Chapter 155


Then, an unknown spherical object thrown itself into Su Yu’s arms, he caught it subconsciously and it’s a very familiar touch in his hand, the corners of Su Yu’s mouth raised immediately.


After itself into Su Yu’s arms, Ball cried loudly, “master host, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault for letting you fall into this mission world. You have endured so many hardships…It’s all my fault and I should have protected you and the male male protagonist at all times…”


Su Yu hadn’t heard the babbling sound of Ball for quite a while and he actually felt a little nostalgic. At this time, he didn’t feel annoyed. Instead, he stretched out his hand and patted the Ball’s round body twice, “it’s okay. Aren’t I safe and sound now?”


Ball still felt very guilty. In addition to being silly and sweet, it also had a strong sense of responsibility. Any task assigned to it would be completed very seriously.


But now that there was such a mistake because of it, Ball naturally felt extremely guilty.


In desperation, Su Yu could only change the subject, “then can you tell me what’s this all about? Why did I end up in this mission world, and why did Ling Tian lose his memory? And where did you go?”

When asked such a serious question, Ball wiped away its nonexistent tears and choked up, “I really should be blamed for this matter. In the last mission world, didn’t you ask me what I was doing? I think problem originated there.”


Speaking of which, Ball shook its round body unnaturally, it was a little awkward but it firmly continued, “master host, you should know that I am different from other systems in this world, as I’m a completely independent existence, a highly advanced intelligent system…in fact, I am very envious of other systems with their own partners, and I am also very jealous that you have such a good relationship with the male protagonist, so I just….I separated some of my internal data, since I wanted to create an independent smart system.”


“At that time, I spent a lot of time trying to do this, but nothing came of it. I thought that the attempt was a failure, but that guy was so evil…he has had an independent consciousness since long time ago, yet he still deceived me by pretending to be asleep. He even thrown me somewhere unknown…I’m so pissed off!”


Ball roared furiously, but its voice was very soft and it didn’t sound imposing at all, it’s more like acting coyly.


However, Su Yu roughly confirmed his speculation from the answer of Ball. He seized the key point and asked, “what about the newly created intelligent system then?”

“Of course I locked it in the little black room! Hmph, how dare it plot against me like this, and it caused you and the male protagonist to suffer so much…you were almost eaten by a giant monster. Of course I can’t let it go easily!” Ball said through gritted teeth, and there was a little bit of guilt in his voice.


Su Yu once again immediately grasped the key point in Ball’s words and asked, “So what are you going to do with it next?”


Ball shook uneasily and it almost dared not look Su Yu in the eyes, “master host, I know that its behavior is very bad, but…but it was created by me after all, so this responsibility should be taken by me. I’m a little… a little bit reluctant to kill it directly, but I can choose to ignore forever…”


Su Yu was not surprised by Ball’s idea. The main reason was that Ball was too stupid and sweet, and he was very soft-hearted. He couldn’t allow himself to be cruel to it.


Su Yu thought about it for a while, but he didn’t come to a conclusion directly. Instead, he asked a few more questions first, “did it do anything to you when you were locked in the small dark room during this time?”


“Of course it did!” While Su Yu was still soft-hearted a moment ago, Ball couldn’t help but complain in the next moment, “it didn’t let me help you and the male lead, and it even modified some of my data without authorization. It added a banning button, so that I couldn’t come directly to this mission world from the beginning. I could only wait until half of the people in this mission world were killed.”

“And other than that?” Su Yu raised his eyebrows.


Ball thought for a while, “Of course it did! It even tried to brainwash me, deliberately telling me bad things about my master host and persuading me to give you up!”


“…Anything else?” Su Yu’s eyebrows twitched.


Ball thought about it again, shook its body and said, “I don’t think so. In fact, during this period of time, it talked to me daily and played with me, but it just wouldn’t let me out.”


And because of this reason, Ball didn’t want to kill it directly.


“In addition to the banning button, did it ever touch your other data or try to devour you?” Su Yu continued asking.


“No, not to that extent and I don’t think it has that ability. All in all, I’m the main system.” Ball shook its body again.

Su Yu thought about it for a while and probably knew what kind of a creature he’s dealing with. Although this guy’s behavior really pissed him off, Su Yu might consider forgiving it once if it could accompany Ball.


“Can you fully control it now?” Su Yu asked the last question.


Ball nodded, “yes.”


Su Yu also nodded and said directly, “Then let it out first, I have something to tell him.”


“What?” Ball was stunned for a while before saying a little worriedly, “does my master host want to kill it now?”


Su Yu didn’t plan to explain much, he just waved his hand, “call it out first. Then hide yourself somewhere.”


Ball had no other ways but to pull the black egg out of the small dark room nervously. It wanted to say something to Su Yu, but it kept its mouth shut and disappeared hesitantly.


Su Yu looked at Ball with a faint grey mist and smiled. He thought, “Ball really needs to improve its taste.”


After Ball disappeared, Su Yu said to the black ball in front of him, “is there anything you want to tell me?”


Black Ball floated in the air pretending to be dead and it wasn’t speaking at all.


“Do you feel sorry for not being able to kill us directly?” Su Yu didn’t mind and his smile remained, “but you’ve already reached your limit, right? Although you successfully deceived Ball in the beginning, it has a highly advanced defense system. Even if you are data separated from it, you have to stop Ball from noticing anything weird. So, what you can do is to secretly change the mission world when Ball isn’t paying attention, then set limitations for entering this mission world.”


Having said this, Su Yu paused for a while before continuing, “well, only when the number of survivors in this mission world is less than half of the total number of people, Ball can enter this mission world. Let me think, why did you want to set such a restriction?”


Black Ball seemed to move for a while, but it still had no intention to speak.


Su Yu circled Black Ball and continued without hurry, “it seems that you know Ball well. Even if you set at the beginning that Ball wouldn’t be able to enter this mission world no matter how, it’d still try looking for other ways.”


“However, if more than half of the people die, Ball would become less worried and it wouldn’t do anything to hurt itself out of desperation. So, I’m guessing that you just don’t want to hurt Ball, right?”


Black Ball still didn’t speak, but Su Yu’s tone suddenly turned cold and he said, “so, you should be happy that both I and the male lead are alive, or you would be the one having killed Ball.”


After hearing this, Black Ball finally had a more obvious reaction, and it finally made a cold electronic sound, “you are lying to me.”


“Lying to you? Is this necessary?” Su Yu sneered, not paying attention to Black Ball at all, “If only I were to die, Ball would indeed not disappear completely, it would at most suffer from the pain of contact binding. But If the male protagonist dies, then Ball will completely lose the meaning and value of its existence, do you think that it will continue to exist at that time then?”


As soon as Su Yu finished speaking, Black Ball’s sphere immediately emitted a thick gray mist, as if it had been manually blackened.


“I know you don’t want Ball to be bound, but your idea is obviously too naïve. At least for the current situation, I am definitely more important than you are for Ball. What do you think Ball would do if I ask it to kill you directly?” Su Yu threatened it without hesitation.

These words created more mist on Black Ball’s body.


Su Yu was delighted to see this. Although he did not intend to let Black Ball get out of the way, he wouldn’t let this matter slip so easily either.


How dare it bring them to this cruel mission world? Su Yu admitted that Black Ball had some guts.


“If it wasn’t for Ball, you would no longer exist.” Su Yu’s voice was a little cold, “also, in order to prevent you from making the same mistake next time, I must remind you that whatever you do without the approval of the others will always be something stupid.”


He implied that Black Ball’s previous actions were extremely stupid.

Although Black Ball was annoyed by such a statement, he seemed to understand that it was indeed reasonable, so it stopped emitting endless grey mist.


After a moment of silence, Black Ball finally said, “I’m not going to deal with you anymore.”


“Same here. The reason why I keep you is purely for the sake of Ball. If I wasn’t worried that it would be sad, there is no need for you to exist at all, and I don’t want you to appear in front of me ever again.” The human and system hated each other and they wanted each other to disappear forever.


In fact, it wasn’t entirely because of Ball. It was Black Ball that led away the python before, and it was also the same one preventing him from taking out the mecha. Although Black Ball was so annoying, its attitude already improved before Ball got here, or it wouldn’t have helped Su Yu at all.


It felt like Black Ball was going to brainwash Ball but it turned out to be the one getting brainwashed. How come it even felt kind of cute?

Black Ball didn’t want to continue to communicate with this human being, but after thinking about it, it said, “I won’t hurt Ball, and I won’t take the initiative to trouble you again, but I hope you can treat Ball a little better.”


“I’m just going to say the same. Don’t do stupid things just because you think you’re doing good for someone.” Su Yu said sarcastically again.


Although the relationship between Su Yu and Ball was more like a master-servant relationship, their nature had already changed and they were more like family members to each other.


Black Ball was silent for a while before being shoved away by Su Yu.


When Su Yu turned around, he saw Ling Tian’s eyes staring at him in the dark, “what are they?”

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