87 Part 2


Ten minutes after taking the pill, Song Yiming immediately went into the bathroom. He didn’t manage to come out until half an hour later. When he finally came out, Su Yu’s eyes flashed.


The effects of this medicine should have been immediate. But why is it that when his lover emerged he was still in his wheelchair?


A bad feeling rose in Su Yu’s chest. He watched his lover’s movements with clenched fists. It wasn’t until he forced himself onto the bed that Su Yu felt his heart sink.


How was it that even the bone-cleansing medicine wasn’t enough for his lover’s legs?



“Ball.” Su Yu called.


The ball immediately arrived from outside. Usually when its owner was secretly observing the daily activity, it would duck away very consciously. Even when getting into the room, it didn’t look at the screen. “Master, what is it?”


“Song Yiming took the bone-cleansing medicine but still can’t stand. What’s going on here?” Su Yu’s expression was dead serious. It seems like it affected his physical condition, but still couldn’t cure his legs. What could this mean?


The ball hesitated for a moment, before scanning Song Yiming’s body and stuttering, “M-Master, I inspected his body, and his condition did improve. But…his legs are still the same. I don’t know what’s going on here either. The medicine should have worked…”


With this thought confirmed by reality, Su Yu’s expression became grim. If even this medicine couldn’t cure his lover, was he really doomed to never be able to stand up again?


But what could have caused this?


The fact that Song Yiming lost feeling in his legs at age 25 and could never find the reason why, plus how off-base the current plotline in this world was–was there some relationship between the two?


Su Yu’s mind began to spin. He started adding every single fact he knew together, factors he was certain of and those that he wasn’t, trying to investigate the possibilities. When he came up with the thought, his eyes lit up.


He opened up his bag, carefully inspecting the world shards inside, and then turned to ask the ball, “Is there some way we can manually obtain the soul shards from Song Yiming?”


After departing the second world, Su Yu realized that the supposed world shards were really just a piece of his lover’s soul.


“Hm?” The ball hesitated, then came to the realization before starting to shout. “Master, are you going to murder him? If you forcibly remove it he’ll die right then and there!”


Su Yu rubbed his brow weakly. “I suspect he had two world shards inside of him. That’s why he’s handicapped, and that’s why the world has been affected like this.”


The ball thought for a moment, finally reaching the same conclusion its master did. “Hm? Is that possible?”


“It’s just a guess for now. If that’s really the case, we just need to remove the extra shard from him to solve the issue.” Su Yu frowned, because he just thought of another possibility. “But if the two have melted together already…”


If the world shards would join together after escaping their original world, then those two…Su Yu sighed. It wasn’t time to think about that yet. Even if that was the case, he wasn’t inclined to give up easily.


“Go to the storefront and check if there are any tools to extract soul shards without negative side effects.” Su Yu ordered the ball.


It immediately went for a search, only to find one tool that kind of fit the bill. “There’s something called a soul extractor, used to extract the target’s soul if and only if they are willing. It won’t cause harm to them, and will feel like a painless death. But if you force it…the whole process will be very painful. Also, this tool costs 100000 IQ points.”


When it spoke the last words, the ball’s voice was almost too quiet to hear. After being mishandled so many times by its owner, it already realized that the clearly marked price in the store meant nothing. Its owner could always turn that number into whatever he wished with shameless tactics.


As it expected, Su Yu immediately started to speak seriously. “Ball, whose fault do you think it is that Song Yiming has been afflicted like this?”


The ball curled up, both fearful and insecure. “Could be, maybe…my fault?”


“For once you’re acting smart.” Su Yu nodded. “So should you be shouldering the responsibility for your burden?”


“It seems like this is true,” The ball just wanted to cry. It was so innocent after all.


“Then produce the tools, please.” Su Yu extended his hands politely.


The ball couldn’t help but cry. So its owner was still planning to take this tool at no cost? Was this any different from robbery?

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