face in front of his girlfriend and he said with a blank face, “don’t be scared, I will protect you.”


Lina leaned on Brook subconsciously, but still felt a little creepy. She really hoped that the night would pass quickly, but she felt even more scared after realizing that her other companion was actually killed during the day.

Although everyone was trying to make vehicles that could travel on the sea these days, the progress was extremely slow since they didn’t have any tools. Even if they just wanted to chop a piece of wood, it would take a lot of effort.

And they had been starving for so many days now, they really lacked sufficient energy.


The more Lina thought about her circumstances, the more miserable she felt. Her eyes turned red and she looked at Brooke, “do you really think that we can get out of here?”


Brooke was also hopeless or even desperate, but at this time he had to force himself to toughen up, “we surely can.”


“But we can’t get out of here at all now, and the monsters have been eating people all the time, we…” Lina unconsciously reached out and hugged Brooke’s arm, sniffing in a low mood.


Brooke also looked sad and he didn’t know what to say. He thought of the wooden house where Su Yu and the others lived. If he’s willing to help, then perhaps they could make a kind of vehicle on the sea, it’s only that…


Brooke sighed in his heart, it’s too late to talk about this now, they could only try to think about things in a better direction.

Or perhaps that monster wouldn’t kill anyone? Also, there were four people in both teams, so what if the monster changed its target?


But this kind of thought didn’t seem to make Brooke relax at all, it made him even more desperate and hopeless instead.


Perhaps it’s because someone died during the day, everyone was full of fear that night, but still, nothing happened.


When it was finally dawn of the next day, almost everyone breathed a sigh of relief, feeling quite a bit like another life had started, although the strong fear in their mind had not dissipated.


The reason why “almost” everyone breathed a sigh of relief was because Su Yu and Ling Tian didn’t feel the same way.


The two whispered for nearly the whole night, blowing hot air in each other’s ears, but they were still in good shape after waking up the next day.


The four of them ate breakfast together before doing some exercises outside. After all, it’s not healthy to stay inside all day.

Zhao Shun and Zhao Li had just taken the Spine Washing Pill the day before, and they were full of energy at this time. There would be no problem if they were asked to run around the island the whole day.


Su Yu and Ling Tian were taking a walk and chatting. They looked relaxed but were in fact vigilant at the same time.


A day passed quickly, and it was soon night time again, and almost everyone’s mood dropped to the bottom again, which felt as cold as night.


Su Yu was actually not relaxed at all. Now that four of them died already, no one was sure who the monster would kill next.


However, Su Yu dared not take any action now and he could only for the other party to show up first. He only hoped that he could find more traces or kill the monster directly.


That night, Su Yu was sitting by the fire and listening carefully to the movement outside. Perhaps the two parties became totally oppositional to each other, the foreigners already moved to another place far away from the wooden house as they were feeling too ashamed.

Therefore, when there was a faint scream at night, Su Yu almost thought that it’s an illusion as he was too focused.


However, the scream became louder and louder, also much clearer.


Su Yu’s expression froze, and he immediately woke the Zhao brothers up, while Ling Tian was already standing beside him with a serious look.


“Are you going to save them?” Ling Tian stared at Su Yu with his dark eyes.


Su Yu raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “do I look like a saint? I’m just going to check the situation. If I can kill the monster, I’ll do so. I don’t want to keep panicking the whole day without a solution.”


Ling Tian felt a little puzzled, “but this would be like helping them.”


Su Yu patted Ling Tian on the shoulder and answered his doubt, “this behavior might seem to be helping them, but objectively, I’m just considering about us. So, what am I supposed to do?”


Speaking of which, Su Yu looked back and saw that the Zhao brothers were ready. He spoke faster, “who are more important? Them or us? We can’t avoid doing what’s beneficial to us just because we hate them, right?


However, before taking action, it is necessary to decide which of the two aspects is more important. And like now, if we don’t find that monster, it’ll come to us eventually, it’s more hurtful to us in the long run. That’s just stupid, right?”


After saying that, he directly pulled Ling Tian to run in the direction of the scream, while Zhao Shun and Zhao Li followed closely. Then, they saw a figure stumbling over.


As soon as he saw Su Yu and the others, the figure staggered over and screamed intermittently, “mon…monster! It eats people…!”


Su Yu took a closer look and realized that it was Lina, who usually looked elegant but now she’s in a mess.


At this time, her hair was messy and she was panicking so much. She probably knew that even if she continued to run, it would not be as safe as staying with these people, so she stopped immediately.


Lina even stopped in front of Ling Tian, attempting to fall on him.


After seeing this, Su Yu pulled Ling Tian directly behind him and looked at the messy-looking Lina with alertness and disgust.


With no one standing in front of her, Lina could only stand still and she looked a bit embarrassed, but this sense of embarrassment was soon replaced by anxiety, “you guys should run too as it’s approaching us!”

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