Chapter 156


Su Yu’s heart skipped a beat. Although he didn’t hide Ling Tian on purpose, he didn’t expect Ling Tian to be able to detect the existence of Ball either. He was somehow shocked and blinked, “what did you see just now?”


“Aren’t they just two ugly balls?” Ling Tian asked back.


“…” These words actually left Su Yu speechless. It was indeed two balls, and they really didn’t look good. One was flashing with light spots of various colors at any time, and the other one was completely dark and even emitting smoke from time to time, “those are…my friends.”


Although there were less and less brightness of his lover’s soul fragments after so many mission worlds and they looked more complete, Su Yu couldn’t tell whether it was the best moment to tell the truth.


In the last mission world, Su Yu had already planned to use the online game world as a stepping stone. If he could successfully bring his lover’s soul fragments into it, then he had high hopes in bringing his lover to the real world.


When that time came, it would probably be the best choice and the most foolproof.


Ling Tian noticed Su Yu’s hesitation, and he felt that the behavior of this little lover was a bit contradictory. If he really wanted to hide himself, he could have tried to find a way to drive him away, yet he didn’t.

But if he didn’t want to hide it, there was no need to deliberately avoid his own question and give such a vague and perfunctory answer.


Even if he couldn’t understand the thoughts of his little lover, Ling Tian would not have any unnecessary thoughts. Even if his lover was really hiding something from him, he certainly wouldn’t hurt him, so there was nothing to worry about.


After the conversation here was almost over, Zhao Shun and Zhao Li finally came back in a hurry and they were panting, “are you… all right? Where’s the giant python?”


Su Yu shrugged and said calmly, “it ran away, and now we’re safe.”


Now that Ball was here, Su Yu was not worried about any more threats that the giant python would bring to him, but in this case, it seemed that he could finally consider doing something that he’d been wanting to.


Su Yu was very delighted, but there was no need to worry about this kind of thing. It’d be better to have a restful night of sleep first.


Ball was probably feeling too guilty. It didn’t need Su Yu’s reminder. The next morning, it already ran towards Su Yu and told him that the giant python had been solved.

“Solved? Do you mean killed?” Su Yu raised his eyebrows while having his breakfast.


At this time, only Ling Tian was sitting beside him. As for Zhao Shun and Zhao Li, they were settled in another hut by Su Yu.


He could tell Ling Tian some stuff, but he couldn’t hide from the Zhao brothers. Also, there was no other danger on the island and there should be no problem for them to act separately.


As for Lina, the only surviving member of the other team, Su Yu didn’t intend to pay attention to them. If she had the ability to continue living there, Su Yu would naturally not kill her, but it would be impossible for him to provide any help.


Ball swayed for a while, looking extremely obedient, “no, I just re-seal it back to where it was before, and it shouldn’t leave there in the future and make further troubles. I can deal with it again if my master host is not satisfied with this method.”


Su Yu held his chin and thought for a while, then he thought of a question, “Ball, do you think there is anything here worth taking away?”


What Su Yu asked was obviously what to bring from this mission world into the next one.

Although there was a summary of the previous situation, the overall background of this world was just this deserted island. People in this world couldn’t successfully leave the deserted island no matter what method they used.


On the deserted island, there was nothing apart from some bushes and fruit trees, and Su Yu couldn’t think of anything worth taking away.


Ball also thought about it seriously, and it turned out to be equally clueless. Black Ball was just too evil to choose this mission world for him as it’s both dangerous and worthless!


“It seems that there is really nothing worth taking away. Whatever’s available here, you have it already in your bag.” Ball decided to keep Black Ball in the small dark room for a few more days and see if it would do such a stupid thing again.


Su Yu held his chin and thought for a while, and suddenly his eyes lit up, “however, there’s really something that’s unique in this world, but it might not be too easy to bring it along.”


“Master host, what are you talking about?” Ball looked at Su Yu innocently.


Su Yu smiled slightly and said half-jokingly, “it’s the thing that you just dealt with.”

Ball was stunned for a moment before he realized what had happened, and suddenly he turned pale and said, “but…but that’s a living thing! And it’s so big!”


“You didn’t say that you couldn’t bring living creatures there.” Su Yu glanced at Ball calmly. The next world would be dominated by games. If they could bring such a thing into the game, they could then use it as their own. It would feel great to use it as their exclusive chair or even a weapon.


“…” Ball actually felt a little speechless, but it had long been accustomed to being exploited by its host.


In addition, it was indeed its negligence this time that created such a big mistake, and it was necessary to compensate its host.


Although it was very embarrassed, Ball agreed after some struggle, “um…okay then, I will think of a way and see if I can bring this thing to the next mission world.”


“I’ve already figured out a way for you.” After reaching the goal, Su Yu kindly explained the way he had thought about before, “the next thing I want to enter is the game world, if I really bring such a giant monster there, I won’t be able to use it directly, and it may even cause huge disturbances. Therefore, my suggestion is that you first record the size and area of ​​this giant python in detail, then measure its attack and defense value. Wait for them to convert into virtual forms and copy them, do you think this is feasible?”

Although the data was still exactly the same as this python, it was not an entity, just some virtual data.


This method was very in line with the game settings. After all, the weapons, equipment, clothes, mounts, etc. that looked cool in the game were essentially all composed of some virtual data, which did not exist in the real world.


And this way, it can also make the whole thing easier. Ball would no longer need to worry about transporting a giant living thing to another mission world.


“Master Host, your proposal is really great!” Ball immediately cheered, “I am sure there’ll be no problem then!”


After this problem was solved, Su Yu had already finished his breakfast. At this time, he asked a question related to the plot of this world mission, “Ball, does this mission world also contain soul fragments?”


Ball was stunned for a moment, then it said uncomfortably, “since this mission world was randomly selected by Black Ball from some of the more dangerous mission worlds, neither you nor the male protagonist are supposed to be here, so there are no corresponding world fragments.”

This could also be understood as – according to the original plot of this world, there were no two characters Su Yu and Ling Tian in it at all, so there was naturally no plot or any side missions. There wouldn’t be any soul fragments either.


Ball thought for a while before adding, “however, this was caused by my negligence this time, so as compensation, you can get an additional one-time reward of 10,000 IQ points. ”


It sounds like a lot, but Su Yu usually didn’t the initiative to exchange props. Most of the time, he would let Ball do it when the situation required, so he didn’t have much of a concept about IQ points.


After hearing Ball’s words, Su Yu only nodded lightly, “I’ve got it.”


Seeing that his host reacted so calmly, Ball felt even more guilty. It thought about it for a while before asking a bit selfishly, “master host, are there any games that you like in particular? Let me tell you secretly – I can change the settings of the next mission world.”


Su Yu raised his eyebrows and thought about it seriously, then shook his head, “there isn’t any that I like.”

Su Yu really didn’t like playing games, and he couldn’t see the fun of it. The reason why he chose such a mission world was to test the plan in his mind and prepare to bring his lover into the reality.


Such an answer really surprised Ball, as it thought that with the personality of its host, he must have played a lot of games. It thought for a while and asked in a different way, “then are there any games that you’re good at?”


Su Yu’s answer made it stunned again, “No, to be honest, I hardly play any games.”


“!!!” Ball felt as if it had discovered a new continent. It turned out that its host didn’t play any games at all! It really didn’t suit his personality!


Then, another problem came. Ball asked him while feeling shocked, “then why did you choose the game world?”


This time, Su Yu didn’t answer directly, but instead asked back, “shouldn’t you ask me how I am supposed to play cool in the game world since I suck in games?”

After being surrounded by its host, Ball was suddenly distracted, “oh right! Then master host, what do you intend to do then?”


Su Yu obviously made Ball ask this question, yet he smiled mysteriously at this time, “I’ll find my way.”


“…” Ball felt that its host was really bad.


After confirming that there was no main quest in this mission world, and it was impossible to obtain soul fragments, Su Yu also learned from Ball that it wasn’t necessary to stay in such a world until the end and they could leave anytime.


If it was another background, Su Yu might as well stay with his lover and treat it as a honeymoon trip. However, the environment on the deserted island was extremely awful and there’s nothing to eat or play with. It might just be better to leave.


In addition, Su Yu also wanted to determine the feasibility of his plan as soon as possible, so he quickly decided to leave this world and go to the next one.

But this “as soon as possible” would be at least a month or so, as they couldn’t just do nothing…right?


So, Su Yu set up a fire that night and spread a thick, soft blanket around the fire.


He dragged Ling Tian to sleep on the blanket, yet it wasn’t just an ordinary sleep.

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