Chapter 157


For nearly a month after that, the two of them both had the same sleeping behavior in different locations on the deserted island, which was extremely boring.


In the process, Su Yu did not forget to consider the matter of the Zhao brothers.


Ball had said before that the entire background of this world was only the size of such a deserted island, and the rest was the endless sea, so there was no such thing as returning to the land.


It could almost be determined that it was an incomplete script. In the face of such incompleteness, Su Yu and Ling Tian could directly wave their hands and leave gracefully, but the others in this script were not so lucky.


According to the previous development, these people would all die on this deserted island, but because of the appearance of Su Yu, the situation dramatically changed. Not only did the Zhao brothers survive, but Lina also survived, however it might not be a good thing for them.


To live on such a barren and barren island in such a harsh environment for the rest of your life would be a kind of torture in itself, right?

When he learned about this, Su Yu even had a little self-doubt, should he have saved the Zhao brothers before? Perhaps death would be the ultimate release for them?


But now that everything had happened, there was no possibility of turning back, and it was impossible for Su Yu to deprive the Zhao brothers of their right to continue living at this time, and this fact made him sigh helplessly.


“Is there any way to get them out of here?” Su Yu asked, rubbing his brows. Although his feelings for the Zhao brothers were not deep, he really didn’t want to see these two people trapped on this lonely desert island.


Ball thought for a while, and suddenly its whole body lit up, “I know that there is a system prop that can artificially create a very realistic environment, but the scope should not be too large, it is at most the size of a small town.”


These words made Su Yu’s eyes shine. Although it was only the size of a small town and the scope was very limited, it was still far better than being on such a deserted island.


Su Yu asked, “what about the people and things in the town? Can you control it yourself?”


“Yes, but the arrangement can’t be too detailed, otherwise the props may not be able to bear such a lot of pressure and they might collapse.” Ball answered truthfully.

After thinking for a moment, Su Yu already made a decision, “how many IQ points do you need to exchange this item?”


Ball suddenly became hesitant, “since it is a prop with a huge range of influence, it needs… 20,000 IQ points.”


Su Yu raised his eyebrows and said without paying much attention, “then let’s follow the old rules.”


“Old…old rules?” An ominous premonition suddenly rose in the heart of Ball, perhaps it shouldn’t be called a premonition, as it would definitely become a reality.


Su Yu smiled slightly and slowly raised a finger, “a price with 90% discount.”


“…” Sure enough, Ball was groaning in his heart, but it was really used to this situation. With the guilt in its heart, it couldn’t even refute, so it could only cry inwardly and agree. “Okay… okay.”


Su Yu spent 2,000 IQ points to buy the props, opened a small town not far from the deserted island, and spent time decorating it slowly.


Su Yu spent nearly a month decorating the town and arranged more than 100 families. Each family was kind-hearted. The overall atmosphere of the town was harmonious and beautiful, the infrastructure was complete, and life was very convenient there.

But Su Yu didn’t tell the Zhao brothers directly about the existence of this small town. Many things had to be discovered by themselves. And since Su Yu wanted them to be more confident, he’d rather have them discover it by themselves.


Before the farewell came, Su Yu just told Zhao Shun and Zhao Li that he and Ling Tian had other things to do, so they had to part ways.


The Zhao brothers were both kind-hearted people, and it was inevitable that they would feel reluctant to give up, but they were relieved when they thought that the strength of these two people was much stronger. Also, separations and farewells happened all the time in the world. They had to part ways sooner or later.


On the day that the Zhao brothers left, Su Yu brought them enough food. Although the town was not too far from here, he had to make sure that everything would be okay.


Just as the Zhao brothers were about to leave, Lina, who was so embarrassed that she could barely see her original appearance, suddenly got out and begged, “please take me out of here, please!”


The Zhao brothers were different from Su Yu. Seeing Lina’s pitiful behavior, they suddenly softened and looked at Su Yu with embarrassment, “this…”


Su Yu just smiled slightly, “from now on, you can choose for yourself, and I will not interfere with anything that you do.”


Just because the Zhao brothers were kinder, if they were forced to leave Lina alone this time, they might keep blaming themselves in the future, and Su Yu didn’t want to see it happen.

When the Zhao brothers heard so, their attitude became more relaxed. After thinking about it, they chose to bring Lina along.


Su Yu didn’t express any opinion on this. He wouldn’t do it himself, but it didn’t mean that he would force others to do it like him, but after the Zhao brothers left, he asked Ball to add another restriction to that town.


Once Lina had any unreasonable thoughts and did hurtful things, all the residents in the town would unite to drive her out.


Su Yu took Ling Tian to walk around this deserted island again. Although he didn’t have any nice memories of the deserted island, it was a unique experience for them.


Su Yu and Ling Tian intertwined their fingers and Su Yu asked with a smile, “we are leaving here soon, what do you think?”


“I just want to know, will you still be by my side then?” Ling Tian looked at Su Yu seriously.


Since Su Yu never hid the conversation between him and Ball, Ling Tian knew where they were going and where they were.


“Of course,” Su Yu nodded first, then frowned slightly, “but I’m very worried that you will just forget me like this time.”

After hearing this, Ling Tian also frowned and he looked very distressed, “I don’t want to forget you.”


“I don’t want you to forget me either,” Su Yu held Ling Tian’s hand and shook it back and forth, “but you don’t have to worry, because I will definitely remember you, and I’ll definitely find you no matter what happens.”


“Really?” Ling Tian’s stared at Su Yu with a deep gaze, “even if I don’t remember you, will you still find me?”


“Yeah, I love you so much, why would I be willing to leave you?” A pure, clean and bright smile appeared on Su Yu’s face.


Ling Tian tightened Su Yu’s hand, “then I will always wait for you.”


Three days later, the Zhao brothers and Lina successfully arrived at the town. About a week later, the three of them found suitable accommodation in the town and settled down.


Su Yu almost decided to set off and enter the next mission world.


In order to prevent the last accident from happening again, Ball caught the Black Ball and reprimanded it many times. It repeatedly checked whether there was any problem with its own data. When it was sure that everything was normal, it pulled Su Yu aside for final confirmation.

Ball asked with anxiety, “master host, the background of the next mission world is a game, and it will be a very general game. Although it is based on games, it will also involve a plot in real life. Is that okay?”


“I have no problem with these, but what I said about the male protagonist before shouldn’t be a problem with you, right?” Su Yu was not interested in what Ball said, and he also felt that it’s necessary for the next background to involve reality. All in all, even if it would be a realistic game, some things cannot be done in the game.


Ball immediately replied, “for the mission world that I found this time, the background will absolutely meet your requirements!”


Su Yu nodded, the purpose of this time was very clear. He must find a character that completely lived in the virtual world, and he must also find a body suitable for his lover in reality, so as to complete his lover’s transformation from the virtual world to the real world.


This was also the main reason why Su Yu chose the game world. Only after successfully completing this matter could he dare to further transit between the world of transmigration and the real world.


After all, Ling Tian was his lover and Su Yu dared not take the matter lightly.

At the night before leaving this world, the night sky looked extraordinarily bright and beautiful. Su Yu and Ling Tian looked side by side at the beautiful and splendid night sky and the dark sea.


“It’s so beautiful.” Every time he parted, Su Yu felt sour in his heart. The sadness was deepening and it was almost unbearable for him.


Even knowing that they would see each other again, he still felt extremely uncomfortable. Su Yu had never felt so vulnerable.


Ling Tian held Su Yu’s hand and nodded, “it’s beautiful.”


“Turn around.” Su Yu turned to look at Ling Tian.


Ling Tian set his eyes on Su Yu, his expression was as calm as ever, and his eyes were as affectionate as ever.

“Close your eyes.” Su Yu said again.


Ling Tian obediently closed his eyes.


Su Yu slowly leaned over, his slightly cold lips slowly fell on Ling Tian’s, and in the next instant, their bodies slowly turned into stars in the night.


Those light spots slowly merged together, slowly floated into the air. They interacted with the bright stars in the sky, as if it became the most beautiful scenery in this night…

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