88 Part 2

“Yu…?” Song Yiming opened his mouth almost unconsciously. When he realized he’d uttered a completely unfamiliar name, he didn’t know what to say.


Su Yu’s gaze flashed, confirming his guess from beforehand and also coming up with a new hypothesis. Although Song Yiming hadn’t followed the script from beforehand, he hadn ever acted like this before. Perhaps the bone-cleansing medicine had activated the other soul shard in his body?


Thinking this, Su Yu didn’t show any change in emotion on the surface, just walking over with a smile. “Mr. Song, how do you feel? Are you uncomfortable?”


“No. Other than the fact that my legs are still paralyzed, I’m doing well.” In fact, he was doing very well. Although he didn’t know what kind of medicine Jiang Shuo had fed him, other than the fact that his legs still couldn’t move the rest of his body became much stronger, almost reaching peak performance.


“Good.” Sighing in relief, Su Yu walked before Song Yiming and looked at him seriously. “Mr. Song, can you trust me completely now?”


The question was sudden, but Song Yiming answered without thinking. “Of course. I completely trust you.”


Su Yu smiled, his eyes curving into crescents. “The examination I’ll be doing next will require your complete faith, or you might be injured in the process. Do you really trust me?”


This time Song Yiming hesitated. He did really trust Jiang Shuo, but that immediate reaction just now didn’t seem like him.


Why did it feel like…he was acting oddly today?


Su Yu was about to say something else when the ball jumped up. “Master, there’s something very important I must tell you right now!”


The ball clearly wasn’t playing around. Trying to stay subtle, Su Yu inquired, “What is it?”


“I searched through the information vault and found a very similar case to this protagonist.” Shaking around, the ball spoke with an urgent voice. “There have been other cases of the protagonist having two souls in another system. It was the same situation. That master assumed that since it was still his own man’s soul, it would be fine to ignore. But who knew!!”


Because it had spoken too quickly at first, the ball slowed down. “Because the target was just a regular person, he couldn’t handle two souls at once and exploded! Oh dear, this is dreadful. Master, you need to rescue this guy, don’t let him die like that!”


Su Yu’s expression darkened. He hadn’t thought of this possibility before. If this was the case, then it seemed like he could no longer delay matters, especially now that his lover’s other soul seemed close to awakening, affecting his body.


“Understood.” Su Yu responded, turning back to his lover. “Mr. Song, if you’re sure you trust me then we can start the examination.”


Although Song Yiming thought this was weird, he didn’t spare it any further thought, nodding seriously. “I’m sure, I trust you.”


“Then let’s start.” Su Yu sat down on the bed with a smile, passing him a small bottle. “I’ll need you to take this medicine. In a minute when I’m examining you, you can’t push back emotionally. If you’re feeling uncomfortable then grasp my hand and I’ll stop examining you immediately.”


Glancing at Su Yu’s pale hand, Song Yiming accepted the bottle and swallowed the medicine inside.


The soul extractor was actually quite simple in theory and use. Two people swallow a pill each, and something would emerge from Su Yu’s consciousness that was similar to his spirit. It would enter Song Yiming’s subconscious, examining his soul directly.


If the soul needed to be extracted, the spirit could reach out and grab onto the soul and yank it away, but only if the other party was willing.


When both of them took the pill, Su Yu felt something extra in his consciousness. According to the instructions, the spiritual “tentacles” would stay with him for ten days before disappearing.


Because this was his lover, Su Yu didn’t dare mess around. He seriously tried to familiarize himself, confirming that he could control it well, before extending his tentacles into Song Yiming’s subconscious.


It wasn’t a complicated process, and there was no interruption because of their mutual trust. But the moment his hands entered, they were tangled up by something.


“Yu…Yu, is that you?” A familiar voice spread through Su Yu’s mind.

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