87 Part 1

Chapter 87


Song Yiming felt a new layer of sweat emerge on his skin. His voice was even lower than usual, “No need for the front. Maybe next time.”


He was immobilized, yet somehow there was part of him that was still active. It was quite awkward.


Su Yu was positively jumping for joy, yet on the surface he only said seriously, “Since we’ve already started the massage, we need to finish everything up. You’ve already taken your pants off, so why even worry about details like that?”


Of course there was something wrong with what he said, but he also wasn’t wrong. Song Yiming lay there for a while in silence before saying, “I’m not completely comfortable here, let’s continue next time.”


Su Yu asked nervously, “Mr. Song, are you feeling unwell? Did I press the wrong spot? I forgot to tell you that if anything comes up during the massage please let me know.”


“No,” Song Yiming’s voice sounded like he was grinding his teeth together. How could he say something so awkward? “Stop asking, let’s just end this massage here.”


Although Su Yu always wanted to seduce his lover, even he understood the rationale behind stopping when it was appropriate. Seeing how frustrated Song Yiming was getting, he sighed. “All right, but in the future if you get uncomfortable please let me know. I don’t want you holding out when you’re struggling.”


“I will.” Song Yiming sighed deeply, trying his best to suppress the emotional and physical suffering.


Su Yu retrieved red, yellow, and green bottles, setting them on the coffee table. “Mr. Song, these are medicines I’ve mixed for you. The red and green bottles contain medicines for adjusting your physical state. Take one each day after you wake up. As for the one in the yellow bottle, it’s for treating your legs. When you take it, there might be effects to your body. It’s best if you prepare yourself thoroughly before taking it.”


Inside of the red bottle was life deliverance pills, which were going to increase his strength and overall health.


Inside of the green bottle was heart-clearing pills to adjust his mood, clearing away the melancholic knot in his heart.


As for the yellow bottle, it was a bone-cleansing pill to treat his legs and flush out other internal damage inside of him.


At first Su Yu didn’t intend to cure his lover so quickly. First of all, he wanted to punish him with a little abstinence after what he’d done his previous life. Other than that, he just felt like it was more of an opportunity to flirt. But after seeing the wounds on his legs and how he acted alone, he changed his mind.


He couldn’t let his lover continue under these negative moods because of his own selfishness. It was a bottom line that he was unwilling to cross.


Plus, his flirting was still a strong suit of his. Even if things changed, Su Yu still believed that he could turn him on, although in the end he might be the one whining about being pushed around.


Turning around and looking at the coffee table, Song Yiming said emotionlessly, “Understood.”


Determined to keep flirting, Su Yu added another question, “Mr. Song, do you want me to help you into your wheelchair so you can get back to your room? After all, massages like this can be quite exhausting.”


“No need, you can go back to your room.” Song Yiming’s ears were suspiciously red.


“All right.” Su Yu shrugged, his gaze still lingering around Song Yiming’s thighs for a moment before departing.


Confirming that Su Yu had really left, Song Yiming roused himself slightly from the couch to grab the bottles, returning to his wheelchair, and then escaped.


Poor Song Yiming had no idea that his current actions were all being watched by Su Yu. The rare sight of his lover completely losing his composition was really quite adorable, and Su Yu laughed while he toppled over on his bed. But moments later, he could no longer laugh.


When Song Yiming returned to his room and adjusted his attitude, the first thing he did was grab the yellow bottle and swallow its contents without even looking.


His lack of hesitation made Su Yu sit up. He’d taken the bone-cleansing elixir before. Although it wasn’t as OP as it was back in the previous world, it still significantly improved physical conditions. It did, however, come with some side effects.

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