88 Part 1

Chapter 88


Coldly, Su Yu robbed the soul extractor from the ball, examining it for a while before grasping how to use the device theoretically.


Without even looking at the ball, who was still crying, he stood up to go to Song Yiming’s room. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door.


Su Yu’s plan was to examine Song Yiming’s body and see if the two soul shards were really there. If yes, then he’d use the soul extractor to extract the one that didn’t belong to this world.


If there was only one present, he needed to make sure if it was really only one shard, or two combined shards.


Thankfully Su Yu’s memory was strong. He could directly judge the answer to this question through the brightness of the soul shard. But if it really had happened, perhaps there was another way to tell too? Su Yu thought while he knocked on the door.


Right now Song Yiming sat on bed staring at his legs, surrounded by dead silence. It was as if he wasn’t alive anymore.


He had accepted treatment countless times, each time experiencing a jolt of hope that eventually bled to the bottom of his heart as disappointment.


At the end of the day, both hope and disappointment weren’t much to him. Someone who didn’t even know why he was alive wasn’t going to concern himself with these details.


But this time was completely different.


It was the first time Song Yiming hated so much his legs that could feel things but not move. The first time he yearned so dearly for his legs to be healed so he could stand up again.


But in the end…


This was probably his last hope? And even this was being reduced to despair.


That was exactly when a knock rang out at his door.


Song Yiming raised his head, looking at the door with a complicated gaze. He knew who was standing outside, but had already lost the courage to see him.


He wasn’t going to blame Su Yu for this, but didn’t know how to confront him under these circumstances. He was afraid of losing his rationality. Even knowing that he couldn’t match up with someone so perfect with a flawed body, he wanted to trap him here by his side.


This thought had emerged before, but he suppressed it each time. This time it was far more ferocious, to the point where he doubted he could control himself.


Song Yiming inhaled deeply and was about to open his mouth to ask him to leave when a gentle smiling voice rang out. “Mr. Song, did you already take the medicine? How do you feel?”


The warmth of the voice spread through his heart, stopping the words in his throat.


Su Yu paused for a moment. “Beforehand I didn’t clarify. The medicine from just now was only the first step of the treatment. I wanted to explain that to you.”


Fists clenched, Song Yiming’s eyes lit up slightly, his voice hoarse. “There’s going to be more treatment?”


“Of course. If you’ve taken the medicine already and experienced the side effects, we should be able to start the next step of treatment.” Su Yu sounded confident, but he truly had no idea what would happen now.


It wasn’t his first time seeing a soul shard, but these things were mysterious and valuable to him. Especially his lover’s soul shards: there could be no mistake here. He didn’t want to act out directly without guarantee.


So this time he was here to feel things out and make sure his lover was in a good mood before thinking about what to do next.


“You can come in,” Song Yiming said after a short silence.


Su Yu hesitated outside. Since he came here he’d been allowed to the second floor and seen Song Yiming’s room from the screen, but hadn’t been allowed inside yet. Was this his lover truly accepting him?


“Then I’m coming in.” Su Yu twisted the doorknob open.


In the past Song Yiming hated people touching his things. Walking into his room was even more out of the question. But watching Su Yu walk closer to him, step by step, he felt something surge inside of his heart, like it was trying to break from his chest.


The extreme yearning should belong to him, but it didn’t completely feel like his own, even though it belonged to his body.


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