86 Part 1

Chapter 86


“Take my pants off?” Song Yiming was stunned again, his whole body going stiff. He was sure the expression he wore on his face right now was brand new to him.


Su Yu’s voice was extremely calm, even bold. “Yes, Mr. Song. I can only massage you after you take off your pants.”


So it was for massaging. Song Yiming didn’t know if he was sighing from relief or disappointment. But he came back to his senses, reaching out to push Su Yu away, only to be embraced harder. Their bodies pressing together was a sensation that made him break out in a thin film of sweat. He clenched his jaw. “Let me go first!”


“Mr. Song don’t squirm around,” Su Yu was grinning, out of Song Yiming’s view, but his words sounded whiny. “If you really don’t want a massage, I won’t force you. But I’m only doing this for your good.”


This made Song Yiming even more awkward. In the past he would just shove Su Yu off, but now he couldn’t make up his mind to do that.


“Let me go first,” Song Yiming took a deep breath. Even his voice sounded strained.


His lover’s tone was too serious for him to ignore, so Su Yu had to carefully lower him back onto the wheelchair, adjusting his legs to fit. In the process their bodies kept coming into contact. Song Yiming, who hadn’t really experienced this before, was practically steaming from his head.


“I know you probably don’t like being touched, Mr. Song, but if you want the massage to be as effective as possible, you need to take your pants off.” Su Yu had hid his evil grin, squatting in front of him with a serious gaze. “All I want is for your legs to get better. That’s all.”


Right now his gaze was so sincere and hopeful that even though Song Yiming wanted to turn him down, his lips couldn’[t speak the words. After a long silence, he evasively said, “Let me think about it.”


“All right. I’m looking forward to your response.” Su Yu’s expression was clearly disappointed, but he forced a smile.


Song Yiming almost didn’t dare look at his face, hurriedly wheeling himself back to his room.


When he disappeared around the stairwell’s corner, Su Yu’s smile vanished. From his observational skills, he felt that something was off with his lover.


It wasn’t just a simple rejection, more like an attempt at struggling, dodging.


“Pull up the surveillance footage on him. I want to see.” Su Yu said to the ball.


The silly, innocent ball didn’t discover anything wrong with this, assuming that its master just wanted to spy on the protagonist’s daily life for some goods. So it conjured up a high tech monitor for Su Yu’s wall, projecting what was going on on Song Yiming’s side.


Song Yiming first sat on the balcony for a while, his gaze murky, his whole aura melancholy. After half an hour, he finally returned to his room and then went into the bathroom.


On the left wall of the bathroom there was a large hanging mirror. The moment he walked in he made eye contact with his own reflection. Even after trying to calm down for a while, he could see the complicated emotions within. He looked for a while before putting his hands over his eyes.


If Jiang Shuo saw himself like this, he would probably be scared into leaving.


Thinking this, Song Yiming’s lips curled into a bitter and ironic smile. But that was exactly the thought in his head when he put his hands away. The emotions in his eyes had been suppressed again, replaced by an unreadable depth.


Watching his lover this whole time, Su Yu’s heart was sore. Before he’d arrived in this world, what kind of life had his lover been leading?


According to the ball’s reasoning and evidence, although his lover was a unique existence, he still belonged to the world he grew up in. Before Su Yu showed up, he wouldn’t be affected by the missions.


But in reality, there were a lot of places that didn’t fit that reasoning. For example, in the second mission world the mansion full of items that Qi Chen collected. And this world, where the plotline had completely deviated from what it was like originally.


Just when Su Yu was mulling this over, Song Yiming lifted his hands from his eyes, reaching down to slowly undo his belt.


Su Yu immediately stopped his thoughts, focusing back onto his lover. Deep musings could wait, right now what mattered was to admire the scenery before him.


Because his lower body was impaired, Song Yiming moved slowly and awkwardly, but Su Yu was still attracted and drawn in, to the point where his skin felt like it was warming up. Unfortunately, his interest was extinguished with a dash of cold water.


As Song Yiming’s legs came into view, several ugly scars appeared before Su Yu’s eyes, extinguishing the brightness in his eyes.


Song Yiming’s own eyes lingered on his legs as well. They weren’t pale or skinny due to impairment, but were quite ugly and tormented due to these clearly manmade scars.


For the first time, Song Yiming felt deep, rending regret about how he had treated his own body. In the past he thought that no matter what he did to himself didn’t matter. Now he winced just looking at the scars.


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