Scattering IQ

Chapter 153


“Run!” Su Yu looked at Lina unhappily, as this woman was clearly asking for death by having intentions on his lover, “isn’t your partner there? Is there really no problem that you ran away?”


Lina’s eyes flashed slightly and she said with a forced smile, “of course I didn’t want to leave them, it’s just that they ran in different directions from me. Under this situation, if we still hesitate, not only will we harm ourselves, but your partner will be dragged inside too.”

The implication is that in this case, if two people run together, they can’t surpass one that’s running alone.


Su Yu didn’t reply Lina directly. He just turned to look at Ling Tian and said, “If it were you, would you take me and run with you, or would you run away alone?”


“We have to be together, I won’t leave you.” Ling Tian replied with strong determination.


Su Yu’s expression also softened a bit, “me too.”


Lina rolled her eyes after these two publicly showed affection, “we’re in a risky situation too. Shouldn’t we talk about this later?”

“Compared to someone’s behavior of hooking up with other men’s men just after escaping from the monster, I don’t think what I had done was anything important, right?” Su Yu argued back. However, the situation was really critical now, so after saying so, he directly passed through Lina and continued running forward.


However, the reason why Su Yu still had the leisure to reply like this was because the effect of the medicinal pill had just passed and it formed a barrier within a radius of two kilometers.


Su Yu had never used this medicinal pill before, because he thought that it could not work in other mission worlds. Also, it was not his main refining object, so he only brought three pills in total.


This pill was obviously beyond the scope of the rules of this world, so there was no problem in using it, but its use of scope was small and its effective time was very short.


Its range was only two kilometers and it was only effect for ten minutes. Right now, three minutes already passed. While Su Yu was thinking about it, he already felt the fluctuation of the barrier in his mind and it was a big movement.


It was that monster hitting the barrier!


It was a completely different situation that Su Yu had expected. He thought that after eating a person, the monster would definitely look for other people’s traces, but it turned out that it’s about to leave.

Thinking about the four people who died previously, except for the first two who died together in the sea, only one died at a time after that. It seemed that the monster deliberately did not kill them all. Instead, like hide-and-seek, it was trying to kill one at a time.


While Su Yu was thinking, he had already pulled Ling Tian to run away in the direction of the fluctuation. He was ready to take advantage of this opportunity to kill this monster directly, so he must not miss it easily.


Although Zhao Shun and Zhao Li didn’t know what was going on, they subconsciously followed behind. The speed of these four people was extremely fast, and Lina couldn’t follow them even if she wanted to. She could only stomp her feet resentfully.


She just wanted to find someone to protect her. Why are all these guys treating her like this as a woman?


In less than a minute, the four of them had already approached the monster’s position. As they didn’t know anything about the monster, they didn’t dare to get too close directly, and they also became slower.


Then, they saw a scene that made them chill.


A giant python with the thickness of an adult man’s waist at the tip of its tail was using its thick and terrifying body to hit the barrier that was invisible to the naked eye, roaring furiously from time to time.

The most terrifying thing was that instead of swimming on the ground now, it was suspended in the air, and a pair of huge white fleshy wings were flapping rapidly.


Su Yu’s pupils shrank slightly, this huge monster could actually fly, no wonder those traces disappeared suddenly.


Of course, what was more terrifying to Su Yu was not the pair of wings, but the various actions of this monster before, which fully proved that it had its own consciousness and emotions.


Just looking at the size of this monster, even a single human being wasn’t enough to be its dessert, but it appeared in the sight of these people in this mysterious way, and it only ate one person at a time. It’s really intriguing.


In the eyes of this monster, this group of people were just toys.


And in this way, in order deal with this monster, Su Yu could only release his mecha. Otherwise, there’s no way to fight against it even after taking the Spine Washing Pill.


Su Yu was already pressing on the space button. Just as he was about to release the mecha, the huge python actually smashed the barrier that was still in effect and flew away.


Su Yu’s movements suddenly stopped, and at that moment, he seemed to meet the huge green eyes of the giant python, which were full of anger.

However, Su Yu was not frightened by its gaze at all. He just paused for a moment, then immediately looked at the time before catching up with the fastest pace. Then, for the first time, he saw the giant python slowly sinking into the sea.


Sure enough, it came out of the sea, which means that it had been living on the bottom of the sea well before. It’s only that there happened to be two humans looking for food at the seaside, so it was excited to go ashore to play with its newly discovered toys.


After confirming that the python had left and would not return that day, Su Yu began to carefully calculate the time.


The original ten-minute effective time actually lasted for less than seven minutes. It should be because the impact of the giant python was simply too high.


And this time there were still more than six minutes, meaning that he’d have shorter time in the next round. Su Yu couldn’t help getting worried.


This giant python must be killed as soon as possible, and there must be no more accidents.


Because Su Yu looked too worried, Ling Tian couldn’t help but ask, “Ah Yu, are you okay?”


Su Yu raised his head and smiled at Ling Tian, “I’m fine, I’m just thinking about how to deal with this monster.”


“There will be a way.” Ling Tian touched Su Yu’s face.

The Zhao brothers looked at ease. Although they both suspected that it would be a merciless monster, they hadn’t expected that it would be such a giant python. It’s simply too horrifying.


When the four of them returned to the wooden house, three people were already waiting there. Su Yu glanced at them and found it a pity that it wasn’t York getting killed by the giant python.


As soon as Lina saw Su Yu and the others, she immediately greeted them in embarrassment. She seemed to have forgotten the incident that happened before, while greeting them on a happy smile on her face, “thank God, you’re finally back.”


Su Yu didn’t want to look at her again. He walked directly around her to the wooden house. Lina felt ashamed, but she had to follow and looked at Brooke with a pitiful look.

Brooke was feeling guilty about the fact that he had just escaped alone, when he saw Lina looking at him like this, he immediately suggested without caring his face, “I know that we were wrong, but it’s an urgent situation now. Shouldn’t we forget about what happened between us before and reconcile first?”


“If you want to seek asylum, just say it directly. Who can understand it when you speak so indirectly?” Su Yu was in a bad mood, and when he spoke, he naturally became sharper.

Brooke was already annoyed since his thought was revealed so bluntly, but he couldn’t scold Su Yu back, as he’s the only one that he could depend on now.


In the situation just now, the three of them were all just escaping for their lives, but Su Yu dared to take the other three people who were with him to chase the monster, which showed that he must have some magic weapon in his hands.


Lina almost scolded Su Yu to death in her heart, but she still had a somewhat flattering smile on her face. “We are begging you…please don’t drive us away.”


Su Yu didn’t answer this. Instead, he turned his eyes to York who was covered with two large leaves and burst into laughter, “it looks great on you.”


York was already thinking about the shameful thing before, and he couldn’t control his temper anymore after Su Yu said it so bluntly, “shut the fxxk up! It’s all because of you!”


“Yes, it’s because I did it, so I’m very happy.” Su Yu raised his eyebrows and nodded generously.


York had never seen such a thick-skinned person, his face turned pale in a while, “you pervert, today I must…”


Before York finished speaking, Su Yu already kicked him to the ground and he also stepped him for a few more times, “um, some people just need to be reminded. He was taught a lesson before but now he forgot about it all.”

York was beaten so much that he could only cry, and his temper had all disappeared.


Before Su Yu beat him up enough, Ling Tian walked up to him and held him, which made Su Yu frown and said, “What’s wrong?”


“If you continue kicking, his part will be exposed.” Ling Tian said calmly, “and you told me that you’re only interested in me.”


Su Yu was stunned for a while and his mood was much better, “I’m indeed only interested in you. Perhaps you should look for a big leaf for me, then I won’t see anything.”


Ling Tian thought about it for a while before doing so. Everyone around them was dumbfounded by this conversation and action.


People can actually show affection this way!


Su Yu beat him up for some more across the big leaves, and after all his anger was gone. He told York jokingly, “let me tell you. I saw the monster just now.”


As soon as he said so, everyone stared at Su Yu.

Su Yu continued, “it is a huge python, the tip of its tail is as thick as your waist, and it has a pair of white fleshy wings on its back.”


Su Yu paused slightly before continuing, “the giant python told me just now that you’re its next target, York.”

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