Chapter 154


After hearing Su Yu’s words, York’s pupils shrank suddenly, and his body trembled uncontrollably, “that’s impossible! You must be lying to me! That’s impossible!”


“Won’t you know when you are torn apart by that giant python?” Su Yu chuckled and took two steps back, yet he was staring at York, “when it told me that it’s going to eat you, it also said that it’ll try to enjoy you as much as possible. Instead of killing you directly, it’s planning to rip your legs and arms off first, then it’ll be your organs…”


Before Su Yu finished speaking, York screamed in horror, jumped up from the ground and ran into the distance.


Su Yu didn’t stop him, he just looked at York’s back with cold eyes, then slowly turned to look at Lina and Brooke, “do you also want to know if you’re on the list?”


Lina and Brooke were shaken by Su Yu’s cold gaze, and they knew very well that with Su Yu’s temperament, it was impossible for him to forgive and help them. If they continued to stay there, they would only piss Su Yu off even more.


The two secretly felt resentful, but they could only leave in despair. This time, they did not return to the previous bonfire, but they chose another location near the wooden house.

York was really going to be scared crazy. He felt that he didn’t want to stay in a place like this for another second. He wanted to leave this deserted island, away from that monster, away from that terrifying Su Yu!


Therefore, after he calmed down a little, he immediately began to drag the tools made by the previous few people to the seaside.


When Lina and Brooke found it, York had already dragged the raft tied up by several sturdy logs and long hemp ropes found on the desert island for about dozens of meters.


After seeing this, Brooke immediately yelled, “York, what are you doing?”


York had no time to pay attention to these two people now, so he simply continued to drag the raft to the seaside without looking back, “I must get out of here now or I will die, I must get out of here!”


Brooke directly stood in front of York and said angrily, “stop! Now this raft can’t be used at all, the sea is so windy. It will sink, and we don’t have enough food. If we leave directly, there’s no way we could get back to shore alive!”


York glared at Brooke, although he calmed down a little, as long as he thought of what Su Yu had said, he would immediately be in a state of collapse.

He roared while being emotionally unstable, “of course you’re not in a hurry now, but I’m going to die soon, you know? That monster is going to eat me next! If I don’t leave now, it’ll be impossible for me to leave!”


Brooke was also a little annoyed. He took a deep breath and said as calmly as possible, “York, calm down first, Su Yu just tried to scare you on purpose. It can’t be true, and you know that clearly, right?”


But York couldn’t calm down at all, “I don’t know, I only know that the next target of that monster is probably me, I can’t wait any longer!”


“York, listen to me. Su Yu can’t communicate with the monster at all, since it can’t talk. He’s just frightening you, if you really leave now, then your wish will be fulfilled. Well, and I can guarantee that you may not be able to survive at all when the sun rises tomorrow morning.” Although this was not very pleasant to say, it was indeed the truth.


York was even angrier when he heard so, “are you cursing me? I know that you just don’t want me to use this raft, you don’t care about my life or death at all!”


Brooke felt that he had no way to communicate with York normally, so he could only reach out and pull him, wanting him to put down the raft temporarily, but York was very aggressive, he pushed Brooke away and yelled, “I must leave here today. None of you can stop me!”

Lina felt a little helpless standing there, so she could only step forward and say, “York, how could we harm you? Have you forgotten? We are now companions, and there are only three of us left, we should now stay together and it will improve our chances of survival. It would be very dangerous if you left alone now.”


“The three of us stay together? Did you forget that you’d left us when you said that you’d come soon? And did you forget how you fled alone?” York was full of anger and sarcasm, “wait until I’m about to die, and you will definitely leave me without hesitation, I don’t believe you at all now!”


The three of them were arguing again, but neither side could convince the other, and in the end they almost started fighting.


Although Brooke didn’t think this raft could really cross the ocean, it was the last tool they had left, so he would never let York take the raft away.


The more they talked, the more annoyed they became. Finally, they actually started to fight. Both of them had been hungry for many days. With all his energy, he kicked Brooke hard to the ground.


Lina tried to dissuade him, but neither of them listened to her, so she could only rush around in circles.


It was originally a two-to-one situation, but in the end it turned out that York won. Brooke fell to the ground and could hardly get up, and Lina didn’t dare to stop the fight, so she could only let York drag the raft away.

It took about ten minutes, and York finally dragged the raft to the sea, pushed it into the sea, then climbed up neatly.


Lina supported Brooke and watched on the beach not far away, with anger in their eyes, as well as deep worry and fear.


“York had only a bag of fruit wrapped in leaves, and it is impossible for him to make it to shore alive.” Brooke spat out some blood and said bitterly.


Although Lina was supporting Brook, she was no longer as obedient to Brooke as before. If he was really capable, he would not let York take the raft away. However, Lina just sighed, “it’s a pity that we have no tools left.”


York left by night, and soon he disappeared in front of Lina and Brooke. Then, no one saw him again, and no one knew what happened to him after that.


The next day, the monster didn’t appear again. Everything seemed extraordinarily calm, but it was a strange atmosphere before the storm.

Su Yu didn’t dare to relax at all, he still had two pills left that could be used to build a barrier, and he had to use them carefully.


First trap the giant python with the barrier, then use the mecha to kill it. That was Su Yu’s current plan.


If the attack power and other functions didn’t get decreased when the mecha was in the water, Su Yu really wanted to drive it directly into the sea to get rid of this giant python, so that he could finally have a peaceful night.


On the third day, Su Yu finally saw the giant python, and this time, it aimed at Su Yu.


Sure enough, it must have thought through. Otherwise, it would have acted differently.


Su Yu didn’t panic, but there were only two seats in the mecha. He could bring Ling Tian but he couldn’t do the same for the Zhao brothers.

Therefore, when the giant python appeared, Su Yu immediately let the two run to the south, and if necessary, they could go to the beach to hide.


At this time, the python’s tail had already swept to the log cabin, and in a second, the seemingly strong wooden cabin collapsed to the ground instantly, making cracking sounds.

The moment Su Yu was about to press the space button, he happened to meet the huge green eyes of the giant python. At this moment, there seemed to be a kind of daze in those huge eyes, and it suddenly spat out a letter and swam in the other direction.


Su Yu suddenly paused pressing the space button. What happened to this giant python? The prey already reached its mouth, and it suddenly gave up?


Especially the daze that just flashed in the eyes of the giant python, what was going on?


Su Yu faintly sensed something was wrong. It felt like the python’s previous target was indeed him, but it suddenly changed its mind and turned to attack others.


If it was as he’d expected, this python had indeed become intelligent. Then, it wouldn’t suddenly change its target for no reason, so why did this incident occur?


However, time was running out. The barrier had already been set, and Su Yu had no time to think about this issue. He had to seize this opportunity to destroy this giant python.

Su Yu directly reached out and pressed the space button, but after waiting for a while, the mecha did not fly out of the space button as expected, and there wasn’t any movement either. Su Yu frowned deeply.


Before these people came to this deserted island, Su Yu took out the mecha from the space button in order to keep warm. There was no problem at that time, but now, it seemed to have vanished and there’s no reaction at all.


Su Yu’s heart froze and he felt terrified. If the giant python hadn’t changed its target just now, he would’ve been in its belly already.


After Su Yu calmed down a bit, he immediately took out another space button and pressed it.


However, there was still no movement. The space button, which should not have any problems, seemed to have lost its huge storage function, and the content in it have also disappeared. It became a small, useless ordinary thing.


It’s just too weird!


Su Yu thought for a while, and he immediately thought of the reason why he appeared in this mission world. Could it be that force deliberately blocking him?

But if the enemy really had such ability, they could set the python’s goal on himself from the beginning, why wait until now?


Moreover, it was just really strange that the python changed its target, it really didn’t seem like that its target was Su Yu.


Su Yu couldn’t help feeling a little confused. The other party’s actions seemed to be helping him, but also restraining himself, so was this was an enemy or a friend? And what purpose did he have?


Just as Su Yu was confused, there was already a person who was unfortunately lost, and Lina’s screams was resounding in the sky, sounding particularly mournful.


And through this scream, they knew immediately that the person swallowed by the python was Brooke.


As a result, there were only five survivors left on the island.


Su Yu didn’t have the tools to deal with the giant python now, so he could only watch it crawl away. Suddenly, Su Yu suddenly heard a familiar and cute voice.


“Master host, I finally escaped, awww…”

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