86 Part 2


Su Yu agreed with his lover’s discomfort in looking at the scars. He understood his lover’s identity in this world, so after some shock he immediately guessed who had caused them.


Thinking about the fact that his lover didn’t care for his own body at all, even creating pain for himself, Su Yu just wanted to charge into his room and spank him as punishment!


But after a moment’s thought, he stopped himself. Even though he was filled with rage, what he was doing right now was considered snooping and barely justifiable in the first place. He couldn’t risk being found out.


He glanced back at the screen. There were many days to come. One day he’d teach his lover that no matter if he was by his side or not, this kind of behavior was unacceptable.


After struggling a long time before the mirror and then showering, Song Yiming finally made up his mind. Since he’d already picked him, no matter how ugly he was now, he needed to reveal himself.


Making up his mind, he got dressed and wheeled himself to Su Yu’s door. Just when he raised his hand, prepared to knock on the door, it was pulled open from the inside.


“Oh, Mr. Song, what are you doing here?” Su Yu’s brows arched. “I was just about to go look for you.”


Song Yiming pressed his lips together. “What?”


“I went back to my room and looked into it. Although the effects will suffer from keeping your pants on, it won’t affect the results that much. If you’re so…” Su Yu said with a smile. He hadn’t finished when Song Yiming’s low voice interrupted him.


“Let’s take them off.” Song Yiming said. His tone sounded like he was asking for someone to kill him. Seemed like he was quite a boss after all, to say something so mundane with so much drama.


If Su Yu was the one taking his pants off in front of his lover, he’d consider it a pleasure. But Song Yiming felt like he was being tortured.


Although Su Yu had long become accustomed to flirting with his lover, he wouldn’t be completely inconsiderate either. “It’s really not necessary. Even through pants, I’m quite skilled.”


“No, I’ve made up my mind. Let’s take them off.” Song Yiming gazed at Su Yu with determination.


Since his lover had already taken it so far, there really wasn’t much else for Su Yu to say. He could only shrug and smile in exasperation. “All right, let’s do it.”


The ball, who was watching from the side, didn’t even know what kind of expression to make here. Was it the only one who found this whole exchange super weird? Discussing so seriously whether or not he was going to take off his pants? What a protagonist thing to do.


After discussing this serious topic, the two began their first massage treatment that very night.


Song Yiming took off his pants, his expression uptight, only leaving his black underwear. Throughout the whole process he kept his eye on Su Yu’s face, afraid that he would look disgusted or pitying. His emotions were in turmoil.


Out of his expectations, Su Yu was smiling from beginning to end. Although for a moment he looked shocked, he quickly recovered and didn’t show a hint of disgust or pity. It was like nothing was wrong.


This kind of measured response didn’t help Song Yiming relax. Instead he became emotional. If someone could react like that, did that mean they really didn’t care?


People were so difficult to please sometimes.


“Mr. Song, please lie down. I’m about to start the massage.” Sitting on the edge of the couch, Su Yu swept his gaze over his lover’s legs. Although they hadn’t moved for a long time, they still looked elegant and strong to him. Perhaps the laws governing this world still favored the protagonist after all.


His body tense, Song Yiming laid down on the couch, pressing his lips together. “Let’s start now.”


Su Yu had the ball smear the tool he’d found in the system for increasing blood circulation on Song Yiming’s legs, and then his hands began initiating contact. He started from the feet, moving to the ankles, calves, elbows, thighs, and then…to where his legs met.


Song Yiming seemed like he wasn’t reacting, but he was really sweating all over. Although his legs were immobilized, he still had feeling in them. That’s why he chose to self-harm starting from there after all.


Now that someone was rubbing back and forth against his legs in someone’s palms, the slightly numb, pleasurable sensation spread through his body. While his legs didn’t react, there was a part of his lower body that began to heat up.


Thankfully he was lying on the belly. Who knew that the next moment Su Yu tapped him on the leg and said cheerily, “Mr. Song, please turn over. I’m going to start massaging your front.”

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