89 Part 1


Chapter 89


Su Yu’s spirit wavered. His first reaction to this was clenching his butthole. Of course.


It was Ling Tian’s voice. Su Yu was sure of it. In an instant he was lost. They were the same person, both his lover, and now he had to pick one, temporarily disappearing the other’s soul shard.


Although they were both important, he had to pick one. It wasn’t an ideal choice for Su Yu. He couldn’t help but turn and ask the ball, “Is it possible that this body can handle two soul shards?”


“Perhaps. But I can’t find that information in my searches. Do you want to try?” The ball answered honestly and carefully.


Su Yu shook his head. He wasn’t willing to shoulder that level of risk. Besides, having to pick one was better than losing two. The last world’s mission was complete, after all, so even if Ling Tian’s soul disappeared, it would enter the package as part of the world shard.


But since this world’s mission was still ongoing, no one knew what would happen to Song Yiming’s soul if it disappeared.


So right now, he needed to force Ling Tian to leave Song Yiming’s body temporarily. “Is there a way that his soul shard can enter someone else’s body, like mine?”


The ball hesitated, saying apologetically. “The protagonist’s soul shard is like the world shard. It contains enough energy to sustain the whole mission world. Normal people wouldn’t be able to handle it.”


Su Yu’s heart and head both ached. So was there really only one way?


Just when he was about to make the final decision, Ling Tian’s voice issued out again. “Is that not Yu? It sounds like him…why isn’t it?”


Su Yu’s heart clenched. He was almost ready to abandon the mission. It was supposed to be a one on one mission, why was he being forced to make such a difficult choice in the first place? What degeneracy!


But he calmed down quickly. Although it was difficult, he wasn’t the kind of person who was indecisive in moments of stress, even though there was a problem of what exactly he needed to do next.


If this were the Su Yu of the past, he would just pretend to Ling Tian that he wasn’t Su Yu after all after discovering it was his soul shard, then pretend to be an admirer of Song Yiming to convince Ling Tian to depart.


He understood Ling Tian’s personality perfectly and had complete confidence that he could convince him to leave on his own. It was the simplest solution so far.


But he was no longer the Su Yu who had never felt feelings or love. Even though rationally it was the best choice for him, he didn’t even hesitate before rejecting the idea in his mind.


It was his lover. Even if he had to choose for him to depart, even if he had to lie, it shouldn’t be like this.


“It’s me, Ling Tian.” Su Yu sighed and responded. The words had just escaped him when the strength wrapped around him became more intense. More accurately, the force around his spiritual tendrils.


He separated a few small fingers to “examine” the surroundings, discovering that it was several small mites of light surrounding his tendrils.


“Yu, it really is you, I didn’t misrecognize you. It really is you. But why…” Ling Tian’s voice called out in joy, then became low. “Why are you here, with…”


Ling Tian’s soul shard may have been suppressed this whole time, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t sense what was going on in the outside world or affect Song Yiming. If that were the case he wouldn’t be able to sense Su Yu from Jiang Shuo’s presence and affect the plot so much.


So when he confirmed the other’s identity, Ling Tian had no time to rejoice when he started to become troubled. Why was Yu here? Why was he here? Why did Yu look completely different? And why was he treating this man like this?


All these questions emerged at once. Ling Tian didn’t even know which one to ask first.


He trusted Su Yu without question. This was his lover for ten thousand plus years. But everything before him couldn’t be false. So what did it mean?


“I know you have many questions for me. Don’t panic. Anything you want to know I will tell you one by one.” Su Yu raised his emotional tendrils, drifting across the tiny dust particles comfortingly. “Right now I need you to look at something.”

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